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Hookers With Hooters 2 From Starr Productions

Hookers With HootersI’ve been reviewing porn DVD’s for some years now and as you can see we work with several production houses which brings variety to the site.

And now I’m proud to add Tommy Gunns to the mix via Starr Productions.  It’s quite by chance that I got my hands on some of his  work.  I happened across his profile on a social network site, we got chatting and one thing lead to another.  And now I have 4 of his latest productions on my desk awaiting review.

Being a lover of big boobs I thought I would start with this one which from the cover looks very interesting and I noted features Ron Jeremey so there should be a little tongue in cheek stuff on the DVD.  Hahaha, just noticed the reference to rimming there.

Fake! Porno

When I wrote a post about Ulrika Johnson being a bit of a MILF a while ago I didn’t mention that Googling her name produces some images that I’m guessing are not entirely genuine. You know, the ones purporting to show her being DP-ed by two guys etc. All fake, some executed better than others.

I remember the first fake celebrity nude I ever saw. It was just after Star Trek TNG started. There was an Internet, but now World Wide Web, that came a couple of years later. One of my colleagues, an early adopter of the Internet brought a floppy disk into the office, yes you read that right, a floppy disk. On it he had a picture supposed to be of Gates McFadden AKA Beverley Crusher, the Doctor from The Enterprise in TNG – nude.

Looking back it was an awfully crude fake, but at the time I suppose we were all new to it and although most of us spotted it the guy who had been sent it via Compuserve was very enamoured of it. Ew, I just thought about him generating sticky tissues over it.

Celebrity nudes are of course all over the web all of the time, you pick a name and someone with have Photoshopped their head onto a porn star’s body.

It doesn’t matter who the celebrity is the public want to see them with their nipples on display. Even if the image is faked.

Big Cock Or Big Cook?

Kids TV wasn’t like this when I was a kid … If you don’t know this pair they are from kids’ TV in the UK and are called “Big Cook, Little Cook”, hence the title

Sexy Obsessive Girls :-)

Like much of the world I was quite taken by Avatar and learned with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that Jim Cameron has in mind to make another two Avatar movies, Excitement because of how much I liked the first but worry because the franchise could all go so horribly wrong … we’ll see.

One thing that would go down well is World Of Warcraft or other such fantasy franchise in 3D. I mean look at the enthusiasm of the girls in the picture. If they’ll go to that trouble they’d certainly buy a pair of 3D specs 🙂

Cocks On My TV

I don’t tend to watch shopping channels, well not unless I’m drunk. Oh, I tell a lie I had a brief addiction to watching late night shopping because of the presenters on…I think it was Bidup TV. “It is the latest thing…”. Ok, you had to be there. I bet that makes Alex chuckle. Lol

Although it is fun watching people consume inferior quality items or over priced goods just because they believe they are getting a bargain.

That said watch the video above and you may just be tempted in to buying that Grundig television.

Public Porn Purchases

Public Porn PurchasesWhen Suze and I first got together it wasn’t long before I realised how open-minded she is. It took a while before she came out and told me that she is bisexual but while it was a surprise it wasn’t such a great leap for me to make. She’s always been pretty frank and open in all aspects of her life and looking back now I suppose I’d have been surprised if she hadn’t at least experimented with same-sex relationships.

What I’m actually writing about though is the fact that one day she said to me “When you’re out next can you get some porn mags”. I probably replied with “Pardon?” as I remember her saying something along the lines of “I fancy flicking through them with you.”

So the next day I obliged.

It has become increasingly difficult to get hold of pornography in the UK in your average newsagents. Many chains do not stock it as a matter of policy and some independent outlets don’t if they’re near schools or in areas where it might be frowned upon. Which is odd because hardcore porn is available more easily than ever from licensed sex shops.

Anyway I was without a car at the time. Bloody hell I’d forgotten how long ago it was, shit we were broke. But not too broke for porn magazines. I was working in the centre of town at the time so before catching my bus home I popped into the newsagents in the central bus depot and picked up three magazines.

The store was empty, everyone wanting to get home after work, most of the commuters had already left. I was therefore able to select the magazines without disapproving sideways looks from other patrons. The joke was paying for them because behind the counter was a sour faced old harridan who obviously thought I was a complete pervert.

OK so she’s not too far off the mark, but give me a break, every guy has owned a porn mag in their lives. Including (if she had one) her husband.

While I paid for them she sucked her teeth and tutted, glaring at me over the tops of her Dame Edna Everage glasses. I was quite amused and pissed off at the same time. For heavens sake she was working in a newsagents that sold jazz mags, what did she expect?

The comment that would really have upset her didn’t occur to me until I was almost out of the door.

“They’re not for me you know … they’re for my girlfriend”

The problem we have now is rather different. We tend to tour the local sex shops when we have time, looking for new toys to review, checking out toys that we’ve seen online at one of our review partners stores “in the flesh” so to speak before we have them sent out. One in particular has a very friendly staff who are instructed to approach you to see if you want any help or advice. We of course politely decline.

But as with many of the UK’s sex shops, despite its light, friendly atmosphere inside, it has to be located in the middle of nowhere, out of sight of those old dears with the silly glasses and the disapproving looks.

They don’t know what they are missing.

Rubber And Latex Fetish Fun

Both Alex and I have a little fetish, nothing too obscure…we love latex.  We both love to search for images and show each other our findings as a release from the tensions of the day.  And you have to confess that nothing hugs a woman’s form better than latex.

I was delighted when I discovered this site HMS Latex and this wonderfully devilish skirt.  Don’t you just want one.  😉

There’s lots more in their shop too 😉

Warm And Welcoming

AlexSuzeIt’s winter in the northern hemisphere and getting ready to go out can mean wrapping up in your winter woollies. We were out today and I spotted someone in something that you don’t see very often – a knitted dress. She had nice hips, a good figure overall, and it was accentuated by the smooth, soft lines of the woollen dress.

It does prove that you don’t need to be wearing next to nothing to look attractive. Knitwear can be sexy, although as the image at the head of the post demonstrates, not always.

So in the search for photographic proof of that statement I searched around and found the image below. OK so the model really needs to eat something, but you get my point?

Naked Hot Redheads

BlueWe took a drive out to our favourite country pub for lunch on Sunday.  Most times we visit there something happens en route or within the hostelry to amuse us.  The locals in there are real characters and I mean that in that in an a good way not a “Shameless” way.  Lol

Although we obviously aren’t local the bar staff and regulars always make us feel welcome and have a little chat.  And on occasion we get to ogle the rather well endowed barmaid just like we did that afternoon.

On this visit there was a family who we see most times we visit but this time it was extended by an additional 4 people out for Sunday lunch.  It turned out to be a bonus that they had turned up because we probably wouldn’t have heard what we did had they not been there.

It was revealed that the mother of the family, an attractive blond was a sleep walker.  As the conversation continued it was revealed that she would sleep walk naked and looking wide awake but obviously not.  The conversation continued and one of the group said she would often get in to bed with you unawares of what she was doing (give me her address.  😉  )

Apparently on one such evening she got out of the house and drove her car to her parents house and back, wearing only a jacket.  Now that I would like to have seen.

Amazing what you can hear in the pun on a Sunday lunch time, I’ll never see her in the same light again.

Fucked To A Deadline

KissWe were faced with a slight dilemma yesterday evening.  My father was due to call but we weren’t sure of the time, usually it’s around 8.30pm.

I can hear you all shouting, why is that a problem.  Well it was 8.15pm and we had just finished dinner and the cleaning up afterwards.  Was there time for a quickie shag before the phone rings or should we wait until he had called?

It was a mutual decision that neither of us could wait to fuck each others brains out…but it had to be done quickly.  I felt like we were taking part in an episode of countdown.

We slipped under the covers and without any hesitation I took Alex’s cock in my mouth to give it one of the quickest servicings I’ve ever done.  With a rapid ficking, licking and sucking he was soon hard enough to penetrate me.

He swiftly parted my legs and pushed his hard cock inside my warm cunt and it felt good, so good I ate him all up.  ;0  With not time to waste he started pummelling  my pussy.  I was soon having my first orgasm and my pussy and thighs glistened with my juices.

But there was not time to spare and Alex flipped me over and I raised to my knees for a bit of doggy.  My favourite.  He pushed in deep and contact was made with my g-spot immediately, I moaned my appreciation.

Tick, tick, tick.  I was so time aware but at the same time enjoying the penetration…a strange feeling wanting to be fucked but knowing your parent will be intervening any time soon.  Fuck me fuck me now!

Alex screwed me hard and fast, making the most of these precious moments, hoping for sweet release before telephonic intervention.  I was on the verge of…

He sensed my release, warm wet and vocal and started to throb in my pussy a sure sign he was about to spurt his hot semen inside me.  “Aghh” and there he was twitching and thrusting his seed inside my hot, wanton cunt.

I moaned again, an accepting moan, a satiated moan, I knew he had cum inside

Oiled Boobs

large oiled breastsI’ve had a rather good morning checking out big bouncy boobs on Google images. I took some time out from writing and found this gorgeous pair. What do you think? 😉

Nasty Girls

We men are pretty easy to please most of the time. Our tastes are simple. We also have ways of fooling ourselves into a comfortable world of our own.

Despite years of female liberation, sexually, socially and career-wise we still like to think that the woman we’re with was (almost) pure when met her. We like to think that she was a little innocent, not very worldly and that we’ve opened her eyes. We might say that we want a wanton woman but there’s nothing we like more than a bit of innocence from our girls, at least in our own heads.

It’s only after we’ve been together for a short while that we want her to be a dirty little bugger in the bedroom.  And then we want no holds barred sex …

There’s one exception of course, the one night stand. Or at least the brief fling with the filthy temptress. She can be as experienced, worldly and perverted as she likes because, well, we’re never going to take her home to meet our parents are we.

Now tell me I’m wrong.

Playing With My Pussy

Pure White PussyI decided to do sex toy review yesterday afternoon as it was so grey and dismal outside.  Turning on the DVD player on route I pulled the bedroom curtains closed, don’t want the neighbours watching my porn.  Lol

The DVD was already loaded in the player and kicked in to action, I started the first scene off and stripped off before climbing in to bed.  Totally naked it felt cold under the duvet but I knew if I grin and bear it I would soon be as warm as toast.

I reached for my new toy and placed the cover on my bedside drawers.  It was cold so I took it under the duvet placing it between my thighs to warm.  A few minutes later it was warmed and ready to go and the DVD had started the main action.

As I turned on the power I became aware of my cat sitting next to the bed.  He then proceeded to jump up next to me.  I carried on knowing if I ignore him he will sometimes go away.  How wrong was I, he batted the top off the chest of draws next to me and started to charge about all over the bedroom.

This went of for several minutes before I decided to give up on the whole thing.  Can’t concentrate on pleasuring myself while there’s a mad cat jumping about all over the room.

He did eventually calm down and get bored with his new toy and I went about my business…

How Wet Are Your Panties

Everyone wants to make their girlfriend’s panties wet. Suze find out how to do just that with her sex toy review over at Sex Toys Buzz. There are male and female sex toy reviews over there but if you want exclusively male sex toy reviews you should visit Himdulgence.

We seem to have a higher proportion of male sex toy reviews than most over there, then there aren’t too many of us guys at it :).Anyway, here’s where you’ll find our male sex toys reviews.

Milky Farmyard Fetish

I don’t get this particular fetish and I’m not sure I want anyone to explain it to me.

Not something that you’ll here me say very often.

Yes I know it’s only a girl in greasepaint but you’re all thinking what I’m thinking, LOL

Bring The Dildo Honey

There’s a scene in Fight Club where Tyler Durden walks into Marla’s room and he spots a dildo on top of a chest of drawers. She says something along the lines of “Don’t feel undermined by it”. Funny ‘cos I wouldn’t.

I love to see Suze masturbate. In fact I even enjoy hearing it as she’s in the next room now playing with herself and I think, judging from the moans, she’s just cum. She’ll want me in a few minutes – why should it be at all threatening to me. It’s just one aspect of one sex lives and it enhances the experiences we have together. I know she masturbates and although it’s very rare that I wank on my own she knows when I do it because I tell her. She enjoys me recounting it.

Of course secret masturbation is something else. If you aren’t being satisfied by your partner and don’t feel you can share your need to masturbate, or you use your need to masturbate as a way of highlighting what you see as their shortcomings; Then you have problems.

Your sex life doesn’t always have to be about penetrative sex, masturbation is something that we can all indulge in with or in front of our partners. It’s fun, naughty and free – you often find an activity like that.

Masturbating in front of your partner can bring you closer together too. It’s hard to think of many things that are more intimate than masturbating in front of your partner, or anything that requires more trust than letting them witness something that is often seen as taboo, or even sinful.

So go on, get naked and wank yourself silly in front of your partner today.