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Porn Shoot Vacation

Young Harlot In WindowOne of the most renowned UK porn producers, Gazzman invited Alex and to visit them on set and we didn’t need asking twice.  Lol

He was about to film his latest addition to the Young Harlots series and we were going to be able to see exactly what goes on at a porn shoot over the 2 days we were there.

We embarked on the 3 hour drive to our countryside hotel after eating lunch on the way at our favourite pub.  The setting for the shoot was going to be in a country house, which from the pics looked very nice.

As we pulled in to the hotel’s car park I looked around at the beautiful rolling hillside with the sun shining and the baby blue sky.  It was in complete contrast to the weather we had left back home.

And the hotel itself was very impressive.  It looked like a arts & crafts mansion built from red brick and a little timber with high twisting chimneys which raised majestically towards the sky.  A smile played on my lips as I thought just how nice a stat the holiday had made already.

Inside there were vestiges of the old building but it appeared to have undergone modernisation back in the 80’s.  This I deduced from our avocado bathroom tiles.  Lol  It was slightly dated and tired but still very homely and comfortable.

We unpacked and then threw ourselves on to the bed which nearly wobbled us off.  I don’t know if you have encountered the “wave machine” mattresses common to hotels these days.  They have a habit of tipping rather than yielding to your weight.  Both fun and dangerous at the same time.  🙂

There was no hurry we had arrived the day before the shoot as to be fresh as daisies in the morning.  After a couple of hours rest and a shower we wandered downstairs for our dinner which was delicious.

As we both climbed the stairs we suggested that the sex waited for a while as we were both full to the brim…


Anal Sex, Again, Again!

Being a relative anal newbie I can’t help at be in awe at someone who can manage to take two cocks in the ass at the same time.

I have only managed to successfully take Alex’s cock up my a few times.  It requires you to be 100% relaxed for it to work properly, otherwise your anal sphincters fight against the penetration making it painful.

Looking at the image above I can only imagine that this is achieved with the help of something like Anal-Ease which both acts as a muscle relaxant and anaesthetic all in one.  I’m not in to participating in any sexual practice which requires me to numb my ass so I suppose I will just have to stare at this in wonder. And perhaps wonder why?

OMG Boobs

This is one of those photographs that you come across randomly on the Internet and wonder exactly who had the idea to take it. Is it for real or Photoshopped? I don’t know but it is quite fun.

Just think, at one time you might have gone your whole life without seeing this photo, LOL Cats, or even a risqué motivational poster but thanks to the Internet all that has changed …

BTW wasn’t Heart Shaped Boobs a Nirvana song? LOL

Three-way Four-Way More-Ways

AlexSuze.comThere is a disparity between bisexuals, specifically between bisexual men and bisexual women.

Bisexual men are predominantly seen (in my experience in the offline world) as perverted, mixed up or closet homosexuals. Bisexual women on the other hand are often seen, by men in particular, as a dream come true.

Having a bisexual partner is something that I can’t imagine living without. Suze’s orientation works for me on two levels. First because it presents a number of sexual scenarios that are not possible with a heterosexual coupling and because we both have (on the whole) the same taste in women.

I can see what women find attractive about women, because I find women attractive. I think a lot of men find the idea of having a third (female) person in their relationship as less threatening than accepting a male into their bedroom. Obviously because of the lack of a second penis in the sexual mêlée, but also because of the lack of competing testosterone. Less metaphorical chest beating.

A man in these situations imagines that the women would both be competing for and taking turns with his affections. OK, let’s say it, his cock. That is not always the case.

People want different things from sex at different times. Moreover women usually have completely different sexual aspirations and motivation than men. Thinking that because two women are in your bed means you’ll be getting twice as much action is over simplifying things. Because a woman enjoys sex does not mean she always wants to be penetrated by a man. It’s just as likely that they may want to explore sex with another woman, taking advantage of the opportunity that a female third presents to them.

A man might even find the intimacy and mutual understanding that such a liaison provides for their partner to be more threatening than a fuck with a guy who’s level of emotional engagement might be less. If a male third’s only interest is to shoot his load and leave it at that then the act is just sex. However in my experience women don’t usually see sex as an emotionally detached act, there tends to be an emotional context within which the sex takes place.

Yes women are lustful and lusting, but they don’t disconnect in the way that men can.

Bisexuality in men is something I can’t speak authoritatively about, not being bisexual or having any close bisexual friends. That’s a pity because while I’m accepting of people’s orientation (so long as their sexual activity has informed consent from all parties involved) I now can’t write the other half of this post.

This train of thought has now left me intrigued and somewhat frustrated. Damn.

Boobs For The Boys

I just read that men usually tend to check out a woman’s breasts before anything else. It made me reflect and I realised that I check out men and women slightly differently.

Call me old fashioned but the first thing to catch my eye with a male is usually his eyes, I’m a sucker for nice eyes and from there I move outwards, checking out the surroundings. And along the way if he has a sense of humour I’m sold. I love a guy who can make you laugh.

With girls I think it is more a case of their assets catching my eye first, just as with men. I’ve written here about my infatuation with Busty a girl I used to work with in my last job. She was incredibly lucky in the upstairs department, you could loose your head amongst them. Lol

Then comes their face, I usually gravitate towards a heart shaped face, not for me the long chiselled face. I’m more of a Helen Bonham Carter facial type person.

So tell me, what attracts your attention?

Four Guys At Once

Throughout my early years I wasn’t the most popular girl in school. They usually tended to fall in to two categories, the ones who were good looking and developed before the rest of us and those who would put out for anyone.

I fell in to neither group during my school years. But when I hit 18 for some reason I had to beat guys back with a stick. This came as a complete surprise to me, to be ignored all that time and then suddenly to be desired and sought after was wonderful.

Just before this all happened I had spent almost a full summer chasing after a guy in the 6th form, he was about a couple of years older than me and he wouldn’t entertain me. I met him a couple of years later at a party and he seemed to be slightly smitten. He didn’t recognise me and when I told him who I was he was quite surprised.

For some reason I didn’t forgive him for the heartache I suffered only a couple of years ago. I know it sounds petty but I loved the fact that I got the opportunity to turn him down. And after all he wasn’t all that, my tastes had changed too.

At the age of 18 I had 4 guys on the go at the same time. They didn’t know about each other but knew about my “proper boyfriend”. My boyfriend rather handily worked shifts at the time which allowed me to fill my evenings with the others if he was working.

The whole thing was a buzz, no need to spend a penny. I was entertained by one or more of them (not at the same time) every night that I wasn’t with my bf. Let me point out that I was only shagging my bf, the others didn’t get in to my pants. I had some respect. 😉

However, I did have a problem remembering names and on several occasions came out with the wrong name for the company I was with. The worst occasion was when I was doing the do with my bf and I called out the name of the guy I was with earlier.

Luckily I got away with it, I think I must have uttered the name quietly. He didn’t pick up on it any way. It taught me to keep my wits about me though.

Surrounded By Hot Hunks

Hot HunkGym on Sunday is normally quiet with just a few people scattered here and there trying to be good and self righteous.  Lol

Alex and I were pedalling away on the cycles after a gruelling session on the rowing machines when the first one struck.  One of the young personal trainers came over for a chat and to tout for business, I think it didn’t take long for him to take the hint that this lady couldn’t afford the investment in his time.

I carried on cycling and then only 5 minutes later another one came up to me.  Was it my perfume or did I just look like I could do with the one to one instruction?  🙂

It was beginning to feel like I was being predated and normally I would have lapped up all the male attention but I did have Alex next to me after all.  Lol  He just read what I put and tapped me on the leg for being a bad girl.

I’m going back tomorrow, what are the chances of me being inundated with hot male PT attention…

Hot Hard Porn Review

Pussy With Pierced Clit

I reviewed Gazzman’s “Wasted” over on Erotic Buzz a couple of weeks ago. At the time I was pleasantly surprised by the DVD because it was so different from anything else I’d seen. Obviously contrived but done with imagination and humour I found it to be entertaining as well as a horny adult DVD.

The more I think about it now the more I think it deserves more attention. It doesn’t follow a formula, it doesn’t pretend that it’s something it isn’t, what you get from the DVD is something that doesn’t fit into normal porn categories. That worries me because although the sex in it is the sort of thing that you can see in numerous adult DVD, especially Gazzman’s the wrapper around it, the thing that makes it interesting could get passed over.

Take a look at the review and see what you think. If you’re encouraged to rent the movie please let me know what you think.

Another thing about the movie is that although you can watch it for a quick wank it you need to see it from start to finish to get the full effect. A bit like listening to a 1970s concept/prog-rock album, you don’t get the full effect unless you immerse yourself in it. LOL

Do you know of any other movies like this? “Hidden Gems” so to speak – if you do let men know.

Skinny Porn

Skinny ModelThis images  is great apart from one thing. I mean the lighting is fab, it’s in black and white, which I love and well, it’s an image I wish I had taken.

The problem I have is that I keep thinking that I really ought to take this girl out and get her something to eat. She’s soooo thin!

Girl-Girl Stories

Most guys will tell you they like a bit of lesbian porn. There’s something hot and unthreatening about two women getting it on for you to watch. I’m not saying that all men are threatened by the sight of a penis in a porn movie but it’s certainly easier to avoid distraction if there are two girls going at it hard.

And the guys who say they don’t like it , well, most of them probably do but just feel a bit guilty about it, LOL.

Of course some men like to see a woman getting banged and put themselves in the position of the male performer enjoying the thought of making the hot  girl groan and shriek with delight.

If you do want some lesbian porn you could read our DVD reviews here before selecting bit of televisual entertainment, or how about a bit of erotic fiction here.

Charlie’s Porn Family

Hot Blonde In StockingsI’ve just finished reviewing a Reality Junkies porn DVD featuring quite a mixture of stars.  This Canadian based production house does tend to make some unusually themed films and this one is no exception.

It’s loosely based on Charlie Sheen’s ex girlfriend Ginger Lynn with a few younger girls thrown in for good measure.  There is also a performance from porn veteran Randy Spears who I haven’t seen since he appeared in Sexetra years ago.

There is a nice blend of scenes and girls.  You can read the full review over here.

Soaped Up Titties

Although I wasn’t actually looking for any soapy sexual material when surfing the web I came across a new porn film called Soapland. Released in the UK it features Soaphouses, apparently popular in Japan where men can get a soapy rub-down and a little more.

I looked them up and found some fascinating articles about them. One here describes the Soapland phenomena in detail.

They key points here are that like many things relating to the Japanese sex trade legislation is a little weird and gives the impression that it’s deliberately vague. I’ve heard lots of interpretations of the Japanese laws around sex and obscenity but this article seems to imply that the only thing explicitly outlawed is straight sex and even that isn’t enforced.

Anyone care to educate me.

So, I also had a look at Wikipedia. What I did learn from that rather short entry is that there are women only Soaplands. Nice to know, but what about men only ones if you get my drift?

But before you all go buying your tickets to Japan for a slippery nipple trip be warned. It would appear that some if not the majority of Soaplands exclude foreigners. Sorry.

And the name? Well apparently the establishments used to be called Turkish baths but the Turkish Embassy objected to their country’s name being associated with 1,800 brothels and a competition was launched to find the new name. Brilliant.

We’re Off To A Porn Shoot!

We're Off To A Porn ShootIt’s a while since we last attended a porn shoot; In fact it was last last February.  We went to London to film with Tanya Hyde at the very house they filmed some of the film The King’s Speech.

We had a great day on set and were absolutely knackered just watching never mind taking part.  I empathise with the performers who have to keep looking fresh and ready for action throughout the day.

This shoot is going to be with renowned producer for Harmony Films, Gazzman.  We have reviewed some of his previous DVD’s over here if you wan to take a look.

Of course we will be bringing you all the naughty gossip from behind the scenes and maybe even some interviews with the stars.  And of course lots and lots of naughty pics.

Watch this space for more about our trip.  😉

Chilling With The Willy

JessJanuary started slowly then picked up speed and I can’t believe that we are no almost mid way through February.

So much as been going on I don’t know where to start.  Lol  I’m awaiting response to an interview with a top porn director, you will be able to read the full exclusive interview right here.

I’ve also started reviewing for a new DVD producer, Starr Productions who are headed up by the renowned porn star Tommy Gunn.  You can now read the first review over here.

It’s taken some time to get my hands on them but I now have a couple of the brand new Swan “Leaf” range in my possession.  I have already tested the first, the Vitality and you can read the review here

You also have the chance to win your very own Vitality if you sign up for the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter.

So, don’t forget if you haven’t already joined  Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter you should, as well as getting the latest adult product news you can get your hands on FREE sex toys each month by signing up for the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter and being part of the monthly giveaway draw. There is nothing to pay and no competition to enter, simply sign up and keep your fingers crossed that you are one of the lucky winners. Go and sign up now.

If you missed last month’s reviews you can read them here.

Pipedream Multi Wanachi

Pipedream I love It When You Come In My Mouth Masturbator

Gripper Masturbator

PicoBong Koa Vibrator

Anal Lovin Lube

Je Joue Uma

Give It All Butt Plug Set

Climax Minis, Might Max Clitoral Vibrator

The Sex Behind The Mask

If there’s one thing that can be said of art and fashion is that it’s all derivative. That is in no way a derisory comment it is an observation on the fact that all creative people are made up of their experiences, where else do they get their creative inspiration? The truly talented creative personality takes their experiences and uses them to express themselves in new and original ways.
Bearing that in mind I have to say I’ve noticed a trend within the visual arts recently that I think originates in the fetish scene.
Gas masks.

Maybe it’s just me but look at the video above from Nero. Yes the video, although I like Nero in this case it’s the visuals that caught my interest. The bad guys have gas masks. Now watch this, from Sucker Punch, more bad guys, more gas masks.

It’s not so much that the guys wearing the gas masks are “evil”, it’s the dehumanising effect the mask has on the wearer. I don’t have a thing for gas masks, I think they are different, fun, striking and provocatively extreme but I don’t have a fetish for them. What I do think they do is to give a new sensory experience to the wearer and make them something other than themselves, abstract, odd, in fact a lot of things that a mask does but just more extreme.

Visually I love them and I can track this back to my liking for the artist H R Giger who most people will know from his work on Alien and Alien 3. His work is awash with industrial and visceral images or creatures both humanoid and reptilian who often wear goggles, masks and appear to be becoming part of a machine or twisted non-human biological entity. In the more extreme images their bodily orifices are probed and invaded by various mechanistic and organic tentacles; or is it that they are exuding them?
Take a look at his work and you’ll see what I mean.

The fact is that once you’ve seen Giger’s work you are changed by it. Even if you do not like it he’s one of those artists who leaves an impression, and if you have a tendency towards the gothic, mechanistic, apocalyptic and macabre you will probably love him.