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Mutual Masturbation

Poolside BlondeMy social networking site never fails to amaze me.  From the requests to see more pics of me and do I do porn to the requests for me to meet up for a quick shag.  Some people are so unsophisticated it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the only contact they have with opposite sex…but hey I suppose it takes all sorts and there is allegedly someone for everyone out there.

Tonight I had a first, I was messaged that this guy was about to play with his toy whilst thinking about me.  How romantic I thought.  Lol

But what it did do was remind me how much I like to engage in a bit of mutual masturbation.  It’s a double whammy for me because I like to watch Alex stroke himself to orgasm as much as I like to frig myself off for him.

Tell me what do you like, do you like to watch or do you prefer to get it on for your partner?  Or if you are between partners do you like to watch someone wank for you?

Let Me Screw Her But Gag Her First!

Christine Martin…Until.

I think I recall my first ever experience of desire being thwarted by reality when I was about 16. For weeks, no months I had my eye on a lad who used to walk past our family home in the early morning and then return in the early evening.

He was always dressed in outdoor country wear and knee length Wellingtons. I assumed that he was a farm hand at one of the farms we live close to. I used to wait for him to come past the house, knowing exactly what time to expect him.

His appearance was rugged, slightly Heathcliffe if you know what I mean. This guy had an air of mystery and excitement around him like an aura, dragging me in to the world of fantasy and desire.

Many nights I would lay in my bed, rubbing and thinking of him. Is it me or is there even more of an element of excitement when you don’t know someone? I suppose it is because you can create your own vision without fear of them not living up to your expectation.

This crush went of for ages. Then one day my crush was crushed.

A friend of mine came to my house and recognised him as I took up my position in the window to watch him pass by. She told me he was with someone and it was serious they had been going out for ages.

For weeks I felt a slight loss. My muse had been ripped from me.

But some weeks after he stopped passing by and another guy took over his role. This time the guy was blonde, unlike Peter my other desire. He was also extremely well built, very much like a rugby player.

Hormones kicked in and I was off again down fantasy road. Peter was soon forgotten and my thoughts turned to the new guy.

Then one evening I was out pub crawling with my friends in the next village and we happened upon the very object of my lust. He was standing at the bar. I knew him straight away. My heart started to beat fast and I panicked for a moment not knowing if I should stay or make a hasty retreat.

Composure regained I decided to stay. He was busy chatting to his mates and I didn’t get a chance to speak to him. As the night wore on we decided to move on to the next pub and it so happened that one of our group had got chatting to the blonde guy.

And he left the pub with us and started walking on to the next. This was my opportunity to talk to him. Although shy when faced with taking action or regretting it forever I go with it. From the moment I started speaking to him I knew he wasn’t for me.

In fact after only a few minutes I knew that I wasn’t attracted to him at all. He came across as being quite vain and stupid. But the most off putting thing about him was the fact that he needed to shave. Not just his chin but his whole face.

I was reminded of this moment whilst watching the Children In Need programme Lets Dance last year. Paddy McGuiness did a wonderful performance with Keith Lemon, who looks great in a dress. Lol And Paddy’s girlfriend was watching from the audience.

She was a stunning brunette and I certainly would have. Then she opened her mouth and all thoughts were wiped from my mind. I would have had to gag her. Lol

Have you ever had one of these moments?

Making Me Mona

Making Me Mona

Making Me Mona

Being a sex toy tester and reviewer I’m never short of something to play with.  So it goes without saying that I sometimes don’t get round to revisiting previous favourite toy for some time.

Tonight I was feeling in the mood to share a little mutual vibratory pleasure with Alex, it’s not often that we tend to share toys these days each of us busy reviewing products individually.  As we caressed I thought it would be nice to run a massager over each others erogenous zones.

I reached in to my bedside draw and tried pressing the “On” button on several toys without success, either they had lost their charge or I’d removed the batteries to preserve them from degradation or possible electrolyte leakage.

Then I happened on a toy which I couldn’t recall the last time I played with it for it had been so long.  The toy in question was the Lelo Mona a sleek ergonomically shaped g-spot vibrator.  I pressed the + button and she sprang in to action.

Much to my delight the Mona had held its charge for what seemed like months, I vowed to check how long it was since I reviewed it after we had fucked each other’s brains out.  Lol

After finding the perfect pulsation pattern I applied the vibe to Alex’s perineum which immediately brought a smile to his face.  This was going to be a great addition to our foreplay.  😉

We tickled and teased each other then enjoyed a missionary, sideways and doggy style fuck to finish.  After the action finished I checked out the review I placed on Sex Toys Buzz it was March 2010.  OMG!

Would You Become A Male Hooker?

Following on from my post the other day about prostitution I have been reading this article on the BBC about male prostitutes. Have a butchers and then we’ll all be on the same page.

I don’t think it’s just me but the tone with which that article is imbued is rather different from the normal timbre of pieces about female prostitution. In a way I can understand this because it’s all about empowerment.

When a woman enters the profession she does so very often out of sheer desperation and therefore is not at all in charge of the situation. Yes there are high class escorts who get to work in nice surroundings and earn a packet but they are in the minority, no matter what TV dramas and certain films would have you believe.

When a man becomes an escort (rather than a street rent boy) he is in a more exclusive club than a female counterpart and is presenting a different “product” if you will than a female prostitute. It’s not just that the genitalia are different, but that the needs and motivation of the client are less basic.

Women are sexual animals and have carnal, animal desires, but as is often remarked upon, they are not simply turned on to sex by the sight of a cock. Whether they prefer a muscular guy, one with intelligence, charm or a sense of humour, it takes more than an erection to get a woman going.

When I guy pays for sex it’s all about getting off and if possible doing so in a visually appealing piece of ass. For a woman the complex mix of chemistry required means that the service delivered by male escorts is on the whole more involved.

All that contributes towards the different attitude that journalists and the world in general have towards male and female prostitutes – or escorts if you like.

After all, it’s rare that you’d hear a woman say “prostitute my dream job”, but ask a man if they’d like to be paid to have sex with lots of women and they’d probably ask where to sign up.

Sleeping With Another Woman’s Husband, SuzeI think we have all been there at one time or another in our lives, perhaps some of you reading right now are questioning your desires. 😉 It’s the desire to get off with someone who you know you really shouldn’t. The flirting the sexy smiles, gestures and innuendo all with one aim in mind…

My earliest recollection of wanting to taste forbidden fruit was when I was taking probably my last foreign holiday with my parents. He was the hotel owner, very dishy and a fellow Brit from London if my memory serves me well.

He was about 28 and I was probably about 16. Those hormones don’t half play with your libido. 😉 The age gap wasn’t so much a problem I was quite a mature girl for my age, always enjoyed the company of older people, I found them more interesting.

No the real problem was that he was a married man who had a son too. He was a real looker and charmer and I think he knew it. I was at the age that my parents would leave me behind at the hotel to talk to a waitress I had befriended last time we had stayed at there.

This worked extremely well for me. After they left to go shopping I would begin my plan of entrapment. Bikini on and hang around the bar drinking soft drinks. Don’t tell my parents but he would also slip me the odd house hospitality drink too. Shhhh. I tell you I’m sure he knew exactly what I was up to.

I would sit and talk to him as he played bar tender, making sure that he got my best angles especially the cleavage shots in my push up and together top. 😉 My parents were blissfully unaware that I wasn’t learning the local dialect but attempting to sow my wild oats. Or is that have some wild oats planted?

His wife was a very nice Spanish lady who would invite me in to her kitchen where she liked to cook for the guests. She showed me how to prepare paella and other dishes during my stay. In fact one morning she asked me to take a cup of tea down in to their basement flatlet for Gary who was still in bed.

I wonder if she could see the look of excitement on my face as I hurried along trying not to look to eager to catch a glimpse of him between crisp white sheets. My heart was beating like crazy as I knocked on the subterranean door to their room.

“Come in”, came the muffled reply from behind the door. As I opened the door I realised that their accommodation consisted of a bedroom and small bathroom. Gary pulled himself to a sitting position in bed with the bedsheet carefully hiding his modesty.

I will never forget the passionate urge I felt there and then to jump on the bed beside him. For a moment I jostled with the idea and then thought about his wife. I placed the cup down on the bedside table and made my way back upstairs. Moment gone forever.

The next time I remember falling for someone unattainable was when I started work for a small property company. My boss was a very handsome guy, with rugged good looks and the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen on a guy. When he spoke to me, things would happen, pants would get wet.

If he asked me to do anything I was straight there without question. My working day although pleasantly sprinkled with views of him was a constant distraction, I found it difficult to concentrate especially when he was talking to me. Trying to formulate thought when all you can think of is fucking this guy in front of you is hard, nigh on impossible sometimes.

He was about three years older than me and unfortunately married. This time it was even more of a no-no, his wife worked in for the same company as the secretary and would have her beady eye on him all the time. She knew just what a good catch she had managed to land and wasn’t letting anyone else try to hook him.

I almost nearly got a kiss out of him at the Christmas party but his wife came in to the room and put an end to that. I’m not sure if she knew from our body language how close we came to kissing, we were all a little intoxicated.

After that I didn’t really get another chance to make a play for him and left shortly after for a better job.

Now, who else has there been…


There are a lot of things that people find attractive, a lot of different preferences and fetishes. If whatever turns you on is more than just a liking for something, a preference that is more of a sexual fetish, then practicality and common sense go out of the window.

If you do have a fetish you will want to indulge that however hard or uncomfortable it is for you or your partner. OK, within limits, but you get my drift. Although being uncomfortable or even in pain may be part of your fetish.

What I suppose I’m actually rambling on about is fetishes that involve clothing that is difficult to put on or uncomfortable to wear for any length of time, or require you to have sex in impractical places or environments that are dangerous or uncomfortable.

I love the look of latex and PVC clothing, but it does have practical limitations as far as wearability is concerned. But again I suppose that may be part of the attraction for some – dripping with sweat and loving it!

Maybe that’s what defines a true fetish in one respect, the need to experience something no matter what the consequences or protracted preparations required to make the experience happen.

Of course not all fetishes require such preparation or clothing/equipment so could not be defined in this way but it made me think about time spent leading up to encounters with this sort of fetish. If you think about it you realise that it’s not so different from the ritual of getting ready to go out on the pull, or to a date with someone you’ve just met. Preparations can start days before, selecting or even buying the right clothes and makeup. Selecting a venue for the date, how forward to be and so on.

So I suppose in that respect a fetish that takes a long time to prepare for adds the extra dimension of anticipation just like the elements of a vanilla encounter can.

I’ll have to find some time to have a ponder on this a bit more.

Long And Slow, Hard All Day, Deep Into The Night

Young Harlot Dropping PantiesWe’ve been on three porn shoots since we started getting into the adult movie side of the adult business and like most other enterprises each production team has a very different character and way of doing things. It’s not just about being artistic it’s about the different characters of the people involved and the way they blend together.

The first shoot we went on was with Tanya Hyde, to see a scene which was eventually incorporated into the movie “Girls Behaving Badly”. You can read the review of this movie over here.

In this instance we were treated to a whole day filming one individual scene. Starting around nine in the morning and finishing in the early evening. The work rate was steady and consistent, unhurried but with something going on all day. The crew was small and the atmosphere cosy, all taking place in one of the best known houses in England – 33 Portland Place, London – where, amongst other things the film “The King’s Speech” was filmed.

I suppose we assumed this was pretty much the norm for porn shoots which looking back was quite naïve because every endeavour, business, practical and artistic is different depending on the people involved. In my defence I would say that because most porn is presented on a scene by scene basis, be that on DVD or VoD you would think that it can be produced in a similar way too.

Our second trip to watch porn in the making was to a shoot for Television X and their series “Feel Or No Deal” a spoof on the well known TV game show format “Deal Or No Deal”. With five scenes shot in one day the production was frenetic at times, starting later than planned but proceeding well once it had gathered a head of steam. Unlike our first experience of filming this took place in a purpose built studio that had been hired for the production and therefore had a properly constructed set, sound desk, boom cameras and even the luxury of changing rooms for the cast.

I didn’t mention that? In the Tanya Hyde production the cast stripped of right in front of us as they got ready for the filming. A surreal experience when you consider that for most people the only time people of the opposite sex strip naked in front of you is in the changing room at the gym and when it comes to the opposite sex … when you are about to get jiggy! So to have a couple of blokes and a beautiful girl (Shay Hendrix) strip naked only minutes after you had met them then start to fuck each other was interesting to say the least.

The latest expedition was the longest we have undertaken and filled with experiences that are still sinking in. Watching Gazzman film two scenes each day over 2 and a half days was interesting enough but the location added its own character to the unique Gazzman style of film making. Set in beautiful countryside the huge characterful house was furnished and decorated in a massively eclectic manner. It was big enough to accommodate the cast and crew, but not us. Though because of the late nights that filming with Gazzman involves we would arrive just as several half naked porn stars were getting out of their beds and heading to makeup.

The long days and ample opportunity to talk to the stars meant we were able to properly get to know people in a way that had not been possible on previous shoots. It was interesting to see the public and private sides of people like Danny D, George Uhl, Shay Hendrix, Seth Strong and Kai. Not to mention the crew and supporting staff.

Every production had its highlights and moments that we could have done without though the former outnumbered the latter in every case.

I mean, how often do you get to spend time watching a movie being made – especially an adult movie?

Final Day At The Porn Shoot

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As we breakfasted at the hotel watching the local rabbit doing its thing the sun came out from behind the clouds to spread its golden rays over the hills and valleys.  Then just as we thought things couldn’t get much better a sheep appeared in the grounds in front of us.  That explained all the poo which we could now spot in the neatly trimmed grass.  Lol

It was the perfect day for us to be travelling home but first we had some naughty business to take care of.  We were scheduled to leave around 1pm so we could make our way home comfortably for work the following day.  Sigh.  Yes, Alex still has a day job so we had to get back.

It felt sad to be leaving as we drove up the now familiar driveway to the manor.  We entered the house and it was quiet, just what you would expect on a typical Sunday at home but upstairs things were happening.

Today was to be the day that Danny D got a blow job from Lou Lou whilst 4 girls performed naughty acts upon themselves.  OMG!  How horny is that.

We were hanging around talking to anyone who appeared downstairs to kill time whilst the performers were getting ready.  Gazzman appeared and asked Alex to help him clear the room of props costumes and other equipment in preparation for the afternoons shoot.  And I watched, bad back you know.  Lol

Once the room was cleared it was decided that everyone should assemble in the grounds outside for some stills for the shoot.  It was a beautiful day, sun shining and the sky was blue and the girls were even bluer.  😉

I don’t recall the girls looking quite so hot in uniform at my school.  And when they sparked up and started smoking with shirts unbuttoned to the navel it was a visual hot house.  If I had a cock it would have been standing to attention.  Lol  Such a bunch of bad girls.

After taking some really good shots of the girls the guys appeared dressed in their gowns and assembled on the steps in front of the manor for a typical “school year” shot.  Only not from any school we attended.  I wish.

The whole tog process took longer than we would have liked and we unfortunately had to leave before shooting began.  🙁

So I still didn’t get to see Danny D’s famous cock, so until next time…

Dogging Girls

Word of warning dear readers, I will be asking for a little reader participation regarding this post. 😉

Alex and I both have cars, his new one is a dark colour and at the moment is covered in dried salt from the roads, though the rain tonight will help to get rid of that. Lucky for me the colour doesn’t show the dirt up as much as others do.

Which brings me to the point of my post. Over the past week I have been noticing, although not really registering remarks written on other dirty vehicles. You know the sort, comments like “clean me”.

This week I saw a works van for Carillion with “living the dream” written on it. I’m not sure if that is a slur on this construction company and the economic climate. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

I’ve seen a few suggesting that someone cleans the vehicle but the one I saw tonight had me laughing in the queue for the roundabout. It was written on the back of a mobile photographers estate car.

It read “Jenny loves dogging”. As I pulled alongside the car I was eager to see who was driving it. It was a blonde girl…I wonder if she was called Jenny. Lol

If you have seen any good ones written on vehicles post them in the comments and I will make a post out of them to share with you all.

Getting Eaten Out For Real

This may be one of the most surprising and unexpected fetishes you ever read about. It’s “vorarephilia”, the fetish for eating or being eaten by others. It’s not necessarily about cannibalism, as it appears to centre around the act of eating or being eaten in one piece.

So this is all about fantasy. While you could, if you were so inclined (i.e. a raving nut job) indulge in cannibalism, actually being swallowed alive or swallowing someone alive is a practical impossibility.

There are various pieces of artwork around the place with vore themes but if the philia itself isn’t unusual enough there are even sites with animal vore images and videos like this one (not for those of you of a squeamish disposition) A word of caution here. While the site “” seems clean, some of the sites it links to are flagged as dangerous by our anti-virus software. The risks of browsing very specialists sites I suppose.

The fiction I’ve found around this fetish can be pretty heavy going and is only going to be of anything other than academic interest to a tiny minority of you. However if you’re interested in very unusual fetishes it’s worth investigating. While some stories deal with the devouring of people via the obvious route of the mouth, others like this one describe a woman eating her lover via her vagina.

And yes for all of you who hate compound Latin/Greek names out there this is another one 😛 from voorare and philia.

Holly Oaks And Horny?

Stephanie WaringHolly smoke! It’s Holloaks again!

Have all the girls in Hollyoaks done underwear shoots? I think they have.

Leaves me asking the question “With all that eye candy in the show could they be making up for deficiencies elsewhere? Like the scripts being crap maybe?”

Just asking. Anyway my afternoon Google-lech today pulled up this young lady, Stephanie Waring. What an education having a dirty mind can be.

Fucking In The Girls Dorm

George Uhl And Two Young HarlotsAlex and I had a lovely 3 course meal at the hotel then went upstairs to freshen up before grabbing a bottle of wine to take up to the shoot with us.

It was another dark night with suicidal bunnies jumping out of hedgerows in front of the car.  One even ran up the road with the car headlights illuminating it’s cotton tail.  Aaahhh.  Lol

As we approached the house I noticed a blue light coming out of one of the upper windows on a long pole and pointing in to one of the rooms nearby.  We drove around to the back of the house which was in total darkness save for a few streams of light from the windows above.

We made our way to the rear entrance, the one I assume the servants used back in the day as it lead straight in to the scullery and then the kitchen.  The smell of food greeted our nostrils once again and everyone could be heard in the main hall.

The cast, crew and producers were all sat at the long table where only the day before everyone had been shagging.  Not the usual thought that enters your head as you sit at the dining table.  Lol  Tonight things were a little more to schedule and the table was cleared and we all convened upstairs in one of the bedrooms.

We entered the room It was a very nice twin bedded one with a couple of naughty school girls sat on one of them.  I could now see why the light outside, it was casting a blue light over the room just like a moon light night, very atmospheric.

Sat on the bed were Christine Crystalis and Victoria Blaze along with a couple of sex toys.  The premise of the script is that the girls are giggling and playing with their toys when the headmaster (George Uhl) walks in on them.

Yes, I’m sure you can guess what happens then.  Lol  Alex and I poised ourselves at the outskirts of the room directly behind Gazzman to avoid getting in to shot and again our movements were restricted by the lack of space.

I took a few quick shots with the camera before Gazzman started to film.  We were so tight on space that the production guy had to take up residence in the adjoining bathroom.  It was warm in the room with the lighting and the number of people but we all got on like a house on fire and each had an understanding of the others role.

George was as ever the comenserate professional, I’ve seen a whole new side to him and the girls looked every bit as stunning as they will appear on the finished production.  George didn’t take long to get in to get out of his strides and in to his with his usual vigour.  😉

There was a little stopping and starting at first with the lines Gazzman had expected to George to say, in part due to him being Czech and we have a wonderful outtake which we will post up soon.  It had all of us in stitches.

All in all it was a good shoot but we didn’t stay till the pop shot because it looked like it was going to be another late finish and I was in the mood for a fuck myself.

Sunday morning was to be our last day at the manor…

Making Such Filthy Music

Young Harlot Tieing ShoesWe arrived promptly at 11am to find that the shoot was behind as the previous evening had overrun in to the early hours.  People were still breakfasting, having makeup done and wandering around the large house.

Alex and I took advantage of the time on our hands to explore the property.  It spread over 3 floors and each room exuded character.  One of the bathrooms even had a collection of Star Trek memorabilia in it, I kid you not.  There was a delicious aroma of cooked breakfast wafting around downstairs and if we hadn’t already ate at the hotel we would have been tucking in.

After noising around the manor we wandered outside and chatted to some of the crew and stars of the shoot including Danny D who I managed to get a very interesting interview with before he was dragged back inside to prepare for his shoot.

Watch out for his interview being posted up soon.

Both of us went to the room the shoot was being filmed in.  It was the music room and contained a grand piano, several guitars and brass instruments.  Both Brooklyn and Lou Lou walked in to the room closely followed by the set tog to have some shots taken.

Seizing the opportunity I got a few shots in before he started as it’s not possible to take pictures when the flash lights are on they trigger and white out your shots.  I did however manage to get some nice ones of them both following makeup earlier as well.

I could see from the size of the room that things were going to be a little tight and I wasn’t wrong.  When Gazzman arrived with his production guy they set up a track for the camera which ran right across in front of where we onlookers were standing.

The room was cleared and unfortunately, again we didn’t get to watch the scene.  So we disappeared off downstairs to find something to occupy ourselves.  We had a brief chat with George Uhl and some of the other people and then made our way back to the hotel.

We were to return again at 7pm for the second scene of the day and hopefully it would start on time…

Never Judge A Porn Star…

George Uhl As Headmaster

For some time now I’ve been watching George Uhl fucking away young starlets in Gazzman’s productions.  At times it felt quite un-nerving watching him lusting over some nubile young hottie, particularly in Young Harlots where he dons his gown and becomes the teacher or headmaster.

But since going on my porn shoot weekend my attitude towards him has changed.  Yes, he is portrayed as being a letching elder of the school who takes advantage of his young pupils, probably because there is a significant age difference.

However, this has now rather tarred him with the “letch” brush (or it had in my mind) which couldn’t be further from the truth, as I discovered on my naughty weekend.

George has been rather besmirched by his role in the films.  Having met him and talked to him “off camera” he is one of the sweetest guys you could wish to meet.  He is also invaluable when it comes to handling the Czech girls who fly over to film.

He takes the role of patriarch and translates and guides the girls in their scenes, showing he has a protective facet to his personality.  Mr Uhl has gone way up in my opinion since meeting him and in a way I’m glad because I shall be reviewing his work in a totally different light now.

It just shows you how you can form totally the wrong opinion about someone when you only know their on-screen persona.

I’ll tell you about a funny moment I had with him later…  lol

Blow Job In The Carpark

Sometimes sex is spontaneous and just happens. Sometimes it isn’t that simple.

On one occasion Suze and I were popping into the supermarket to pick up some bits and pieces on Saturday morning and she asked me to pull up the car well away from the store. I did so, wondering exactly why and discovered the reason when I unbuckled my seatbelt. She unzipped me and whipped out my cock. She dived onto it and began to give me a blowjob. She only stopped when I pointed out that anyone walking down the pavement which overlooked the carpark could see us and we’d get arrested.

It wasn’t very practical, but a really naughty experience. I almost let her carry on and finish the job but decided a criminal record for gross indecency was something we could do without.

It’s not always that easy to get in the mood, especially when you’re under pressure from factors outside your control. That is why I am writing this as a follow-up to Monday night’s “Sex Under Pressure” post.

Human beings are complicated animals and when they’re feeling down it affects every aspect of their lives. It would be nice to flick a switch and block out all the bad stuff outside so that we could enjoy ourselves when we’re at home with our loved ones. Because we can’t do that, we have to devise ways of distracting ourselves from the negative influences and allowing ourselves the space to relax before intimacy and sex can happen. I’ll try and go through a few of the things that you can do to ensure that you enjoy your time at home with your partner.

Some of the things you can do are obvious but worth restating because they are so easy to miss.

First of all phones. Turn them off, all of them we have a landline and three mobile phones now. Any one of them going off while we’re getting in the mood is going to destroy the moment.

The Internet and email is surprisingly distracting for us too. Our study is next to our bedroom, so the ping of an email arriving is like the bell to Pavlov’s dog. Your mind often wants to “pop next door to see what’s come in …” Even if you don’t react to this event you might still be thrown by it. Turn off your PCs.

Lower your expectations; Not every encounter you have has to result in sex. Especially if you’ve got long-standing problems or had a particularly bad day it may be that expecting sex and trying to make it happen is the best way to destroy the evening. It’s a medically recognised fact that the expectation of sex can actually stop it happening – it’s been referred to as apprehensive expectation.

In extreme cases you should try to reduce your expectations of each other to nothing. If you can succeed in lowering your expectations enough then you’re not going to be disappointed if one or both of you is too tired to indulge in foreplay or too tense to actually make love in the way that you’d like. Whatever happens, happens and if you can both live with that the tension that might have built up around the perceived erosion of your sex life will slowly disappear with each encounter.

Some people take great solace and comfort in routine and order, but routines in sex is something that I can’t personally understand. It’s too easy to get into a routine, be that in the frequency of your love making or what you do when you and your partner are having sex. Small changes can make a big difference and big, unwelcome changes can cause big problems if your partner is not ready for it. He might be ready one day to be led around the room with a lead and muzzle but for now just buy him a collar if you know what I mean LOL.

Above all be patient and listen to one another. You don’t need to, and very often shouldn’t analyse every tiny nuance of each other’s behaviour and personality. What you should do is allow your partner to express themselves, their worries, fears and expectations. Don’t feel that you need to proffer a solution to any of the issues that come up, that will just put pressure on you. Simply listen to and understand your other half, the rest should follow.

A Naughty Evening With Danny D

Young Harlot Over ChairAside from the experience of filming we got the chance to chat with the members of the cast and one guy stood out from the crowd.  That was the very likeable Danny D.  He is intelligent, witty and very charming, you will get to meet him later when we publish his interview podcast.

I didn’t attempt to speak to Kristine Crystalis or Victoria Blaze the two Czec girls as their English was rather limited and George Uhl was interpreting for them when they were on set.  They both seemed eager to please and were pleasant.

The filming continued on through the afternoon and in to early evening.  We had booked in to the hotel for evening meal so left at around 6.30pm with the intention of returning afterwards to see what was happening.

After a delicious 3 course dinner we went straight back to the manor house to see what was happening.  When we arrived everyone was finishing off their meals and the shoot was set to go as soon as everyone was ready.

Unfortunately the size of the room they were filming in meant everyone had to squeeze in to a corner and it was difficult to either see the action or take pictures of it so we opted not to bother.  Shame because I wanted to see Mr D’s legendary cock, it’s one thing seeing it on a DVD but there is nothing like checking it out in real life.  😉

We chatted briefly with some of the cast and crew before saying our goodbyes and were advised to turn up at 11am the following day for the shoot.

Celebrity Nudes

Celebrity NudesThere was a time when celebrity nude images were a novelty. There have always been three types – the real, the fake and the look-alike photographed to make you say “Is that really them?”

A lot of celebrities have a “past”, often modelling in anything from a knitting pattern illustration to an “art” film at university where it was “artistically necessary” to do a full frontal nude shot. LOL There’s nothing sordid about that it’s just part of a lot of people’s lives, part of their development in the performing arts. Don’t forget most celebrities are performers, be that as singers, actors or dancers so performance of one sort or another is going to form part of their past.

When you find a nude shot of a celeb it’s often grainy, not too graphic and amateur in quality. In fact apart from some of the hilarious spoofs out there this is often then the mark of a genuine celebrity nude image or video.

The fakes are pretty good in a fun sort of way either amusingly bad temptingly believable if the creator was particularly adept at photo-manipulation.

Finally the look-alikes, either models intentionally made up to look like a celeb or the accidental likenesses or the deliberate setups round off the trio. An extension of this is of course the whole porn movie constructed around someone who looks a bit like a celeb and titled with a ludicrously cheesy pun – “Nailin’ Palin” for example.

Personally I’m feeling that no matter what the quality of the images I’ve been overloaded with celebrity nudes. I came across some today, no pun intended, and while they were OK the novelty has gone and the naughty thrill of seeing someone in the nude that you would only otherwise seen clothed has lost much of its sparkle.

How about you guys?

Fucking On The Table

Schoolgirl Walking AwayAs we walked out of the interview with Kai Taylor everyone started to assemble for the first shoot of the week.  I immediately recognised Seth Strong from a shoot I was on at the end of last year and I had a good chat with him and discovered his alter ego was a falconer and he had a very good business as a pest control contractor with benefits.  Lol

It was then time for stills to be taken and I pointed my camera at the naughty school girl before me.  Now if they had girls like that at my school I would have been more eager to attend.  😉

I became a porn tog taking photographs of the vey naughty Christine Crystalis as she posed in her school uniform with no panties on chairs, tables and anything else which got in her naughty way.

My hand isn’t the best when it comes to taking pics but I did manage to get some good ones of Christine who made the perfect school girl as she posed on the chair an in the window.  It all felt a little bit saucy as I thought about what was yet to come.

Being a bisexual I couldn’t help but be affected by the visual naughtiness that I was part of, the girls were great and the guys even better.  I felt like a girl at a Haribo contest and I had won all the sweeties!

Apart from Alex and another guest on the shoot, Peter Clark who as I was to find out was a friend on Facebook we were left to our own devices until the official tog appeared who we knew from a previous shoot.

Christine was the perfect muse, pretty and very naughty and I hadn’t even seen her in action yet…

Kai and Seth appeared, then George Uhl who looked eager to get some ass.  Kai and George were wearing headmaster’s gowns and Seth looked like a country gent dressed in his tweeds.  The sound and camera crew assembled and then in came Gazzman with his camera.

Christine climbed up on the long wooden table in her school uniform and the guys gathered around her.  The guys were given direction from Gazzman and the filming commenced just after lunch.  We all huddled at the top end of the room to allow for movement and camera angles so our view was from the top end of the table.

The scene unfolded before us and I tried to get some action shots without being too obtrusive but was asked to stop when the sound engineer heard my camera shutter on the soundtrack.  But I still managed to sneak in some crafty shots around the filming which was stop/start.

I’d never been in a room with 3 men wanking before, felt a bit of a voyeur.  😉  But it was necessary to keep themselves up between the breaks in shooting.  Normally I would have been slightly embarrassed to talk to a stranger whilst he was wanking but the barriers are broken down somehow at a porn shoot.

All the time Gazzman is shooting his filming is being monitored by a guy watching the feed on a monitor.  He occasionally prompts “focus” and other commands when the shot needs to be adjusted.  It’s all very professional.  Lol

Got some great shots and footage over the two days we were on set and even got to see my first DP live on day one, what a great start!

Hat Fetish

Having a fetish for hats is something that I can understand. Hats have up until recently been falling out of fashion. In recent years they have become a little more common on both men and women again but they are still the exception, rather than the rule they once were.

It is their very unusualness that adds to their effect for me. While hats in everyday life are still relatively uncommon in comparison to the middle of the last century wearing one by definition implies a special event or something outside the run of the mill. The theatricality of hats also has something to do with it I suppose.

Seeing someone in a hat is like seeing a colleague who you’ve never seen outside a work environment in their eveningwear for the first time.  It changes your perception of them and you could regard it as a kind of role play scenario where your perceptions roles and relationships change based purely on the garments you wear and the makeup they wear.