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All The Best Cock Is Gay

Sam WorthingtonI seem to have an eye for gay guys lately.  My attention was focused on Mr John Barrowman mot so long ago when he was playing the character Captain Jack in Dr Who.  I should have heeded the warning signs, in the series he was bisexual and kissed several male characters – he’s an actor, right?.  Still the penny didn’t drop.

It wasn’t until some time in to the series that I read about the wonderful relationship he has with his male partner (lucky bugger).  😉

And when I sat down and read the morning paper only to see that another guy I have the hots for was gay I was gutted.  Yes, when Ricky Martin came out as being gay I gave a big sigh, you can read the full story here.

My latest letch is Sam Worthington since watching him in Avatar, hell he even looks good blue.  Please don’t tell me that he’s gay too.  Lol

Sex Dollies

Oriental Sex DollWhen I was watching Jeremy Kyle a few months ago as I tend to do every other day when I don’t go to the gym I spotted a real treat.  He had his usual compliment of reprobates on with their sordid little stories which never fail to amuse.

But what followed in the ad break after the show took me slightly by surprise.  The ad for the following show For Good Moring left me slightly aghast.

Coming up on the show were the usual day time television snippets with one slightly risqué addition.  They were going to talk to the guy who owned numerous “Real Doll”, type sex dolls.

I’m thinking that the viewers of this show have change over the years, they have featured several adult themed topics recently.  And I’ve missed them all.  Lol

Suze may have to start watching Good Morning, if not for the content for the gorgeous Holly Willoughby.  😉


The Cum Dilema

LegsFurther to my earlier post about whether a woman chooses to spit or swallow, or indulge in head at all, I think I ought to make a point. You really shouldn’t ask anyone to do something that you’re not prepared to do yourself.

So in the case of getting a mouth full of your own cum, would you? Snowballing is easy enough and if you’re in the right mood can be really horny. It’s not like it’s going to kill you.

For that matter I’m of the same opinion when it comes to anal sex. if you will not let your partner do it to you then why should you be miffed if they aren’t too keen on the idea. Men and women are built differently when it comes to anal. The woman doesn’t have a prostate gland and therefore not P Spot, so you might just find that you like it more than she does.

However anal aside and returning to oral sex … even if you don’t cum in her mouth do you give her as much oral as she gives you? If not why not? Personally I love to make Suze squirm with just my tongue. Oh well each to their own I suppose.

Cum In Her Mouth

cum shotWe have an old porn movie on VHS where one of the scenes features a woman who insists that her male partner cums in her mouth. Not in the mouth gaping expectantly, cum splashing all over her face sort of way but actually cums with her mouth wrapped around his cock wallowing his rather copious flow of cum until it spills out of the sides.

The rest of the video is pretty conventional with faces covered in cum as you would expect.

Interesting isn’t it the expectations that men place on women in the bedroom. First it as oral sex, without the orgasm, then it was letting you cum in their mouths, perhaps you wanted to squirt all over their faces … hang on there are two people having sex here. Does she really enjoy what you are both doing here?

Undoubtedly in most cases, at some point in a relationship she does. We take the view that we’ll experiment with most things and if we don’t like them we don’t try them again. Other things we’ll do if we are both in the mood, usually an especially dirty mood. Everyone derives pleasure from sex in a unique mix of mental and physical stimuli, a mix that changes with their mood, partner and as they grow older.

We have found that while always adventurous we are still eager to explore, yet at the same time take great pleasure in doing some things that we know we both enjoy because I suppose they are familiar. This doesn’t mean they are boring, we find them fulfilling, gratifying and still exciting no matter how many times we do them.

For example I find cumming on Suze’s tits far more sexually gratifying than say masturbating over her face, and yet if you look at that rather skewed compass of sexual behaviour, porn, the facial cum shot seems to be the ultimate goal of some men. Maybe it is for some women, just don’t let him get it in your eyes girls because it stings like fuck.

The old question used to be “does she spit or swallow”, if that’s the extent of your sexual horizon then you have a lot to learn about sex and women.

Sex Toy Hysteria

Sexy Whip GirlMade in 2011 the “Hysteria” film is about to go on general release. Was it because the release schedule for the movie studios was so packed , was it that the studio thought the subject matter was so sensitive or was it just and administrative oversight that meant we have to wait until now to see it?

If you don’t know the movie is about the first vibrator, and it is based on a true story. Being a rom-com it’s going to be loosely based on reality but that doesn’t matter because it’s going to get people talking about sex toys and we love that :-). After all we review sex toys over on Sex Toys Buzz.

The specific sex toys we’re talking about here came into being because of a perceived ailment of the female of the species during Victorian times – the titular “Hysteria”, or roaming uterus! Doctors actually believed that a woman’s womb moved around her body and in doing so caused all sorts of maladies.

Preposterous I know but for a number of doctors of the time a rather profitable and of course interesting condition to treat. Why? Well, the accepted treatment was to print the afflicted woman to orgasm!

At first this was achieved through manual means, then some bright spark invented a mechanical device to do the job which saved doctors getting RSI I suppose …

So now you can use a vibrator and tell everyone that it’s not a sex toy, it’s a medical device. Even if the medical science you’re talking about is based on a 19th century misconception about women’s bodies that blamed almost every type of as yet fully understood disease of the (female) human body on a vagina with a ticket to ride.

Strangely for a society where a woman’s place was definitely one rung of the ladder below a man’s you have to wonder why doctors didn’t prescribe masturbation as a cure-all. If they had we might have had male sex toys given the same boost.

I suppose we’ve made up for it now with male sex toys as varied and fun as female ones in 2012.

Lovely Tit Wanks

BoobsPushing your hard cock between a pair of full breasts is an experience that few men heterosexual would turn down. It’s stimulating, naughty and ultimately satisfying. It’s also one of those sexual practices that women can feel like they have to take part in to please their man whether they enjoy it or not.

I know many women enjoy giving their man a tit wank for a number of reasons. It’s also a handy way of getting sexually intimate if vaginal sex is impractical or impossible for some reason. It’s not however something that most people would get to try the first time they make love or get in some way sexual with a new partner.

In that respect it contrasts with say a hand job. Women masturbating a male partner rather than “go all the way” is not uncommon early in a relationship. I can’t imagine many women letting a new lover cum on their tits too early in their sexual journey. Or maybe I’m wrong? Maybe you guys have other ideas?

What I believe is that tit wanks should be for two. That is you should both enjoy them. The sensation, the visual effect of a cock sliding between two breast and the ultimate sticky finale should be a huge turn-on for both of you. It’s one thing doing something for you partner because they like it but I am a firm believer that you should both derive pleasure from a sexual act either directly from the act itself or indirectly because your partner likes it. You should never feel obliged to let your partner cum between your tits just because they want to.

If you want some tips on tit wanks speak to Suze, she’s an expert at them 😉

Odd Boobs

Incomprehensible Japanese MangaI don’t know why the artist decided to do this but this is just weird. Something about the placement of the boob …

… those crazy Japanese guys!

Crowds Of Bisexual Women

Cliched ThreesomeIt’s difficult to move these days without falling over bisexual women. You talking about me?  Lol Specifically I’m talking about celebrities. A cynic might say that pop stars and the sort of celebrities who are famous just for being famous have discovered that announcing that they are bisexual increases their public profile. It also means that many men suddenly feel an urge to take notice of them if they hadn’t before as thoughts of threesomes form in their minds.

I’m not saying that every celeb who announces their newly discovered sexuality is being disingenuous, that would be unfair and most probably inaccurate. However you don’t get to be a celeb without recognising a good publicity vehicle or having people around you that recognise one when they see it.

All this makes for great fantasy material for boys and girls alike. It provides the tabloid press with the column inches that makes a lazy journo’s life easy and creates a thousand smutty jokes and innuendos.

It occurs to me however that this bevy of beautiful bisexual birds is only half the story. Acceptance of female bisexuality is now gaining social acceptability. Girls are willing to experiment with it and even if their adventures into same sex relationships are flirtations and fun rather than a reflection of a fundamental aspect of their sexual preference they are more likely to dabble than ever before.

Would we be as accepting of male bisexuality? If a male actor or pop star announced they swung both ways would their career be adversely affected?

With a few exceptions such a revelation has in practice caused at least a pause in a star’s ascendance while their fan base adjusts and changes. Assimilating such information seems far more difficult when a man is involved and has a greater effect on society’s attitude towards them.

In extreme cases careers can be ended or stunted to such a degree that an individual is relegated to the “whatever happened to so-and-so” category.

Sexist, hypocritical, unfair? Yes it’s all of those things but sadly true.

Pleasures Of The Orient

There’s a trend in this country, amongst a certain type of man, of a certain age, to seek out companionship in a certain way. A tiny number of women do it too but from what I have seen they form a tiny minority of the individuals involved in this activity.

I’m talking about Mail Order Brides. I’m not talking here about relationships that span cultures, nationalities or race, they are to be embraced. My best friend at Junior School was half Cambodian, his mother had been displaced while east and west fought ideological wars by proxy in the region in the 1960s.

I’m talking about middle aged to retirement aged men who have a bit of money in the bank and too much brash jewellery about their person. They tend to drive cars that are loud, both in terms of volume and styling. They have probably been married before and now as their hair lightens and thins, and the rest of their body heads south they seek to rejuvenate themselves, at least in their own eyes, and I suppose the eyes of their peers, by marrying a younger woman. The women tend to be from the Asia-Pacific region, though eastern Europe is now becoming a source of potential mates.

Again, this in itself is not a problem. If true feeling exists between two people involved in a relationship then age is pretty much irrelevant. There are certain practical issues whereby the life expectancy of one partner is way outside that of the other but then again who knows when our number is up? Fate could snatch us away at any time and it’s the time we spend together not the time we spend apart in a relationship that should matter.

I mean I’m guessing here at the motivation I suppose, because the whole idea of literally importing a human being from thousands of miles away from a country whose culture is different and language is alien is anathema to me. It smacks of human trafficking or even slave trading. No I’m not saying the women are treated like slaves or abused.

The argument in favour seems to be that the women (and they tend to be quite young women from the ones I’ve encountered) are willing participants in the trade. They send money back to their extended family and therefore gain from the deal. There it is you see, deal. It’s a commercial transaction not a relationship. While I can see that an impoverished family would benefit from the arrangement it’s based around a financial transaction. Do we regard this as an extended dowry? Is the girl a long-term-hire escort? Or is it a form of permanent prostitution.

I suppose after a time, when the females involved have learned English (while there is a range of language skills many have only the rudiments of English) and got to know the men they have committed to they may fall in love. That’s great, but being isolated by a language barrier and forced to rely on their new husband for communication and support means they are bound to stay with that man. Maybe they don’t feel like this but to me it looks like a prison of circumstance created by the arrangement they have chosen to become involved in.

I’d like to think, for the sake of the women involved that they are content, or as content as they have been conditioned to believe they can be. I just can’t see it though, am I too traditional in my attitude towards relationships? Apparently so. While writing this piece I found a US law firm which specialises in advising US citizens on obtaining a visa for their new bride, the senior partner is pictured on the website’s front page with a beautiful Thai woman in a western style wedding dress hanging off his arm.

Sex And Chemistry

Red LingerieI came across this article from four years ago about the changes which take place when a couple settle down into a stable relationship. It would appear that the physiological changes mirror what everyone who has had a long term relationship already knows. The initial flush of excitement and passion becomes deeper and more subtle – the wildness of those first few months fades but is replaced by something stronger, more intense and if you are lucky more enduring.

My own conclusion from this is that when it comes to people with a predisposition to infidelity they must either be addicted to the chemical signature of early relationships or are just complete bastards. OK, OK, I know some relationships don’t work out but there are serial philanderers out there who either seek out partners for a quick thrill and nothing else or can’t find it in themselves to form a long term bond.

Some of this may be chemical/hormonal in origin, so I do have a bit of sympathy for them (though more for their cuckolded partners), but even if this is the case surely they must see the wreckage they leave behind when their partner – who may be unaware of their compulsion to stray – is suddenly dumped. Relationships are complex things and if you body is playing tricks on you that might go part of the way to explaining the complexity. You can never fully rationalise love and passion, thank goodness, I mean where would be the fun in that.

But if your body is genuinely incapable of making the transition from the first flush of passion to a deeply fulfilling long term relationship then not being able to control that must be a real burden.

My First Dominatrix

Jacqueline Pearce’s portrayal of Servalan is still regarded by many people as the sexiest thing to come out of the BBC in the early eighties. Jacqueline’s powerful and driven President of Earth is unremittingly self-serving, ruthless and regards her sexuality as simply another tool in the armoury that put her in charge of the entire planet in the first place.

Little wonder that I remember her saying once in an interview that some of her fan mail was a little sexual in nature. To some she was and possibly still is the ultimate dominatrix in that she wielded power over all the men on the planet and she was totally unattainable, being a character of fiction set in the far future. Even if she had been real and you had been around in the year 3xxx she would have crushed you like a bug. LOL

I thought I’d look her up as I remember the series Blake’s 7 with a huge amount of fondness from my childhood. It was full of great stories, good and bad acting and very wobbly sets courtesy of a budget that would make modern TV programme makers roar with laughter.

You can read Jacqueline’s blog on her site, here.