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Hot Sex For Me Please

AssHe pulled off my t-shirt and pushed me on to the bed.  With legs still hanging over the side he parted me and pushed between me his breath hot against my neck as he leaned in to say “you want it?”.  I love it when he talks this way, it makes the hairs stand up on my arms, the back of my neck…goosebumps appear on clammy flesh.

I’m not in to pain but the domination side awakens the whore in me, makes me randy as fuck.

I pulled myself on to the bed, naked, breathing shallow but rapid, heart beat tachycardic…expectant.  He walked around the bed and slipped in beside me.  Pulling the cover off my naked body he moved downwards and between my legs, parting me with his elbows.

He started to feed upon my pudenda, licking, kissing and sucking on my labia and clitoris.  My pussy engorging, reacting to his ministrations.  I moaned, quite loudly, vocalising my appreciation of his ability to take me to the edge with his tongue.  I gently held his head to my cunt with a firm hand against the nape of his neck.

I caught sight of his cock hardening and swaying in the air between his legs and just had to taste him.  wriggling over to the other side of the bed I tapped his leg so he could raise it, allowing me to lay between his legs.  Grasping his now semi erect cock in my hand I pulled him towards my mouth, guiding him inside the moist cavern.

He moaned as I clamped my mouth firmly over his erect cock and started to run my tongue around his frenulum.  My right hand started to work his foreskin back and forth as I sucked at his turgid member.  I gagged slightly as my enthusiasm to devour him took over and a tear ran from the corner of my right eye.

Alex was now lapping at my pussy like a cat that got the cream and I hadn’t noticed but my hips were bucking as I fucked his tongue.  Fuck this was good.  My juices flooded his mouth as I tasted his pre cum on the tip of my tongue.

He started to finger fuck me, fingers curled working my g-spot…I could feel myself close to squirting and wetting the bedsheet and I think he sensed that and backed off because we hadn’t covered the bed with our “fuck towel”.

I rolled over on to my side waiting for his hard cock to penetrate me.  Alex pushed my legs apart and entered me from behind and started to fuck me slow but deep.  It wasn’t long before I was cuming again and I reached behind me, taking his balls in my hand and gently pulling them.  His vocal appreciation assured me and I formed a ring around the base of his cock as he fucked me, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock moving in and out of me.

Eager to take every pleasure from the moment I placed my middle left finger over my asshole and savoured the relaxed, receptive state I was in.  My sphincter was now open, almost pouting and I wet my finger and pushed inside feeling Alex fucking me both digitally and internally.  A strange feeling but very pleasurable at the same time.

As I pushed my finger deeper inside me I could feel Alex’s cock mere millimetres away from me, working in and out.  This felt good…too good and he was starting to get off on it too I could tell.  😉  “Do you want your butt plug?  He asked and I nodded in the affirmative.

He managed to stay inside me whilst retrieving my butt plug from my draw and some lubricant and then lubed up that plug pushing it gently inside me.  It felt like I was being fucked in both holes and I gasped as the plug slipped in to place.  I was enjoying being fucked and plugged so much that Alex had to keep pushing the plug back in to me.

I could tell from Alex’s vocalisations that he was close to coming and I was enjoying being DP’d.  Moments later his fucking slowed down as he shot his come deep inside me and I came to a breathless conclusion too.

Next time I want him to shoot his load inside my ass.  😉

Three In A Bed

Jana CovaI was reminded reminded just now of something Suze once said to me.

It was about that very friend, the one Suze fancied. We were lying in bed one night, post-coitus and Suze said, out of nowhere “I wouldn’t mind if you slept with xxxxx.”

I was a little amazed. Yes Suze knew I found her friend attractive, very attractive. I’d never made any secret of that and it would have been stupid to do so, she was a very attractive woman. I don’t remember saying I would like to sleep with her but the appreciative comments I had made about her were more than enough to indicate that I would, I suppose. Well I would have slept with her given half a chance.

So when Suze just blurted it out I was not at all prepared and didn’t quite know what to say next. I asked her to repeat what she had just said and she did, going on to explain that she trusted her friend and was so close that it would be like sharing me with her rather than me being unfaithful.

I surmised she would have wanted to watch if not join in too, so I don’t think the offer was entirely selfless and said as much.

On the contrary Suze said that if the eventuality ever did occur she would leave it to me if she, Suze, was there or not. Suze simply said that she trusted us both.

That took a while to sink in. The implications of Suze’s attitude for my relationship with her friend, our relationship as a couple and the dynamic between the three of us.

Of course once the shock had worn off and with Suze warm body curled up next to mine the various scenarios that might ensue filled my head we were soon making love again, fuelled maybe by a few mutually agreeable fantasies. LOL.

Alas, although it would make a great post the ménage a trios never actually happened and as the friend moved to Germany several years ago it probably never will.


Tight Panties

Gisela DulkoAt one time the search term “Anna Kournikova” was the most searched term on Google. Not so any more but most people know who she is. If you search for her now you can find hundreds of images of her and couple of camel toe shots taken during tournaments and via long-lenses away from the court.

Each to their own I suppose, I never did get the camel toe fetish thing.

Kournikova did make tennis sexy in a way that no other player had done before. I remember my father having a thing about Chris Evert when she played at Wimbeldon, but that was far less overt. The blonde Russian’s debut on the world stage of tennis was where tennis players became sex symbols.

Now of course, with the undoubtedly lovely Anan Kournikova no longer in the ascendancy everyone’s looking for new Court Cuties – hey I just made up a new buzz phrase 😛

The latest seems to be Gisela Dulko. If you haven’t seen her before there’s a picture inset.

Very nice, she can come any play with my balls any time.

Wanking Is Good For You

BenedictI wasn’t going to get wrapped up in this year’s Big Brother but I’ve slowly been pulled in to watching it.  As the show is now only televised in small 1 hour long shows it’s not that difficult to keep up with what’s going on without having to spend hours watching it.

There are a few characters which stand out as potential nominations to leave and one character in particular has amused me no end in this evening’s show.


He’s a treasure and makes great viewing.  Last night’s subject was wanking and making it PC to talk about it.  He has openly admitted to having a wank in the shower and then cleaning up after himself.  But for some reason the kids in there seem to have taken exception to his behaviour and the fact that he used it as an example of how reluctant people are to talk about sex and sexuality.

Well he certainly made his point and I for one was quite shocked at the attitude from the girls in there with their giggling and narrow minded opinions on masturbation.

He has made himself a target for nominations this week but I hope that he stays because he made me laugh in tonight’s show, it’s now up to the public to vote.

Maybe Big Brother wasn’t the right place to try and raise awareness but he did have appoint that this country has one of the highest teenage pregnancy and STD rates in Europe.

Keep him in and I’m sure there is more fun to be had.  🙂

The Big Wet Shower Of Cum

Squirting GirlTonight without any formalities or verbal communication we slipped off to the bedroom from the office next door.  We both knew from the mutual look in our eyes that we…wanted it.

We were already semi naked in our night attire and so jumped on to the bed without any need to undress.  Alex was straight there licking and sucking at my clitoris before my back had time to settle in to the soft mattress.

He is so good with his tongue, a master of cunnilingus that he soon has me bucking against his face wanting him deeper inside me.  I ran my fingers through his hair as I pulled his mouth closer to me, mindful not to restrict his breathing as I pushed my pussy in to his face.

Moments later he’s pushing between my legs, taking one over each arm and pushing his hard cock inside my moist hole.  It feels good to have him inside me and I moan my delight as I place my hands on his shoulders.  I can just make out his nipples in the fading light and reach for each one, playfully tweaking.  He moans and fucks me with added vigour.

I’m wet.  Wetter than usual, I can feel the coolness of my fluids as they coat my mons and inner thighs and Alex has noticed too.  He stops and flips me on to my side, pushing between my thighs.  I place one of my legs over his bent knee behind him and the other bent at the side of him.  The constriction of movement and the visual of my breast bouncing under my short shoestring strapped t-shirt made me exceptionally aroused.

I reached in to my t-shirt and lifted my full and heavy breast free of my clothing.  The nipple was standing firm and proud as I pinched it and rolled it between my thumb and index finger.  This didn’t go un-noticed and Alex bent over me mid fuck and took my nipple in his mouth.

He sucked hard for a moment and then gave me a gentle bite as he let go his lips.  Again I moaned, way back in my throat.  That nipple was pulsing in perfect time with my pussy.  I was so wet.

Alex was fucking me deep and hard and I pushed my hand between us to feel his hard cock moving in and out of me.  I was…so wet.

I felt the urge to take something inside my ass but the only thing immediately to hand was my finger.  “Fuck me harder”, I demanded of Alex.  He banged me so hard that his hip bones penetrated my buttocks.  He was hitting the spot and I was being seduced by the over whelming euphoria of orgasm.

Putting my middle left finger in to my mouth I ensured I applied a liberal coating of saliva.  Then I moved my hand down behind me towards my asshole.  My finger slipped down the groove of my buttocks for guidance and over my anus.

I was pouting.  My external sphincter muscles had relaxed slightly, leaving me invitingly open.  My finger slipped in with ease and up to the second knuckle.  It felt good to be pseudo DP’d and I started to wiggle my finger, massaging my asshole.

A few movements of my left digit and I could feel myself being transported in to another world.  I started to finger fuck my hole, massaging my entrance in time with Alex’s strokes.  In fact I could feel him through the thin tissue of my colon.

The contractions started and then I could feel the wetness.  My thighs, pussy and the front of Alex were coated in my ejaculate.  We were soaking, as was the mattress below me.  I had squirted, I don’t know how much fluid came out of me but it was enough to wet us through.

I was now panting and moaning in the hazy afterglow of my climax and Alex was just about to release his seed in to me.  The tell tale nuances were present, then finally his head thrust back he pushed for the final time and juddered as he shot his load in to me.

Wow!  That was so good…

The World Of Porn In 2012

Lesbian Rimming

Porn’s a funny old thing isn’t it? Amongst the oldest forms of artwork, erotica and pornography appear in various forms throughout human history but at each stage of our evolution from Palaeolithic hunter gatherers to the tech savvy hominids that we are today our views about depictions of the human body and the sexual act keep changing.

I’d like to say that we were evolving towards a mature and open acceptance of our collective sexuality, erotica and porn being part of that but things aren’t that simple. As the bible puts it:

“When I was a child I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things.” I Cor. xiii. 11

Bet you didn’t think I’d be quoting the bible in a piece about pornography, did you! Well it’s an appropriate quote because it’s completely wrong when it comes to the development of human societies and to the development of some individuals too. I am of the opinion that as a species we are incapable coming to a consensus that accepts varied sexualities, creeds and beliefs. From time to time enlightened pockets of society have been able to achieve this but at some point a combination of greed, avarice, stupidity, ignorance, small mindedness and plain nastiness lead to those precious flowerings of harmony being overwhelmed.

Pornography suffers the same fate as many polytheistic societies, multi-cultural enclaves and geographic federations that have existed over the millennia. But erotica and porn’s falls from grace seem to be faster and much more spectacular in nature.

The reason for this is two-fold. Free and open sexual expression can be its own worst enemy because while in its initial development a movement of level-headed but sexually exploratory people will for a cohesive group without nihilistic tendencies, sex attracts everyone. And when it comes to human society there are always a minority capable of cocking it up for the rest of us.  So from thoughtful, beautiful, stimulating and arousing erotica and pornography these elements turn erotica and porn into a sordid and valueless enterprise. And in doing so they open the door to the second threat – bigotry, dogma, self-interest and stupidity.

The current state of the porn industry itself is the subject of a great deal of debate. From a huge amount of optimism only ten years ago as the Web really began to push content to every home that wanted it, and some that didn’t, we now stand at a crossroads.

Why? Well, because despite webmasters and film makers being equipped with the most sophisticated distributions channels every conceived – PC, mobile and even straight to the TVs in consumer’s living rooms – they are having increasing trouble selling their movies and images.

And the reason for that is cost.

It costs a lot of money to produce legal porn. The performers have to be properly tested, the technical staff paid, expenses paid to the whole crew, locations and studio space paid for and if you are releasing on DVD the duplication costs paid. Then if you are to legally distribute DVDs in countries like the UK you have to pay fees to gain a certification for your output. At one time the public were happy to pay but the rise of online “Tube” sites and torrent sites that facilitate the mass piracy of pornographic material it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell even the best content.

If that weren’t bad enough many consumers seem to prefer the amateur, gonzo style tsunami of grainy, shakey-camera clips pumped out for free on sites like and

Now, when I was a teenager that would have been bloody marvellous (if computers of that era had been capable of displaying video back then LOL), I was young, horny and wanted something to masturbate to that would provide release in a few minutes. I remember fast-forwarding through grainy VHS cassettes past the seemingly unnecessary bits of what passed for plot so I could get to the fucking.

As I got older I started to appreciate the build-up and the tease, despite the ropey acting and paper-thin plots they can add to the eventual climax and give a much more satisfying experience.

With Suze and our mutual appreciation for smut we discovered DVDs and over the last decade have taken advantage of the now legal R18 hardcore smut available in the UK. The more porn we see and the more diverse our sexual tastes have become. We don’t like everything we see in porn, but it has made us ask questions of ourselves and each other. It’s prompted us to experiment, as well as providing a few laughs along the way.

But I’m worried. Worried because if people will put up with low standard pornography and erotica that’s all we will get. Instead of evolving in a more sophisticated (but no less visceral and filthy) form of sexual expression pornography may degenerate into a badly-lit, unregulated and dangerous generator of boring and increasingly abusive images and videos.

When made outside a sensibly regulated and policed adult film industry pornography will retreat into the shadows putting performers at risk of exploitation and disease. No sensible person wants that and yet some anti-porn lobbyists would be more than happy to see this happen because in their twisted minds it would vindicate their views that sex is inherently evil, especially when it’s for the purpose of pleasure!

Sexy Bods

I regard myself as being a fan, no, connoisseur of the female form. Or if you prefer I know what I like and what turns me on. I’m not limited to a specific part of the female body to get my juices flowing.

However like most men I do find the shape of certain aspects of the female anatomy draw my eye more than others. One of the things I do like is a shapely arse. Not too small, not too large, just beautifully curved and begging to be touched, grasped and possibly spanked. Female curves are so seductive and I do like a woman with that feminine softness that you simply don’t find on a size zero girl.

A good ass is great when a woman is wearing a pair of jeans, a skirt or a swimsuit. The hidden can be more seductive than exposed flesh.

That’s why when I see porn I can be so disappointed. It’s not only that the girls tend to be on the small side, it’s because of what their fellow performers tend to do to a woman’s ass. I’m not talking about anal sex here but the grabbing, wobbling, kneading and stretching the cheeks apart that transforms what I see as a highly erotic part of the body into, well, I don’t know what.

Touching and caressing a woman’s soft-skinned buttocks is sensual and arousing, grabbing them cruelly, digging in your fingers and pulling at the fleshy mounds as hard as you can to expose her asshole doesn’t do it for me. Maybe after a while as foreplay progresses and the passion takes over you might feel that’s appropriate but some porn films (like the one we’ve just endured) sacrifices the sensuous for pointlessly rough sex and having the girls yanked around by their co-stars.

My objection is all about the progression from initial encounter through foreplay and one to intimate touching and sex. I don’t have to believe that the performers are really that into each other, it is porn after all, but there has to be some believable sequence of events that lead, one after the other, to a climax.

For example I don’t have a problem with BDSM and a little spanking or use of a riding crop. I enjoy using a crop on Suze when we have the time for some relaxed play. I like to see the impression my hand makes on her buttock when I’ve slapped her. These little pleasures add to our sex and in context, when we’re both receptive make sex so much more horny. So you see I’m not anti-rough sex and spanking/whipping/flogging.

Good porn can depict this sort of erotically charge ascent to sex and beyond making you want to watch, or even try it out yourself. Sadly directors get it wrong too often treating the girls as sex toys and the guys as cocks with mindless bodies; The body’s only purpose being to drive the cock in and out of the woman as fats and as hard a possible.

That’s not the sex I want to watch.