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Hot Bedroom Action

Kristina CrystalisThe next day when we arrived for the shoot the girls were still in makeup downstairs so we made our way down the quaint spiral staircase to see what was going on.

When we got there the girls had been made up by the professional makeup artist and dressed in their chosen lingerie all except for Hannah Shaw who asked for my opinion on her attire for the shoot.

Jointly we selected a sexy purple bra and pants set with heels to match.  She looked hot to trot as she made her way up to the first floor bedroom.

We climbed the regal looking oak staircase to be greeted by Gazzman and his assistant inside the large double bedroom.

The girls were already poised on the bed ready for action dressed in very arousing lingerie.  Chloe Kane and Jess West were joined by Hannah Shaw and it was lights, camera, action as we all surrounded the bed for some close up shots.

With three girls all dressed in very naughty lingerie it was hard to decide who to focus on first.  😉

Minutes later it was “Action” and the girls started to play with each other.  Lots of tonguing, finger fucking, toy action, moaning and groaning unfolded before us on the large four poster bed which squeaked with the girl on girl action taking place on it.

If I had a cock I’m sure it would have been standing to attention but being a girl I have to confess that the gusset in my pants must have been quite moist as I watched these girls getting down and dirty right before my eyes.

This is unlike any other porn experience I have had, magazines and DVD’s don’t come close to being so close you can almost touch it and smell it!  Although you aren’t part of the scene you feel as if you are only slightly removed from it.

I managed to get some shots of the girls between filming and they were a complete tangle of legs, tits and ass nothing like witnessing it first hand.

Unlike boy/girl scenes it’s difficult to see the “come shots” with girls but you could sense the satisfaction in the room.  😉

There was just one problem…I wasn’t in the scene.  lol

The Great Porn Outdoors

Cheeky CameraI could smell something tasty wafting around and followed my nose to the kitchen via the informal dining area to be greeted by the shoot’s chef and the visitors.

Having been on the road for more than 4 hours and it being mid afternoon we decided to eat before continuing with the naughtiness.  We both enjoyed a curry with rice in the company of Danny D and Frankie.  This is what you can expect when you take up one of their Porn Vacations, not only do you get to see porn happen but you also get to watch the stars being made up, eat with them, take stills of them and finally shoot porn with them.  😉

Today they were doing outdoor filming for the opening hen night scene featuring Sophia Knight, Jess West, Samantha Bentley and Shay Hendrix and we convened in the grounds of the castle to shoot the meeting and greeting scene.

Action!  Was called as we strode up the driveway and the three girls made their way to the doors of the castle to be greeted by Sophia.  All of us were slightly distracted by the midges that were now hungry with voracious appetites as they penetrated our flesh.

I got some good shots of the girls walking up the driveway which you will see later in the galleries.  Once that scene was in the bag we all moved back in to the house for some dirty stills.

The girls congregated in the living room for some great lesbian action and it wasn’t long before Sophia’s jodhpur’s were strewn to the floor as the girls got down to some licking and flicking fun for the cameras.

Both Alex and I got some great shots as did the guests when these girls got really naughty only feet from our faces.  You can take as many pics for your own use as you like on these trips as long as you don’t get in the way of the professional tog on the shoot.

Soon after the stills were shot the filming began and everyone had to remain quiet whilst the shooting was taking place.  No flash photography or shutters or zooming noises are permitted during filming.  I was lucky because my compact camera is almost silent in use which allows me to take shots during the action.

It was so horny watching the girls lazing it up so close to me and being bisexual made it even more horny for me.  😉  Yes, it’s a shoot but these girls really do appear to enjoy their work and it becomes quite apparent when watching them.

I’m sure the guys were just as turned on as I was watching Shay dominating Sophia with the assistance of Sam Bentley.  Purrfect!

Arriving At The Castle Of Porn

Frankie And Ian TateThere was a slight drizzle in the air as we drove up the long driveway to the castle.  It was an impressive Victorian building with turrets and all the character you would expect from a Scottish castle.

We parked the car and went up to the main door.  A handwritten sign was placed in the corner of the glass indicating that the residence was private and there was no unauthorised access.

This must be the right place I thought as my hand turned the door handle pushing it open in to a wooden panelled hallway with a spiral staircase to the side.  As I ascended the stairs, slowly winding up on to the next floor I could hear the distant sounds of people chatting.

None of the voices were recognisable as we passed the first open doorway which appeared to be an informal dining room.  Then a small corridor which lead under a splendid wooden staircase.

I was just admiring the architecture when a familiar face appeared to the right of the stairs.  It was Danny D looking resplendent in a white shirt, bow tie and full Scottish kilt complete with sporran.

Having met him once before on a shoot a few months ago he recognised me and also remembered that I had asked him to show me his renowned party trick…The Helicopter.  No sooner had I said hello than he lifted up his kilt to reveal an amazingly large semi flaccid cock which almost touched his knees.  Lol

The came the performance I had been waiting for as he started to spin his cock round in his hands.  My eyes opened in amazement as he seemed to get bigger and bigger with each rotation.  If I hadn’t been so stunned I would have captured the moment on video for you but you will have to wait, I’m sure I will get to witness this amazing performance again.  😉

Formalities over we made our way down the hallway…

At the far end of the corridor I could see a flash gun going off and I made my way in to the room to see Frankie dress or should I say semi naked with George Uhl and Ian Tate either side of her dressed in kilts.

This set of stills appeared to be hardcore as both George and Ian stood to either side of a spreadeagled Frankie, wanking away merily between shots.  Lol  I had met George on a previous shoot but it was the first time I had met Ian and I wasn’t about to shake his hand at this point.

Being the pro that I am I quickly hunted for my camera in my handbag and stared snapping away as the guys did their thing and Frankie looked as if she enjoyed it.  The start of things to cum…

Off To The Wilds Of Scotland For A Gazzman Porn Shoot

Sam Bentley, Sophia Knight and Shay HendrixOur original plan was to hit the road for the epic journey to Scotland bright and early on Wednesday morning but we changed our plans at the last minute.  On Monday evening we decided to cut the journey in two and stay over in a guest house half way.

So as soon as we had finished dinner on Tuesday evening and after a full day of work, Alex and I set off.  The weather was appalling and driving conditions for the majority of the journey were not good with driving rain and spray on the road.

After a 4 hour journey we reached our destination and were greeted at the guest house doorway by a very pleasant man who carried our case up to the room.  It was bijoux but very friendly and we both slept like a log in the middle of nowhere overlooking a field of cows.

We were up bright and early Wednesday morning and after a hearty full English were on our way to the shoot.  Another 4 hours later we arrived at the hotel we had booked in to.  It was a quaint old house with just 7 bedrooms in the middle of the glorious Scottish countryside.

Whilst having a pee I spotted that the room didn’t have a shower but a bath with a shower attachment on the tap.  Not good.  And once I had pulled the flush and entered the bedroom something else was missing.

There was no television.  I couldn’t believe that in this day and age a hotel wouldn’t have a television in the room.  The proprietors had even printed out a card explaining their reasons for not having a TV, it would put the cost of the rooms up.

It may just be me but I would be quite willing to pay a nominal fee for the luxury of a television in the room.  But apart from that one small issue that Alex and I found a solution to (we fucked ourselves silly each night) the hotel was ok.  Oh and we were the youngest couple staying there.  lol

After unpacking our case and a quick cuppa we made our way to the shoot at the Victorian mock-Gothic castle which looked stunning in the pics I had seen.


Blow Jobs All Round

Ready For A Blow JobThere are some things that each of us never tires of. It varies from person to person but there are some common threads, especially for men. We are such simple creatures. LOL

One of them is blowjobs, show me a man who’s tired of blowjobs and I’ll show you someone who’s tired of life. Well actually I’m tired of blowjobs. Not that I don’t like blowjobs and I have a very skilled and enthusiastic partner when it comes to fellatio.

What I don’t like is just having blowjobs. The sensation is great and cumming as a result of one is one of the many and varied experiences that form part of that rich tapestry that we call sex. Just not all the time thank you.

Variety is the spice of life and sex. Constant BJs do get tiresome, especially if there’s nothing else on offer. Even a hand job or tit wank will break things up a bit if full-on sex isn’t an option. Girls, just because they show incredibly long BJs in porn movies doesn’t mean that’s what all guys want all the time.

And the driving fast and blowing shit up? Well I can’t advocate driving fast on public roads. It’s illegal, dangerous and very wrong – in a computer game it’s different. Same for blowing shit up. I find nothing more relaxing than turning on the Playstation, picking from an array of ludicrously powerful weapons and blowing up stuff.

Like I said, we men have simple tastes.

Mirror Fetish

PussyI’ve seen hundreds of images of girls taken via a mirror on adult sites. Sometimes they are amateur, mainly they are pretending to be amateur … occasionally they have something in the background the shouldn’t have, LOL

This one however gets my vote for being different and inventive. Don’t you think?

Run Down That Corridor In A Bikini Again Please

Nicola BryantKaren Gillan was a big hit with Doctor Who fans in the first two series. The sci-fi drama is down 1.2 million viewers from last series, but I venture it would have seen even worse viewing figures were it not for the new redhead in very short skirts.

In the past there have been some very cute assistants too, one who does spring to mind is right here.

Nicola Bryant played Perpugilliam Brown, or Perri and was notable for a couple of things (see image below). OK there was more to her than that. She fought not only the Doctor’s enemies but the constantly diminishing budgets at the end of Colin Baker’s tenure as The Doctor.

Her (literally) bouncy nature seemed to make up for so much that was lacking in the later story lines, like say money and commitment form the BBC. Until, after her demise the whole series descended into farce with the advent of Bonnie Langford and Sylvester McCoy.

There are times when you need a bouncy young assistant running towards camera to distract viewers from the cardboard sets and Nicola filled that role perfectly.

Nicola Bryant

Keep Quiet After Sex Even If You Scream During It

Mata HariI read this story about a man who has allegedly confessed to a murder in a bout of post-coital chumminess. Whether it’s true or not it did get me thinking. When in that state of bliss following a sexual encounter our defences and inhibitions are down.

It makes us quite vulnerable to letting things slip. Obviously why Mata Hari was so effective …

It can make for some quite interesting conversations with your lover that you would otherwise not have because they would seem so intimate and revealing outside that context.

So boys and girls, any of you like to spill the beans on something you’ve let slip after sex?

Porn Next Door

BikeA report I read in a daily newspaper just made me realise how fortunate I am to have a partner who is also a partner in my adult life and activities.

For me leaving sex toys around and testing them at impromptu moments isn’t a problem, likewise if he wishes to take a new toy to the bedroom for testing I will often accompany him and we can enjoy the experience together.

We both review porn DVD’s and quite frequently watch them together without embarrassment or anguish.  Truth of the matter is we are both so comfortable and secure with each other that the adult world can be explored and enjoyed together.

Some aren’t as lucky as to be able to share their naughty side and have to resort to doing it in secret which is a shame because I do believe that these experiences are wonderful to share.  But I can also see the excitement of having a secret “other” side which your partner doesn’t know about.

The problem with that for me is that I don’t like to live a double life, I know I do already in a way because my friends and family know nothing about my “day job”.  For me there would be an element of guilt at my lack of honesty, although I do understand that some partners are so anti porn and toys that the only way to be true to yourself is to be secretive.

Not wanting to stereotype anyone but I’m assuming that the women are usually anti porn whilst the men are unhappy about their partner wanting to use toys.  What do you think?

You can read the full story of the survey on men’s surfing habits here it makes for interesting reading.

Gainfully Employed In The Sex Industry



It’s often difficult to predict how your life will develop and through the course of my time on the planet I’ve often been buffeted by wind that at the time were unwelcome but have put me on a new course that I’ve later realised was far better than that which I’d set myself.

I don’t like feeling I’m not master of my own destiny so when something happens and forces me away from what I wanted to do I of course resent it. Getting into the adult industry wasn’t like that. It began when we started this blog and slowly evolved over the past six or seven years, eventually becoming a full time job for Suze (over on Sex Toys Buzz) and involving us in the sex toy and porn industry across the US and Europe.

People often ask how they can get into doing what we do. Well it’s actually very simple.

Work bloody hard!

Funny because that applies to most things in life but in a world where Google has all the answers, YouTube has all the music and Amamzaon has all the consumer goods you needs fulfilment is only a few clicks away – a fact that makes many people forget how much effort goes in to making this “free” thing called the web happen.

It’s nice therefore when you get a little recognition. It can be a thank you in a comment, a nice email or as we had recently our second ETO Award. That gives us real satisfaction and makes us really grateful that someone noticed.

What keeps us smiling however is the pile of filthy DVDs, sex toys and adult magazines that now make it virtually impossible to guarantee that a surprise visitor to the house will not come across something, erm interesting. It serves to underline how far we’ve come partly through necessity and partly through our perseverance at pushing open doors and making people take notice of what we can do.