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London Porn Shoot

Jess WestYes, I’m off on another porn shoot.  Lol  This one is on the outskirts of London in a large mansion complete with outdoor swimming pool although I don’t think there will be any pool action unless it is heated.  Normally at this time of year you would expect to be able to utilise an outside pool.  😉

I’ve been trying to get a schedule of the shoot but haven’t managed to get one so I am winging it, I have no idea who will be there.  But I do suspect that my old mate Danny D will be there and possibly George Uhl who has won me over in recent months.

I had totally the wrong idea about George from the productions he has been featured in, mainly a pervy headmaster in the Young Harlots series of DVDs.  But in real life he is the most unassuming and quiet of porn personalities.  Love him to bits.  Lol

We will be on set from Tuesday through to Thursday and I will be giving regular updates and posting pics on my Twitter account @sextoysbuzz so make sure you follow me for all the latest naughtiness.  😉

Right, back to packing…clothes…check…sex toys…

The Blow Job

Hannah Shaw Sucking CockWhat other naughtiness was on the final day’s menu?

We checked our shoot schedule and the last scene was to be a blow job featuring Hannah Shaw and Ian Tate.  I was quite excited at the prospect of being a spectator and taking lots of pics for you all to see.

I made my way downs to makeup and found Hannah selecting an outfit from the many packaged items of lingerie.  She picked up a purple bra and panties set and asked my opinion, purple being my favourite colour I nodded.

She slipped them on, turning round for me to fasten her bra.  Makeup passed her earings and a bangle along with a pair of shoes and she was ready.

We made our way upstairs to the room the action was going to take place in.

Once inside the doorway I spotted Ian Tate.  I chatted with him briefly before we were ushered into the bay window for some naughty stills with the tog.  Ian was very pleasant to talk to but I he can be a very quiet and calm. Thank goodness not everyone is as energetic and constantly full of beans as Danny D!

Formalities done with we were straight in to the hardcore shots, I got some really filthy ones which will be posted up in a Gallery for you soon.

Pictures, over it was lights, camera, action and silence fell upon the room as Hannah opened Ian’s  flies and whipped out his hard cock, taking his length in to her mouth.  She went down on him hard and rose from his cock gasping for air and dribbling copiously.

Then she returned her assault on his erect cock, Ian leant back against the wall to steady himself as she sucked, licked and skull fucked him.  All of this naughty action taking place only feet away from me and the other visitors to the shoot.

Hannah very enthusiastically worked Ian’s cock with her hands mouth and tongue moaning as he fucked her mouth.  By now I was keeling on the floor to the side of them taking the opportunity to capture the action on my camera when ever I got the opportunity.

It was interesting to see just how long Ian could stand this gorgeous brunette working her oral magic on his throbbing erection before he exploded.  He seemed to last for ages and ages, far more than any partner I’ve had, which shows just how pro these guys are.

Saliva now coated Ian’s cock, balls and the floor as Hannah continued to deep throat him.  Then in crept a little naughty twist as she nibbled at his cock when coming up from licking his perineum, returning to taking his full erection in her mouth.

Ian looked close so many times but managed to hold himself back, eventually releasing his cock from her mouth and wanking steadily inches from Hannah’s face.  This was it, the money shot was about to happen and I just had to catch the aftermath on my camera.

Another swift movement of his hand and ribbons of come flew through the air coating Hannah’s face with opaque streamers of come.  It was on her face, in her hair on the floor and all over her pert little titties.

And I captured the moment just for you in the picture above.  Fuck!  That made me so horny.  😉


In Print Again

Girl In WIndowJust wrote a little piece for Men’s Fitness for a rather mad little Squirrel Nutkin of a sub-editor over there. An no I’ve not gone mad, if you knew her you’d know exactly what I’m talking about, that describes her to a T.

Anyway, I’ll let you peeps know when it’s published in the magazine and on their website.


Come On Lexi Lou

Hannah ShawAs we approached the castle for the final day’s shooting George Uhl and Danny D were doing an outside piece to camera.

And that’s when I first saw her…

Up in the window of the castle appeared an Amazonian blonde dressed in what appeared to be full school uniform.  As I watched the filming of the guys I found my self elsewhere, wanting to get upstairs to see just who had appeared briefly in the bay window.

When the shoot wrapped I took the opportunity to hurriedly make my way back to the castle and up the spiral stair to the dining room where I spotted the leggy blonde.

Cathing my breath in the doorway (I didn’t realise I had cleared the stairs so fast) my attention was peaked by a gorgeous Amazonian schoolgirl.  Oh and Mr Uhl (almost missed him in the corner) lol.

I introduced myself to her and she replied that she was Lexi Lou.  It transpired that this was her first porn shoot and she didn’t at all look it.  Moments later she was called by the tog to be photographed on the Victorian oak staircase and we waited in eager anticipation.

When Lexi appeared back in the room for more shots we got our cameras out and started snapping away.  It was difficult to get a bad shot of this girl.  Me likey a lot.  😉

Once the pics were out of the way it was time for the action.  An armchair was pulled in to the bay window, making use of the good light offered by the afternoon sun.  As is quite normal for a Young Harlots shoot, she was going to be tutored in the art of fine love making by Mr Uhl.

We watched the action unfurl as Lexi draped her legs over the chair, pussy revealed for all to see.  I jostled for position with the rest of the visitors to get some good angles and the odd shot between shooting.

George started to warm Lexi up with some great oral, licking sucking and finally fingering her tight pussy.  He hooked his fingers round massaging her g-spot and you could see from her facial expressions that she was genuinely enjoying George’s mastery of finger fucking.

So much so that only minutes later she squirted all over his hand, her pussy and the floor under the chair.  I looked over at Alex with a smile.  It’s the first time I have actually seen someone squirt apart from myself.  I was now feeling so horny but the show had to go on, there was no escaping for a quick fiddle.

Lexi now moist and glistening from George’s attention it was time for him to mount his pupil and he pushed deep inside and did the biz, ball deep.  At some points I was fearful of him slipping in the wet patch on the wooden floor boards.

There was no time to break off and wipe up the fluid from the floor as he bashed away at Lexi like the pro he is.  The shooting continued for around 20 minutes, with George really giving her pussy a good hammering before the break for stills.

Yes the action comes to a halt to get some hardcore shots.  We took a few and then went off in search of other naughtiness.

And we found it…

Lezzing It Up On The Four Poster

Lezzing It Up On The Four PosterWe hurriedly grabbed a plate of spag bol from the kitchen and sat to eat in the company of Danny D, Shay Hendrix and the other guys on their Porn Film Vacation.  It’s nice to sit down and chat informally with the other guests and stars of the show and that’s what you can do when on one of these shoots.

As soon as we were finished and the plates rinsed and tidied Alex and I went in search of the next shoot location.  It turned out to be in one of the bedrooms upstairs and the room was being prepared as we arrived.

It’s great to see what goes on behind the scenes with lighting and sound checks, I was asked to briefly lay on the bed to get focus.  If I had know that I was soon to be joined by a trio of lovlies I would have stayed there.  Lol

Alex and I got the chance to quickly speak to Gazzman before the shoot, he’s a busy guy and you have to take the opportunity whilst you can.  The girls were still in makeup as we waited and when they appeared it was worth the wait as you  can  see from the shot above.

Shay Hendrix, Chloe Kane and Jess West made their appearances and positioned themselves on the bed.  They were given a brief direction by Gazzman and then it was lights, camera, action.

What unfurled before us was a girl on girl on girl scene with no holds barred and we were only feet away.  We watched wide eyed as the girls got to work on each other with mouths, tongues and fingers.

At times they appeared to be a mass of legs and arms as they pleasured each other.  I managed to fit in a few camera shots between the shooting.  As long as you are mindful of the filming process you can grab the odd snap.

Once the warm up was over the toys came out and OMG!  How I would have loved to be part of the action.

Jess had a rather nice bra and pants set which had zip up cups to reveal her pert boobs.  I believe it’s by Agent Provocateur if you want one.  The reason I mentioned this is because I got to zip her back in after the shoot.  Not something you get to do every day.

The filming went through without any hitches and it was interesting standing watching the action live whilst knowing that in a few weeks I will be able to watch the production and review it for a second time when my copy is sent to me by Harmony Films.

I love my job…  😉