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Creaming Over Your Pubes

Sam Shay SophiaI just finished reading an article in the Daily Mail which both tickled me and brought back memories.

Alex and I like to keep our bush nicely trimmed and when we first started I used Imac cream on myself and we decided that it would be good to totally remove Alex’s pubes with it too.

All I can say is never again, once was enough.  He reacted to the cream when it had barely been on a few minutes but persisted with it all in the name of vanity and being experimental.  Lol

And when I eventually scraped off the cream after the given time he had come up in a horrible irritated red rash.  From that day on I have always shaved him to a smooth baby soft finish.

The reason for my amusement was that the post in the paper related to guys using the new Veet For Men Gel Cream for clearing the hair from their nether regions.  Despite the cream being advised for use on the arms, chest, back, legs and underarms guys are using it on their genitals with some dramatic effects.

You can read all about it here.

Thinking About Swinging?

Shay Hendrix And Sophia KinightI just finished reading a story about a couple of swingers in Germany.  Their daughter had watched a program on television about swingers and spotted her parents in rather compromising positions.
At first I thought how irresponsible they had been in allowing themselves to be filmed carrying out sexual acts without though for who would see them.  But as I read on my opinion on the situation changed.

They brought their case to court and were found to be consenting to the filming therefore were awarded a megre £160 in compensation which to me seemed unfair particularly as they had consented to being filmed as the production company agreed to pixelate their features out.

The company proclaimed that they forgot to pixelate them out and for some strange reason weren’t found to be at fault, which I find strange.  It’s quite obvious that they broke a confidence with the participants in their documentary and as such should be made to pay damages.

But it does serve as a warning that you should be careful to keep your sexual activities private especially where there are minors involved.  There are some things which shouldn’t be shared.

You can read the full story here.

Working Out With Sam

Cute Gym BlondeOn my last visit to gym I asked to speak to a personal trainer about how I do my sit-ups.  I had started to get lower back ache lately, something I had improved with my regular trips to gym.  The reason I questioned how I was doing them was due to watching a guy on Dragons’ Den the previous week who said that not having support under your lower back whilst doing sit-ups could cause back problems.

Could he be right?

After all I was taught how to do sit-ups back in the early 90’s and techniques could have changed.  Anyway to cut a long story short the girl on the desk went in to the back office and materialised with a rather nice blonde PT.

She followed me to the floor exercise area to watch my technique.  😉  After I had shown her how I do them she advised me on a more back friendly approach and said she would see me on my next visit to go through some exercises.

So tomorrow I’ll be meeting up with her and going through my paces.  That is if I can concentrate, she is gorgeous…but a little young for me…or is she?  😉

Sex, Sex Toys And Filthy Porn

Sexy Ass PeekIn case you are new to the site I thought I might introduce you to some of the other websites that we run. Two in particular to be exact. I mean there are others but I’ll perhaps point you at them in a later post.

The first is Adult Blog Hub where you can find some of the filthiest sex bloggers on the planet talking about what they get up to and indulge yourself with some of their very explicit writings. As well as what you’ll find on the front page you can take a look around the Sex-Press section of the site which fetches up-to-the-minute posts from sex blogs and presents them to you in an easy to read list. Filth has never been so easy to find.

One of our most popular sites is Sex Toys Buzz – a website dedicated to sex toy reviews. Apart from the hundreds of sex toys we’ve tested you can also read our information pages about sex toys, sexual health and how to choose a sex toy for you and your partner. Our latest page is about sex toys for your wedding night, just click here to view it. also has a DVD review section where you can read our reviews of the porn which the nice people at the world’s leading porn studios send to us. The section’s called Erotic-Buzz and you can find it here.

Like I said we have a number of other sites and I’ll point you at them in a later post but for now I’m sure that’s enough to keep you occupied. 😉

When Did “Perfect” Become Desirable?

ValentinaHere’s a thing that’s been bugging me.

There are a number of products on the market for women that are starting to grind my gears. They even have an acronym. BB – blemish balm.

The BBs are the manifestation of much that is wrong with the perception of beauty in media and society because they make desirable something that is not natural – a “perfect” and totally flat complexion.

Creating the impression that it’s normal to have a certain size of breast, hips, lips or waist is bad enough because it suggests and encourages the notion that body shape is universal across the 3 billion females on the planet. How many women’s have the same chiselled nose that owes most of its unusual shape to a cosmetic surgeon’s chisel rather than genetics? But at least that sort of corrosive and erroneous stereotyping allows a little wiggle room for each individual.

I think the thing that gets to me about blemish balms and similar products is that they have enabled an apparently increasing number of women to create a look like the airbrushed monstrousness created for the covers of beauty magazines and the posters on cosmetic counters.

It makes me so sad to see young women, pretty young women with skin that is flat, monochrome and so featureless they may as well be wearing Kabuki makeup – the effect is that unnatural. The colour of their skin is that of the preparations which they choose to layer on it; The subtle, natural variations in skin texture and colour submerged beneath a layer of these hideous preparations in the same way that their beautiful and singular individuality is subsumed into the mass acceptance of an unreal and fundamentally unattainable goal of “flawless” skin.

It’s difficult perhaps for anyone reading this and knowing how much time I spend in the company of people from the adult industry to accept I think like this but I do.

The end product of any entertainment business, and by entertainment I mean everything from TV and magazines to porn sites and movies, is a product. We create a look and feel that is appealing and very often an escape from reality.  I’ve see everything in the industry from the bleary eyed performers dragging themselves into makeup in the morning to the finished DVD as it hits my mat and I can tell you that a lot of tweaking goes on.

However for all its flaws the adult industry does produce variety, in this country at least. While off-shore producers may churn out the same scene week after week, simply adding newer and younger female performers to titillate an audience hungry for something different, the UK industry tries to exercise a little creativity.

And having seen it very close up and very personal I have to say that porn stars have stretch marks, and cellulite, and imperfect skin, and the occasional day when they look like shit. Now while I accept that you don’t want to see that on-screen it’s the truth. It’s the truth because they are just like the rest of us, imperfect, flawed and what’s the word … that’s it – human!

Human beings are infinitely diverse and beautiful because of it. The sooner we all accept that and realise that our variety (and blemishes) is what makes us so exquisite the better we will all feel.


Big Heavy Cock

Ian Frankie GeorgeDoes every guy have this feeling? I’d be glad if you’d enlighten me.

I was taking a pee earlier today and I became acutely aware of the weight of my cock. It wasn’t that I was hard but for some reason, perhaps because I’d just finished work and was therefore feeling more relaxed than I had done for the previous five days, it seemed very turgid and full of blood. The warmth and weight of it in my hand and then against my thigh was both comforting and very sensuous at the same time.

It’s a strange feeling because it’s not something that that I’d usually discuss with other guys – except on this blog. And it’s almost impossible to describe to a woman who, after all is not equipped with the same appendage. I mean, it would be like trying to discuss how it feels to have a clitoris with a guy.

It’s one of the many aspects of having a penis that makes you a man and it’s not just the physical reality of having it hang between your legs. Some men cannot leave their cocks alone and are often seen cradling it in their hands. I’m not one of those men but when I do notice that the little fella’s happy it is very, well as I said before, comforting.

At the time Suze wasn’t around otherwise I would have let her feel the weight, she wouldn’t have taken much persuading.

So, what do you think? Is it just me or does every guy get a nice heavy comfort cock from time to time?

Samantha Bentley Exposed

Sam Bentley

Sam Bentley

Whilst at the London porn shoot with Harmony Films’ Gazzman I took hundreds of photographs of the girls.  I know my job is the best.  Lol

One of those ladies was Samantha Bentley who takes a really good picture, especially when she is semi naked.  😉

I’ve now put together a new gallery of Sam’s shots for you to ogle and you can find her here.  I hope you enjoy looking at my pics as much as I enjoyed taking them.