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eroFame Day Two

Sexy PiratesAfter a very hot night in the hotel and the only option being opening the window on to the dual carriageway traffic, I felt trapped between a rock and a hard place.  The next day I complained to reception and was successfully moved to a cooler and quieter area of the hotel.

My room was on the back of the building and was also a twin room with double sinks albeit dated.  I was happy to be at the rear of the hotel, quiet and cooler.

Consequently I awoke on the second day feeling refreshed and ready to hit the deck running.  So following a hearty Anglicised version of full English I was fuelled and ready to go.

We queued outside in good time for the complementary mini bus to pick us up under the hotels canopy as it was teaming it down with rain as it had been through the night.  We waited and waited in the throng of people who were obviously going to the show too and watched as one by one they disappeared in to taxi cabs.

As it was approaching opening time for the show we flagged down a cab and made our way over and as it happened it was a relatively inexpensive ride so it didn’t break the bank.  We had to fit in as much as we could on this the final day as the event closed at 4pm.

We started the morning by visiting our old friends Planet Earth Logistics for a catch up and to check out any new products.  I spotted a very nice designer stainless steel toy which I hope to be testing in the near future and a few other products you will find out about later.

Next was the Pjur stand and how impressive was that!  All colour coded including the products, stand and furniture, a very nice and professional looking stand.  Alex and I had a good chat with a couple of the guys and came away with some very practical samples which we will be reviewing in the coming weeks.  😉

And we finally topped the day of with what turned out to be a very interesting, amusing and naughty visit to the Sex & Mischief stand.  For the uninitiated they produce a quality range of BDSM products, ranging from crops to ticklers and everything in between.

The guys and girls on the stand were very professional and amusing to say the least and Alex came away with some great video including one scene of a brunette woman and a blonde getting it on using a doggy style support!

Yes, we have seen some things in our time but never a girl on girl demo.  Thanks guys you were really quite amazing and the most engaging and entertaining personalities on the stands.  J

We were so taken with the demo on their stand that we almost forgot to rush to the California Exotics stand for 4pm break up so we could collect a cock ring from their Ego collection.

It was a whirlwind of a day which passed far too quickly but ensured we return next year.  EroFame you have me hooked.  😉

Blogging For Sex’s Sake

On Back Black LatexWhen we set up this blog in 2005 we blogged for the sake of sex, well about sex, with the aim of expanding our sexuality and our awareness of sexual experiences those that we might want to experience. It’s been a long journey with many unexpected twists and turns along the way. It’s also been hard work, not something we are afraid of and definitely the reason we still enjoy blogging. Without the hard work and the creation of content in the form of text, images, audio and video there would be no satisfaction.

You see we believe that while sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are fun and have their place there is no substitute for genuine content producers. A lot of sites simply allow you to aggregate stuff you find from across the web into another place and stick your name at the top of it. It’s like watching a YouTube video created by a musical artists and that some user has uploaded, attached an intro title and closing title to then labelled as “Look what I made”. And yes I have actually seen that on the opening screen of a rock music video.

Pinterest and Tumblr are scrap books and while the latter can be used as a blogging platform too often it’s simply a way of presenting other’s work in your own scrapbook, often without attribution and saying “Look what I did!”.

This post wasn’t meant to be a post that criticised the online activities of others so I’ll stop there. What I will say is that we’ve been so very busy creating, promoting and expanding our other sites that it’s about time we started regularly blogging again on this site. And that’s what we intend to do, blog.

Remember blogging. It was that thing that came after diaries and before Facebook. The thing that personally got me reading again after years of simply trawling through technical manuals and watching TV. It gave me the platform and the inspiration to start writing in a way that I never had done before and it opened the door to the world of the adult industry to me and Suze.

Blogging has done so much for us that I think it’s time to give something back and on this blog return to true blogging again, documenting what we get up to day to day. Don’t worry we will not be telling you what we had for lunch but we will be giving you more of an insight into what we get up to when creating content for our other sites like SexToysBuzz, Himdulgence and A-Rouse.

Of course all of this will include a little naughtiness about ourselves too.

All this has been made possible because we’ve been working towards building the commercial side of our online activities to the point where it will support us both. I’ve now left my job and can devote much more time to our online, adult work. It’s still a hard slog, but can you think of anything more fun than making your living working in adult?

I thought not!

eroFame The Morning Of Day 1 Proper

Cal Ex Jopen TeamThe reason I say proper is because on the Thursday morning we were up bright and early, showered and down for breakfast.  The menu in the annex block we were housed in was limited, with hot food being restricted to omelettes with as much in them as you like.

I say we were up “bright”, that didn’t really apply to me because our room wasn’t air conditioned and was uncontrollably hot.  The only option to air the room by opening the window and that wasn’t an option as the room faced out on to a busy dual carriageway.

Following a hearty breakfast Alex and I asked to be moved to a quieter and cooler room and without any fuss they hotel despite being full offered and alternative room which turned out to be perfect.  So can’t complain about the service.

Once the accommodation was sorted out we made our way to the mini bus which arrived late and took us up to the doors of the show.  A good thing because it was tipping it down.

When we arrived everyone was busy on the stands and we flowed in with the other visitors collecting a meal ticket as we entered. Our hosts had been very generous and provided a wonderful dinner buffet on all of the 3 days.  And may I say that it was wonderful fare, not a quiche or sausage roll in sight.  Lol  More about the food later.

Before setting off from the UK I had contacted all the exhibitors and booked appointments with them for the two full days we were there.  Note to self get there for the first day next time.  As even with two days to cover the event you need more time.

The event was spacious, airy and very well light giving visitors a wonderfully comfortable event experience.  All too many trade shows are hot and oppressive due to the lighting required to illuminate the stands but this was most enjoyable from every angle.

I had booked right through the day leaving a slot for lunch.  We saw lots of people this first day and I made a nit of a faux pas by turning up at the California Exotics stand to speak to their CEO Susan Colvin late.

She pointed out to me that she thought the appointment should have been an hour earlier.  Bugger!  I checked my watch and guess who forgot to move the time forward an hour!  I could feel my face colour up as I apologised for my error.  Susan took it all in good taste and offered to see me properly in 30 minutes.


Good job she was my first appointment of the day.  And when we went back she was a really personable and knowledgeable about her products.  We got some good shots on the stand as you can see above and some great video footage which we will be posting up soon.  We were also promised a cock ring to take away the following day…let’s get filling that suitcase.  lol

I followed up a couple of other people scheduled in the diary and gave a wide birth to the ones which were selling copies of well k now brands I had booked in unseen.  Then went for lunch which consisted of a wide choice of salad options and chicken cooked in various ways and to follow a lovely panna cotta topped with fresh raspberries.  Nom!  The food was so good.

Now with appetites sated we made our way back in the main exhibition hall, what next…

eroFame European Spectacular

eroFame 2012 Lelo MiasSome of you guys may be wondering what happened to me last week.  Well I was out of the country having fun.  Lol

Yes, early last Wednesday morning I was taken to the airport to catch my flight to Germany.  Destination the eroFame B2B show in Hannover.

I had attended the show when it was conceived a couple of years ago, missing the event at Hannover last year but hearing so much about it, I had to attend this year.

Just 1 ½ hours after boarding my flight I was coming to rest on the tarmac at Hannover airport.  Such a quick and easy transition from the UK to the German destination, unlike a couple of years earlier when I had to catch 2 flights to reach my destination of Potsdam.

Moving the event to Hannover has made transit so easy and quick that you can still arrive at the destination ready to hit the floor running.  And that’s exactly what Alex and I did.  We dropped off our luggage had a quick freshen up and change of clothes and off we went.

Armed with an exhibition map and instructions on how to walk to the event we set off on foot.  By the time we arrived the free transport to eroFame had stopped, after all it was 2pm.

After a 15 minute walk we arrived at the hall and OMG!  How impressive the arched steel and glass building was from outside and within.  Alex and I had never attended such a large event and it quite literally took your breath away surveying the floor from the upper entrance gates.

We made our way down the stairs and decided to go and visit our old friends on the Mr B stand to say hello.  Knowing we were arriving on the Wednesday I hadn’t scheduled any appointments, unlike the following 2 days when our diary was full.

Today was all about getting a feel for the show and the general layout so we were prepared to adhered to our gruelling schedules the following days.

Lucky we arrived with weight to spare in our suitcases because something told me they were going to weigh more on the return flight…

Read about some of the sex toys we picked up for review over here on Sex Toys Buzz.

Redesigning Porn With Alain Botton

Christina KrystalisI’ve never heard of Alain but he’s a philosopher who has addressed the subject of love, happiness and religion and now plans to take on the porn industry.

He wants to unite leading figures from the porn industry and the arts to bring about a new kind of pornography which he describes as being more socially acceptable and fit for thoughtful, good human beings.

Hmmm, being a consumer of porn myself I don’t know if I’m happy with him implying that I’m not a good human being.

You can read what he has to say here and form your own opinion on the man and his quest here.

October Sex Toy Roundup

Kinky Body StockingI should actually rename this July to October Roundup because I have been rather tardy/busy (delete as appropriate lol) and not featured one between those months.  So I intend to address that now in this month’s summary of our sex toy testing activities. A little late I know but there’s lots of great reviews in those months.  😉

So back to what’s been happening this month.  I got back from what can only be billed as the best European adult event on my social calendar, the eroFame B2B show held in Hannover, Germany.

We spent almost 3 days walking around the huge venue networking and speaking to clients old and new.  Not to mention filling our bags with new products to review over on Sex Toys Buzz.  So keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we feature the latest products to the market.

It’s our first visit to Hannover but it certainly won’t be the last, although our legs are feeling the strain of the miles we walked during the event.

This month’s Newsletter prize is to be a classy whip to add to your BDSM collection of toys for that 50 Shades of Grey Touch.

So, if you haven’t already joined the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter you should, as well as getting the latest adult product news you can get your hands on FREE sex toys each month by signing up for the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter and beeing part of the monthly giveaway draw. There is nothing to pay and no competition to enter, simply sign up and keep your fingers crossed that you are one of the lucky winners. Go and sign up now.

If you haven’t read them already here are the reviews for the previous 3 months.



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Silk Rope Love Cuffs From Fetish Fantasy

Deluxe See-Thru Stroker From Pipedream Extreme

Mitzi Clitoral Vibrator

Give Lube Silicone+ Sexual Lubricant


Life Vibrator From Leaf

Masque Sexual Flavours

Getaway Wild Vibrator From Nomi Tang

Eve Body Responsive Rabbit

Seven Creations Vibrating Bullet

Ouch! Deluxe Handcuffs

Tenga 3D Spiral Masturbator


Super Sucker 2.0 Masturbator

Layla Margherita Vibrator

Odeco Eros Vibrator

Body Wand Massager

Protex Original Latex Free Condoms

Odeco Cupid Vibrator

Deluxe Rubber Ball Gag

Wonderland Pleasurepillar Vibrator

Be Breast Aware

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s not often I find it necessary to beat my drum about something I’ve read in the papers.  More often than not I try to forget I just read another article about some star or other’s baby weight or the bloody Kardashians.

But in this case I want to express my utter distaste at the thoughtless shown by Cosmopolitan in what should have been an informative and supportive campaign to raise the awareness of breast cancer.

They have decided to have a “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” which is a great idea given the number of lives the disease can take each year.  But the way they have gone about it has enraged one family who lost their mother to cancer and afflicted their sisters.

You can read the full story here which says more than I could ever say.

If you want to donate or raise money for Cancer Awareness Month check out this site.