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Games Not To Play On Christmas Day With The Family

Tease GameAs a sort of public service announcement I thought I’d help you all out by mentioning a few games that you shouldn’t pull out of the cupboard when things get a bit boring on the TV when you and your family are sat round digesting the Christmas lunch.

The Monogamy Game

This venerable member of the adult game pantheon is the first sex game we ever reviewed, and it’s been around since 2002. At ten years old you might think it would have given way to something new but far from it the game is still going strong.

It now has an add-on pack containing a paddle, bullet vibe, massage candle “tie-me-up” ribbon and new cards. We haven’t seen that, perhaps we ought to get hold of one so we can tell you what it’s like?

Monogamy also has a range of sensual massage candles that you can buy separately too, to use with or without the game.

Anyway our review of the Original Monogamy Board Game is here.

Love Or Lust Game

The same people who brought us Monogamy also do a new product called “Love Or Lust Game”. We haven’t played this one but the manufacturers say this:

Do you prefer Love or Lust? Learn about your lover’s likes, loves and lusts in this fast-paced game of sexual trivia and foreplay. The Love Cards focus on intimacies you share or can share with your lover and Lust Cards offer trivia and unique love-making ideas that you later act out.

Definitely not an alternative to watching “The Great Escape” if the family are round, stick to scrabble.

However, once they have gone home … that’s an altogether different matter.

Risky Or Frisky

Here’s a game that you might, just might have got out of the cupboard because you mistook it for a more family friendly board game. Originally call Sexopoly, “Risky or Frisky” fell foul of the lawyers employed to protect the trademark at Hasbro the current owners of the game.

In response to Hasbro’s legal team’s no doubt strongly worded letter they changed the name to “Risky or Frisky”, taking it from the name of the stacks of cards you use to play the game. If you check out some smaller sex shops you can still find a few of the original Sexopoly games on the shelves. Maybe you should buy them as collectors items or put them on Ebay and see if you can make a few quid!

Here’s our Risky or Frisky game review over on Sex Toys Buzz.

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XXX Truth or Dare Game

This is a game that needs you to be very happy to get naked and naughty with a group of adventurous friends. You can read our review of it over on Sex Toys Buzz.

We were given a set of add-in cards by the UK distributor of the game recently but haven’t tried them out yet. Until then you can familiarise yourself with the gameplay by reading the XXX Truth or Dare Game review over here.


Tease Game

Tease is the latest game we reviewed and it’s not about telling granddad he has a big nose.

It’s a pin-up styled game that requires you to be in the company of very close and open minded friends. It’s a really daring game in its scope and the range of activities that you are required to engage in so not for the shy.

To decide if it’s a game that you and your partner, perhaps plus a few friends, might want to play between Christmas and New Year when you’ve got rid of the family then you can read our Tease Game Review here.




Quick Cut Clit Pics?

Porn Thru The LensI watched an interesting programme on iPlayer today. It was the Click technology magazine on the BBC. The first half of the show was about how there is concern that TV actually rewires the brains of very young kids because they are very receptive to it. Specifically they are more attracted to programmes with a lot of cuts – i.e. the sort of style that is very in-vogue at the moment.

What seems to happen is that if kids are exposed to this sort of stimulation from their TV they tend to seek it out in later life, leading to them looking to the TV for entertainment and stimulation in general but more specifically making them more inclined to play computer games.

You would think this was a simple learned behaviour but if the research is correct it is an actual change in the way your mind works, specifically the way in which the reward chemical dopamine is generated. This has very serious implications because dopamine is heavily involved with all sorts of addictive behaviours and if your brain has been changed to desire and expect a certain stimulus it might be difficult to wean yourself away from TV or video games.

It has implication for programme makers too. If a generation of kids grows up to expect rapid cuts and short shots in TV programmes traditional editing might go out of the window to be replaced by a constant stream of programmes that look like music videos.

This affects all content from drama to pornography. You knew I’d get there eventually LOL

Will porn start to cater for this sort of audience? I hope not because I like a nice build-up with long relaxed shots and lots of lingering images of the hard core action. I have to admit that I did like this movie, “Hell Is Where The Party Is” but even with its music video-like editing and production it held the attention by humour, nice camera work and some great performances. The edit emphasised the quick-cuts but then returned to a more traditional format as the scenes progressed.

The nightmare for mainstream TV and pornography is if all output descends into a series of snapshots, a staccato series of tableaus that is more like flipping through the Instagram account of a customer at a pole dancing club than an erotic film.

Am I getting a bit set in my ways? I don’t think so as I’m open to new ideas but new doesn’t necessarily mean good and after all I know what I like!

Getting Bound And Teased

Getting Bound And TeasedIn our last post I mentioned that I’d point you at some sensible BDSM sex kit so that’s exactly what I’ll do right now.

BDSM equipment doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or scary. Well, not unless you want it to be anyway. For beginners it’s often best to start off with the old cliché, a silk scarf, or perhaps as is very common at the moment a tie. In fact one of the sex toy manufacturers actually sells a grey scarf, can’t think where they got that idea from …

One thing to watch out for if you do use a tie or scarf is that you may end up ripping or otherwise damaging it if things get a little passionate. So use something that you don’t mind being damaged. Also, use simple knots that can be easily untied if you and your partner get a little twisted. Fumbling to untie a complex hitch when your partner complains “I can’t feel my hand” is a bit of a passion-killer.

If you move on from the basics you could try rope, but be careful, the stuff from your local DIY centre will be great for holding down a tarpaulin but is going to cut and burn skin when you use it in the bedroom. Choose a bondage rope that is made for the job like this or even a pair of rope cuffs perhaps, gentler than steel ones and practical too.

One of the most practical, popular and longest-lived designs of bondage sex toys is the Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System. It simply works as an easy to use, reliable and discrete means of indulging your BDSM fantasies without bulky equipment that you can’t hide when the family come to call. When not in use it easily tucks away under the mattress/bed and is ready to use in just a few seconds. Of course there are other designs of bondage restraints and you can find reviews of many of them here. That includes reviews of Bondage Tape, another interesting and sensual way of kinking it up that has far more uses than tying each other up.

Within the BDSM to review section you’ll also see reviews of blindfolds and masks which are great for emphasising your power over your lover during bondage play while simultaneously heightening their other senses through depravation of sight. Try it, you’ll like it. Hehehe.

BDSM is not just about restraint and sensory deprivation so you’ll need something to tease your “victim” with. The level of tease is up to you and your partner. The touch of your fingers may be enough for you both but even if you don’t want to land some serious blows on their exposed flesh you should consider buying a good quality paddle or flogger. These can be used to tease as well as strike your partner and as you get more of a taste for it you will find they are ready to serve as instruments of “discipline too”

Safe Words and Safe Signals

One last thing. If you are going to explore this sort of play make sure that there is a signal, verbal or physical that the submissive partner can use to tell the dominant one that they really want to stop. If it’s verbal choose a word you’re unlikely to say while “playing”. For example “No” and “Please stop” are not good choices as if you’re pretending to be subjugated and punished you’d be saying that sort of thing anyway as part of the role play. If it would be difficult or impossible to speak, for example if the submissive partner is wearing a gag then you need an physical action that says stop – agree all this before you start playing …

Have fun.


Fifty Different Ways … A Guide To The Sex Toys Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fetish Sex Toy ReviewsWhen we were across in Hanover last month we were interested to encounter a large grey-black box that represented the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy range launch stand. What’s come out of it since is interesting, if a little er, familiar.

Now, if you like, feel free to go out and buy the FSOG range of sex toys and enjoy yourself. But if you don’t feel the need to have the FSOG branding, or you don’t have a stockist in your area then we’d like to suggest some alternatives:

If you fancy some FSOG “Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls” or “Delicious Pleasure Silicone Ben Wa Balls” then go and look for some generic equivalents. We’d advise some nice silicone ones like the Fun Factory Smart Balls as they are body-safe and easy to clean.

If you’re tempted by the FSOG “Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator” there are a huge range of G Spot vibes out there at very reasonable prices and far more interesting shapes than the “Insatiable Desire”. Here are our G Spot Vibrator Reviews for you to select from.

If it’s a cock ring that you want to try then the “Yours and Mine Vibrating Love Ring” is not the only penis ring in the world, far from it and our cock ring reviews prove that.

If it’s discreet you want then you can go for a bullet vibrator. The FSOG “We Aim to Please” has many equivalents … a lot of which have more than one speed. Our bullet vibrator reviews are here.

There’s a lot of bondage gear in the range of Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys too as you’d imagine. But I’ll point you in the direction of their equivalents another day.

Hot And Twisted

Mind Fuck - Scarlett RevellWe do get to see some interesting stuff as part of our daily lives so it’s nice to find something that is a little out of the ordinary. One such unusual offering from the porn biz we received several weeks ago id “Mind Fuck”, a movie by a new director called Scarlett Revell.

Being a skin flick the premise of the movie is to get people naked and have them fuck each other’s brains out. But as many people have observed it’s not so much about the destination it’s the journey that makes the difference.

Some porn is simply an exercise in pointing a camera at a couple of performers and telling them to fuck. Not imaginative and increasingly less arousing as the only thing that changes is the faces of the performers. The noises are the same cliché grunts, groans and phrases, the positions are rarely imaginative and the scenarios if there is any semblance of story or motivation for the characters will stick to safe and ultimately boring templates.

Scarlett Revell’s Mind Fuck is one of those increasingly rare movies that attempts to create a framework inside which the sex takes place. It’s not going to win an Oscar, though the acting and concept of the production are above average for a porn movie. But what it does do is allow you to get involved in the mad and twisted world this new director attempts to create.

To read more check out my review of Scarlett Revell’s Mind Fuck over on Erotic Buzz, the adult media review section of SexToysBuzz.




You Know It When Things Don’t Seem Right

Henry HooverI was totally amazed when I read the story in The Mail about Melissa Smeaton’s discovery that her boyfriend had been unfaithful.  Apparently, love rat Richard Antony had promised to put an end to his infidelity.  Not  a good start.  Lol

Of course you do have to wonder how sincere and genuinely reformed he would be –  Then she finds that the broken “Henry” contains his lovers pants is not so good.

You can read the full story here.

In The Smut Business

Couple Having SexIt’s easy to live I a bit of a bubble when you’re intensely interested and involved with e the work you do no matter what that work may be. I often wish I could come at the adult business again with a fresh pair of eyes because while Suze and I have vast experience of many aspects of the industry now there is nothing like the excitement of your first encounter with adult.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first toy review, first adult movie or first adult shoot the excitement and genuine honesty of your first impressions can’t be replicated. Of course you’re naïve and lacking in experience but that’s far from a problem, you don’t have any preconceptions to skew your views.

Of course you can’t become and adult industry virgin once you’ve started on your path in the industry but I do always love to hear the views of people who are new to the biz and see how they feel about an industry that I’ve become so deeply involved in.

The group of people who are all new to adult are young adults. They tend to be consumers of adult media and that in itself can be a problem due to pornography’s proliferation in so many unregulated channels on the Internet.

You can read more of my views on this over on A-Rouse in this article on what I think about educating young adults about pornography at school.

Not Looking at Pussy And Tits

Sam Bentley "I've Just Been Fucked Up The Ass"I just realised I have a skill that many men would find unbelievable. I can hold a conversation with a naked woman without feeling the need to look at her naughty bits. Really, it may be difficult to believe but it’s really true.

I’m not saying that I don’t look at naked ladies and enjoy what I’m looking at but for someone who gets as much nookie as I do I think it’s doubly remarkable that when I need to I can switch over to professional mode and not feel the need to cop a crafty peek at the odd nipple.

The reason is pretty obvious if you read back through our exploits. I’m exposed to porn, on DVD, online and quite literally in the flesh on porn shoots so naked flesh is nothing unusual. That doesn’t stop you being sexual, in fact quite the opposite but I let me put it like this. If you know the biscuit tin is always full you don’t have to worry about running out of biscuits.

Knowing that there is a never ending supply of sexy views to take in means that all that furtive peeking in an effort to get a crafty glance of a nipple that I would have indulged in as a kid isn’t necessary. It’s not just getting older, that never dampened my enthusiasm for consensual voyeurism – by which I mean that if you’re going to dress in a revealing and provocative way I feel it’s my duty to take notice of you, in the nicest possible way. It would be rude not to. No, like I said if you have an inexhaustible supply of biscuits you don’t need to eat them all at one sitting.

It makes for a more leisurely and enjoyable demeanour when it comes to savouring the visual delights that we see on set.

Now, you see the picture of Samantha Bentley I’ve inserted above. I was having lunch in the kitchen of the house where we were shooting and she came in like this. At the time it didn’t strike me as unusual, even when she said “I’m going to tweet that I’ve just been fucked up the ass”.

Funny what seems normal to me. LOL