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Sex Toys to Heat Up Your Winter

Couple Having SexWinter is here and you still haven’t finished shopping, the presents aren’t wrapped, you still have to buy a ham and clean your house. It’s a stressful time, made even more stressful by the fact that you have to think of the perfect gift for your partner. You want to get them something useful, but thoughtful and from the heart. You want to them something they would enjoy, appreciate and even think of you when they use it. And you want to give them something that they’ve never received as a gift before. That’s a tough one, but don’t worry, I’ve got a great Adam and Eve inspired list for you. Pick up your special someone any of these gifts and watch as it lights up their day and warms them up whatever the weather outside.

Tongue Vibe.

This toy is great for everyone, men and women alike. This vibrator simply slips on your tongue and allows you to give your partner out of this world oral sex. Conveniently packed with a blue and pink one, there can one for the both of you. These are great for traveling, as they are small, undetectable by TSA and quiet so your other travel mates won’t know what’s going on. As for your partner, well I can’t speak to their quietness. The vibrators come with extra batteries and even glow in the dark. Throw a pack of tongue vibrators into your partners stocking this year.

Fantasy Web Restraint.

Do you have a lover that’s into bondage? Have you already explored with an under-the-bed restraint? If so, check out this web restraint. This system straps underneath your bed too, but has a web of hand cuffs on the top allowing for one or both of you to be tied up at the same time. Use this baby to tangle your lover up into knots or to get yourself twisted together. The Fantasy Web comes with padded cuffs to make sure that your partner is tied down, but also comfortable. This toy is also super easy to travel with and would be a great companion on any vacation.

Nipple clamps.

Nipple clamps are commonly seen as an intense toy, but they can actually be very fun and pleasurable for the wearer and you don’t have to stick to the typical metal kind. Nipple clamps are fun for men and women and look great on everyone. You can get them chained together or separated or even with a vibrating component. Get a nipple sucker or erector set if your partner is really into nipple play.

Anal beads.

Do you have a boo that’s into all sides of sexual play? A partner who can’t be sated? If so, it just might be time for the two of you to explore anal beads. These toys are great for someone who also wants to try anal, because you can slowly work up to more and more. Just combine these beads with your favorite lube, relax and watch the fun unfold. Be sure to get a set that is made of body safe materials and ones that are waterproof, that way you’ll be able to clean them properly and take them into the shower or wherever your heart desires.

Sex Toy Kit.

Don’t want to have to make a choice or to limit your partner’s pleasure? Get a comprehensive sex toy kit like this one. This kit is guaranteed to give you both a great time. Wonderful for solo and partner play, this kit has a toy for every need and desire. Get this kit for the toy enthusiast in your life or even for the beginner who doesn’t know what they want.
Any of these toys will surely surprise and delight your partner this holiday season, so give them the gift that will keep on giving all year long.

Cum On Glass

Voyeurism Through WindowThis is a piece of erotic I wrote years ago, thought you might want to see it …

I waited for her car to pass me at the traffic island. Her right of way. Me waiting. Giving me the chance to look at her and imagine what was to come.

I could see it in the way that her eyes were focused not on the car in front, but slightly beyond. It was as if her soul was trying to arrive home before her body so she could indulge herself to the full when she arrived.

As she drove past I knew, she needed to be ready for him …

Her flat was built amongst others on a side of a gently sloping hill. It meant that she was overlooked by those apartments in blocks further up the gradient. She glanced at her watch and saw she had time for a quick shower.

Ten minutes later she was rubbing soap into her limbs. She was not in the flush of youth anymore, but forty wasn’t old and she tried to look after herself. Boyfriends had come and gone, leaving her feeling that relationships weren’t for her. A couple of engagements, to the wrong men. Better to find out before you walked down the aisle, she consoled herself.

She tried not to think about it too much these days. She wasn’t actively on the lookout for a partner. On-line shopping for sex toys meant orgasms were only a few clicks away and the odd dirty movie helped that sort of release along. Sad? Some might think so but not her. She’d been lucky, never had a man treat her really badly, but then never had one treat her that well either.

Expending all that effort for a mediocre relationship seemed pointless and, well, she’d found a new game now.

The water cascaded down her body following her flowing form, full and curvy. Shower gel foamed and slid over her skin. Her finger followed her contours, neck shoulders arms, breasts. Nipples erect and grateful for the gentle squeeze she gave each one. Her palms slid over her stomach and down to her pussy moist with its own anticipation from within.

Her fingers probed her lips, parting and caressing them, enjoying the warmth and lubrication of the water. Finding her sensitive clitoris, two fingers enclosed and teased it. She thought of what was to come and brought herself to the point of release under the warm torrent from the showerhead. She stopped short, wanting to save herself for him.

Skin moist and perfumed, hair sticking to her neck she briefly dried herself and slipped into a towelling robe. She enjoyed being slightly moist, a diaphanous cloak of humidity. She’d have another shower later so her hair was left in damp dreadlocks across her back.

The curtains in the lounge were open, the wide floor to ceiling window. Looking out onto an inky blackness, punctuated by the lights from the other apartment windows opposite. All those windows obscured by blinds or curtains. Except one.

When she stepped into the room she was picked out in the ambient light filtering in from outside. All he could see from his curtain-less vantage point was an indistinct shape moving around in the blackness. She turned on the lamp. Its bulb was hidden in a large diffusing shade, suspended from an overarching arm. It created a bubble of glowing light that enveloped her and the leather recliner couch.

She could no longer see out of the window, but knew he was there, knew he could see in. That was their connection, a tunnel of photons reaching out between them. She smiled as she reclined on the couch.

She parted the robe to expose her breasts and the landing strip of hair leading to her pussy. She imagined him standing there, cock already in hand probably, stroking and fondling his throbbing member.

With that thought her hand drove to her crotch with un-ladylike haste, one finger dipping into the honeyed opening and spreading the slippery liquid around her sex in a series of long slow circles. When she was glistening with her wetness more fingers joined the slowly intensifying assault on her pussy.

He was watching intently. He had considered binoculars, but handling them while masturbating would have been impractical and that would have put him in the room with her. That’s not what he wanted, he was a watcher, a voyeur, the delicious decadence of observation without the complications of commitment.

Her form was generous but firm, he imagined taking hold of her and pulling her skin to skin. When he did that with his young bride he sometimes felt she might snap. She was twig-thin, able to wear any size 6 and look like she’d just stepped off a runway, but he was finding that despite being pleasing on the eye she had limited appeal in the bedroom.

His wife didn’t matter now, his attention focused on the hard, pulsing cock in his hands and the voluptuous figure indulging in a masturbatory repose in the window across from him. He could see her hands on pussy and breast, almost smell her aroma as she became wetter.

He began to seep pre-cum and with a flick of the wrist spread it across his purple head. She began to contort, back arching from the thundering orgasm that gripped and controlled her.

She loved this new discovery, her exhibitionist streak and with every new voyeur the orgasms became more intense. Her anticipation of the next “show” had begun to distract her during the daylight hours, always waiting for the next contact from her growing group of male admirers in the apartment block opposite.

Her thighs were slick with her climax, her moans turning into screams as she convulsed, fingers buried deep in her pussy. Seeing here rapture he sprayed his sticky white lust across the single pane of glass in the window in front of him.

He watched the light go out, cloaking her again in oily darkness. For a moment he watched his own semen begin it’s slow crawl to the bottom of the window and wondered when it would be his turn to watch her again.

Two Weeks Of Naughtiness

Snogging CoupleToday is the last day I have to work on-site at a client, after that I’m back at home until the New Year and that means nearly two weeks of naughtiness.

There are a couple of things that will get in the way of course, the first being that I will never truly stop working, we keep getting orders, which is great and it’s the sort of work I can do around the Christmas festivities. The other issue is of course that perennial problem, having to keep the house porn-free.

However as this is my last day of having to find my way through the rush hour traffic morning and night my spirits are rising. Even the thought of having to put a few hours in over the Christmas break and the regular porn sweeps to purge the house of adult DVDs and sex toys aren’t going to stop me from being happy today.

Next year should be fun. There’s loads of new and exciting stuff as usual. 2012  has been a good year to us, 2013 will be even better.

Festive Fuckery

Festive FuckeryI said it earlier this month, I’m really looking forward to the Christmas break and being able to spend a little quality time with Suze. Like so many others we can have a frenetic lifestyle which leads to us spending less time doing things together. One of those things is of course playing with sex toys so Christmas for us is a time to enjoy each other, and sex toys in a way that the rest of the year really doesn’t allow.

We do like designer sex toys but that doesn’t mean that they are always the best type of sex toys to introduce to the bedroom. While they often exhibit features that set them apart from more mass-market products designer sex toys can be a little safe, maybe even serious? Yep, having an orgasm is a serious business but we think it should also be fun for everyone involved whether it’s a solo enterprise or a team effort, if you know what I mean.

I point this out because while the first vibrator I bought for Suze was an orange plastic monstrosity that she’d pointed out in the seedy sex shop we frequented at that point in time we had more fun with the seconds … it was a jelly vibrator that consisted of a translucent purple jelly sleeve over a silver vibrating inner. It was relatively crude by today’s standards but it was fun.

Jelly vibrators can be like that, colourful, unthreatening and the sort of thing that’s easy to introduce to the bedroom if one of the partners is not keen on the idea of sex toys. Whether it’s your girlfriend who isn’t comfortable with something man-made stimulating her most intimate parts or your boyfriend who thinks he should be the only thing to give you pleasure a sex toy that looks more toy than “marital aid” has to be the way to go. Hell, I saw that term “martial aid” referring to a sex toy retailer a couple of days ago – newsflash, it might be accurate but that’s a bit 1970s!

Jelly sex toys are also comfortable to use. A hard plastic sex toy can in some circumstances feel a little unyielding whereas a soft jelly vibrator is less likely to feel like the intrusion of an instrument and more like something organic when you are pleasuring yourself.

As well as being fun sex toys can be quite beautiful. Yes the carefully crafted silicone masterpieces of sex toy design created by designer sex toy manufacturers do often look beautiful but there’s one group of sex toys that have an intrinsic aesthetic beauty all of their own. What I’m talking about are glass dildos.

Even a clear and colourless glass dildo is a thing of beauty and with different coloured glass, intricate designs and even dildos run through with a rainbow of colours, glass dildos appeal to the eyes as well as the libido. As it’s easy to heat and cool a glass dildo they open up a number of kinky possibilities. One tip though. If you can go for borosilicate glass as this holds lube better than other glass materials.

Now, back to our first sex shop … luckily things are not like that anymore. High street sex shops are on the whole more emporiums of gleeful pleasure than dark dens of guilty iniquity. And then you have online dispensers of sexual bliss products like who provide a much wider selection of adult products than any physical store can then deliver them discretely to your door.

When it comes to sex toys like most things in life the Internet has made most things far simpler, easier and quicker.

New Gym Fresh Sin

Gym Push-upsToday was my first visit to my new gym.  It’s not quit on the same scale as my old one but has everything I use in my routine.   Will be keeping it to myself if I see any of my old  gym buddies because they really couldn’t accommodate them all without queues forming.

The female proprietor is very approachable and is a PT herself, she reminds me very much of a young lady I met at the ETO Show called Jacqui.  As Alex pointed out today after our first visit she would also make a good Domme as he worked out next to her and the guy or should I say sub she was training.  Lol

I have just one criticism to make and that is that the gym isn’t very brightly light and as a result makes you feel lethargic rather than ready to work your butt off.  Despite this I did my full routine and enjoyed it thoroughly.

After years of visiting a gym whose equipment was in a state of poor maintenance it was nice to be able to ride a bike which didn’t clunk every time the wheels went round and row on a machine which was smooth.

She even turned up the music when we arrived, what more could we ask.

In a way I’m going to feel guilty when the next 2 months has passed and I return to my old gym which will have been fully refurbed by its new owners but I do like my comforts and TV screens.

But for now I’m enjoying the pleasant change and hope I may be bumping in to my hot nail technician at some point.  😉

Getting Hot And Sweaty

Gym PinkAs if I haven’t got enough to do at this time of year.  I had to start looking for a new gym as the one I have been going to for years now has been closed down.  The chain is suffering the same problems as stores like Comet and are closing some of their less profitable branches in their 250 gym chain.

I’m sorry to see it go because not only was it a reasonably priced gym, I also had a lot of friends there who I chatted to. Which helps when you are training by giving you a little moral support.

However, there is a good side to this, it is due to reopen as part of another chain in the New Year and hopefully all my old gym buddies will join along with me.

But in the meantime I had to go searching out another economical one to join.  And luckily quite by chance, talking to someone at my old gym they mentioned a bijou newly opened venue.

I went over to check it out earlier today and it may be small but it has everything I’m currently using in my PT designed workout.  What it doesn’t have is televisions to gawp at whilst getting all hot and sweaty so I mighty have to invest in an MP3 player or take my rather bulky Galaxy Note along with me.

It’s my first visit there tomorrow so I’ll let you know how I get on and of course if there is any totty there.  😉

Looking Forward To Christmas And Sex

Christmas And SexI think I just started looking forward to Christmas, but not to having the family round, though that’s great or to the interesting search phrases that start to appear in our websites’ stats – “Santa sex” and “Sexy elves” being a couple of examples that spring to mind.

No, it’s the sex.

You work hard all year and the only time we seem to travel at the moment is on business, not on holiday. And let’s face it, when you have your own business you tend to work, even when you’re sipping Chianti by the pool. Yes it’s sad I know.

We get plenty of sex, great sex, but Christmas is a unique time for us that seems to give us the excuse to sleep in and live off left-overs for a few days, therefore freeing us from the drudgery of actually cooking much. And when the TV is showing the cheaper re-runs between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve there’s not much else to do.

He he he!

The time between Christmas and New Year is for us a few days where we can snuggle up do rather less than we normally do. OK, so we might test a few sex toys but it’s more for fun than necessity. So although it means we can get down the stack of un-tested toys it’s hardly a chore.

The magic only ends when we perhaps have to venture out for supplies or get invited out to a party – damn these social events LOL

Anyway, if you get bored we’ll make sure there’s something naughty on here for you to read and stuff on our other sites too. And if we find any Christmas related filth we’ll be sure to point you in that direction.