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Sex Toy Roundup

Samantha Bentley MasturbatingWhat a busy month December turned out to be what with inviting my relatives round to Christmas lunch and then visiting them on Boxing Day.  By the time New Year came round all I wanted to do was to curl up on the sofa with Alex and a bottle of Champagne.  🙂

It’s not just the day itself and the constant being on your feet but the proceeding months when you have to for no apparent reason clean the house from top to bottom, including inside the kitchen cupboards.  Why!  Who the hell bothers to look inside them and comment on how clean and tidy they are?

Answers on a postcard please.  Lol

It’s a good job that the sex toy world begins to calm down at the end of the year and there aren’t as many demands on my time.  Which gives me just enough of a break to gear up for the next big event on the horizon.  Valentines Day.  And we have a few projects coming up for that special day in the year.  😉

But for now I will leave you with a plug to join our Newsletter where you can get free stuff without having to write essays or do back flips, simply sign up.  Lol

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And for all of you who may have missed the reviews over the lead up to Christmas here they are.  Enjoy!

Fetish Fantasy Overbust PVC Fishnet Corset G String

L’Exquis Vibrator

Zini Janus Prostate Massager

Big Teaze Onye Kenya Petite

Swan Silhouette Vibrator

Dr Joel Kaplan Universal Prostate Probe

Pure Blow Vibrator

Evolved Dream Maker Heavenly Dolphin Vibrator

Hairdressing And Sex Therapy

Hand In PantiesI go to have my nails done every 3 weeks, it’s one of my indulgences, a treat for my hard work.  The nail bar is part of a large hair salon and takes up one end of the room.

This means that I get to hear the conversations which take place between the stylists and their clients which helps the time pass as I am usually in there for about 1 ½ hours.

Providing the music isn’t up too loud I can usually hear the conversations which can be tedious but a distraction.  But the one I overheard the last time I visited made my ears prick up.

The first words I heard were “I’ve had to be a councillor to my friend today”.  Oh yes, I thought, hanging on her words waiting to find out exactly what she had been doing.

“She’s been having problems in the bedroom”  she went on.

At this point the hairdresser’s ears pricked up too, being used to having tawdry conversations about peoples holidays and family.  Urging her on the woman went on to explain that the husband wasn’t able to keep up the action any more and her friend’s desires and needs weren’t being properly attended to.

I leant over to my left in the chair I was sitting in drying my nails to hear more of the conversation.

The hairdresser then proffered some advice.  “You should get her to buy a vibrator.   You can buy them online now to avoid the embarrassment of going in to a shop”.  And the customer said” I will suggest that to her when I call her later today.”

She then went on to say that she had advised her friend that things in the bedroom are never going to be like they were years ago when they first met.  That it is physically impossible for the guy to be that man from all those years ago.

At this point I really wanted to step up to them and advise on sex toys they would find useful not just solo but together.

Suddenly my eavesdropping opportunity was taken away from me as the music changed to a louder band and their words were drowned out.

So next time you are in the hair salon remember that your hairdresser just doesn’t do hair.  lol

Porn Star Pussy, Gang Bangs And Fleshlight Girls

Tanya Tate And Katie KIt’s not so long ago that men had to use their imaginations when it came to masturbation and most of them still do. If you fantasise about a specific porn star you might think that an imaginary tryst with them might be the nearest you’ll get to fulfilment with them. However this is the 21st century so there are alternatives, some technological and some not.

First of all you could choose a career change and get into the adult industry. That’s not as easy as most guys would imagine and only a small number of men can perform on demand, in front of cameras and a production crew for hours at a time. If you can do it and you can get the work and you are cast in the same scenes as the porn star of your dreams then all well and good. But that’s a very arduous and not at all guaranteed way of reaching your goal of a porn star pussy.

More attainable but still an opportunity limited to just a few lucky individuals is the occasional event where members of the public get to have sex with their favourite performer. These range from the classic gang bangs that always seem to end with Ron Jeremy performing the ceremonial pop shot, to more intimate events like the “Tanya Tate Casting Couch”.

Frankly the only guaranteed way of feeling you’re inside a porn star’s pussy is to buy a masturbator. There are a variety of porn star themed masturbators and strokers on the market but the widest range and best known are the Fleshlight Girls from Interactive Life Forms Inc.

Initially these masturbators had a limited number of sleeve inner profiles with only the opening of the sex toy being individual to the porn star on which they are modelled. However the Fleshlight designers are now producing a stream of differently textured inserts of increasingly pleasing designs.

The latest one I tested is the Tanya Tate Fleshlight and VStroker. The Tanya Tate Fleshlight review has been published already on Sex Toys Buzz, the review of the Vstroker that came with it will be published separately as its features work with any Fleshlight.

What is a VStroker? Well, it’s a device that incorporates an accelerometer and Bluetooth link to allow specially crafted content, games and communities to interact with the Fleshlight to which it is attached.



Booth Babes

Booth BabesIf you visit exhibitions you quite often see the exhibitors’ booths decorated not only with professional graphics but also attractive women often dressed provocatively. I choose my words carefully and deliberately there as the girls are often little more than decoration and add nothing to the products being promoted.

Unless there’s a good reason to put a woman in a bikini and stand her in front of your product then I can’t see why you would. If you’re selling fake tan, or underwear or bikinis for that matter I think there’s a reason to do so as just like a fashion show it displays your product as it’s intended to be used. At adult shows I can also see a justification for the scantily clad models but in any case even if there is a justification for showing naked flesh then it shouldn’t just be female naked flesh.

Even in the adult world the booth babes are disproportionately female. Even accounting for the plain truth that more sexy underwear is designed, manufactured and purchased by and for women than men you will find a huge number of very lovely, very eye-catching girls at adult shows … and a few guys in tight shorts.

Take away underwear from adult shows and you’re left with products, and when buying sex toys from a show a knowledgeable company representative is of far more use than a Lycra-clad booth babe. When we visited Venus Berlin a few years ago you could even watch a live demonstration of some products. Gratuitous and more of a (Neanderthal) crowd pleaser than in any way informative.

Does it insult the intelligence of the buyers to put a cute girl in front of your booth handing out product leaflets? Yes. Though full marks to her for using her looks to earn some money handing out publicity material to guys for whom female contact might only happen at such shows …

Is it degrading for the women? Kind of. Being just objects, ornamentation to help move boxes does devalue anyone involved. Though it does also say quite a lot about the desperation of the marketing staff at these companies. I suppose you could argue that they are in an arms race, or perhaps boobs ’n’ bums race with every other competitor at the exhibitions which would explain the constant efforts to make what should be a professional stand look like a Hooters Bar.

I think most telling was a comment made by Rachel Sklar, founder of Change The Ratio at this year’s CES in Las Vegas when she described the booth babe phenomenon as “Devoid of forward looking leadership”. It reinforces the stereotypes that women are pretty, men make stuff, feels like we’re back in the 1950s.

But whether booth babes help dissuade women from some careers, say becoming engineers by depicting women as window dressing or helps perpetuate a male mind set which regards women as inferior it has to be wrong, doesn’t it?

I’m in no way saying these things to be right-on and cool. I like ogling naked flesh as much as the next person, but in the right context, and more importantly in terms of this article I have to say that I find the blatant use of sex at a trade fair to sell products incongruous. Indeed it makes me suspicious that the products themselves are perhaps not as good as they could be – the sex being just smoke and mirrors to hide this from buyers.

If I go to an adult trade fair I want to see adult products and talk to knowledgeable people about them – as I say if there’s underwear there then maybe a nicely presented catwalk? If I go to an Erotic fair like say Erotica I want to see provocative performing, skin, naughty underwear etc. And if I’m looking to import 200,000 mobile phones I want to see the new features, not Lycra stretched over a young woman’s body.


Will You Go To Bed With Me? Adult Dating

Pervy PVCDating used to be something that we all did face to face and along with that came all sorts of challenges. Red faces, embarrassment, and disappointment were the inevitable accompaniments to the excitement, thrills and gratification we have all felt when pursuing our perfect partner. Exhilarating as it is finding a partner in the “normal” way can be fraught and when it comes to looking for a fuck buddy or an unconventional relationship of any kind you may not want to start looking so close to home.

Just making first contact with someone can be difficult. Traditionally you are limited to those at your place of employment, university, college or within your circle of friends. For many people this works out fine but there are all sorts of reasons why you might find this limiting when it comes finding the right partner – especially if your tastes are for casual relationships or you have quite “specialised” needs when it comes to the physical side of a relationship.

Online dating is now well established with several big-name mainstream players dominating the more conventional segment of the market but alongside them are a number of organisations who specialise in a more avant garde form of dating that caters for adults with more specific requirements.

If you choose to enrol with such adult sex site you can be sure to encounter potential partners unlike any that you would find with a more conventional dating organisation. It is true that you can find casual sexual partners by what would be considered more conventional means but casual sex can be difficult to manage and if the needs and desires of one partner do not match the other it can lead to acrimony and problems that extend beyond your relationship and into you wider circle of friends. Of course this happens with any relationship but with a different kind of relationship comes different problems.

If you opt for you will find a huge range of prospective mates making the chances of finding someone with whom you are more likely to be a “good fit”. Whether it comes to the seriousness or otherwise of the relationship, any fetishes you might have or if either of you want to include additional partners adult dating sites are far more likely to deliver the right match than your circle or acquaintances.

Of course online dating does not take away some of the issues that the more traditional forms of dating present to the young, uninitiated or just plain shy. Eventually you have to meet someone to find out if you are truly compatible but by that time online adult dating will have allowed you to carefully select and then get to know the person you’re intending to meet. From a wide range of people you will be able to select the most compatible matches and then communicate with them before your first date.

People join an adult dating siteY for different reason than those who join mainstream online dating organisations. They are more likely to be open to unconventional forms of relationships and can have a more open and inquisitive attitude towards sex and alternative sexualities. As such a website like this will contain more like-minded people, so while the numbers registered on it will be lower than a mainstream online dating site the chances of a member meeting a compatible partner will be just as high if not higher than any other site.

There was a time when dating agencies where seen as unusual, odd, even the subject of fun but acceptance of all forms of online dating has increased along with the wider use of technology, dating websites and social media.