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Kinky Times We Live In

Kinky AssWhen you are in a relationship does the kink just appear or does it develop over time? Of course that depends on the relationship.

We have always been pretty honest about our desires and open about what we will and will not do with each other but that has matured over time, partly because of the growing intimacy that you form as a relationship blossoms but also because of the life experiences we have had – particularly linked to this blog I wouldn’t say that we have always been kinky and certainly never extreme. So if you’re expecting to hear tales of our exploration of fisting, CBT and nipple torture then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

We  do try new things though and many of the things we do try now would have had both of us blushing a few years ago. As time has progress our comfort zone has expanded. Take anal sex, at one time Suze couldn’t watch it on a DVD, so we’d fast-forward through those bits. But over time it’s developed into something we’ve tried and enjoyed, though we rarely indulge in it because despite it feeling really kinky and naughty I think we both prefer vaginal sex.

If we try new things we keep doing them and if we don;t enjoy doing them together we try something different. Sometimes Suze will ask for a butt plug to be inserted while we’re having sex, only a small one and not every time. So we keep one to hand and a container of lube so that we don’t have to break off in the middle of the action.

Like all couples I suppose we started with the cheap handcuffs and rude food, perhaps a bit of role play. Where you go after that of course depends on the couple, perhaps we’ve just gone a little further than most but certainly not as far as some people we’ve met. Each to their own, so long as it’s consenting, sane and safe.

As I mentioned above blogging has been a catalyst for our sexual development and the involvement with the adult industry/movie business even more so because of the nature of the film production process. Watching a film been made is a pretty matter of fact business but hugely interesting, talking to those involved in making it is however fascinating and fun.

You can’t cross the same bridge twice as the old saying goes so we can never be the same people we were before Suze and I met and we wouldn’t want to be. There will always be bridges to cross, take fisting and CBT and whether we cross them is something we’ll decide in time.

Our lives, adult blogging, adult movies and the lives we have lived together outside the adult industry have all made us who we are today. Did it unlock the kinkiness that was already there or did it suggest some new ones. Probably a bit of both.

Serious Lack Of Talent At Gym

Body Builder With Small HeadI walked in to gym today to a more pleasant environment, yes it was warm but not too warm and there were only a few people around.

Consequently this included the assistant manager whom I needed to speak to about leaving my stopwatch on Sunday.  I can see me not getting it back.  🙁  However, I have now started using my phone and it’s quite adequate, better not leave that behind.  Lol

Despite the general lack of patrons there were very few personal trainers to ogle at including my recent crush the hot PT who set me up with my routine.  She’s been nowhere in site for weeks now.  When I move on my program I’ll have to find someone else.

The guy I mentioned a good while back who has more than a bearing resemblance to TV’s Rav Wilding hadn’t been around since the new gym opened, that was until today.

He was cycling over the other side of the room when I set eyes on him from the rower.  I didn’t recognise him.  Then I realised why.  There is a fine line between having a strong athletically toned body and crossing the line in to “Small Head Syndrome”.

I hear you all shouting out for an explanation.  Lol  Well, SHS is when a guy works out his upper body until his head looks like it’s been shrunk by some Amazon tribe.  See the image above to see what I mean.  Lol

Not sure if I would now…oh well, his loss.

So with the major female and male talent gone I need to find someone else to focus on when I’m getting all hot a sweaty…

And randy!

Steam Heat At The Gym

I told you about my recent issues with the gym and their staff’s attitude to my complaints regarding the temperature being too high.  Well, I did a little bit of asking around, well I asked a friend who works for the Health & Safety Executive to look in to temperature requirements in gyms.

She sent me a link to an advisory site which seemed to confirm the response to my latest complaint which was that they have to have the temp set at a minimum of 19 degrees to avoid strains and pulls.

But when I read on it appears that these are the regulations in the US, so I’m not sure if the same guidelines are used here.  I’ve had a look around and can’t find any UK guidelines so I need to perhaps do as she suggested and try the Environmental Health.

So that one’s still bubbling under, I’ll let you know what happens.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any hotter…I was greeted by a wall of humidity and heat as entered this morning.  I got a sweat on just walking up the stairs to use the equipment.

There is no doubt that I didn’t pull any muscles whilst I was there but I almost passed out with the heat as the air con wasn’t even on in the area I workout in.  And there was a delicious smell of sweaty body parts hanging around.  Nice!

So I was getting on with my routine doing my planking and at about 20 seconds in I was asked by the woman on the mat to the side of me “Are you using all those weights?”  I couldn’t believe it and I certainly didn’t have the energy to waste verbally responding to her so I nodded my reply.

I couldn’t believe that she asked me if I was using the weights, why would I have them next to me if I wasn’t?  Doh!  And also,  to ask as I’m sweating profusely and obviously using all my energy to hold my position.

Needless to say she didn’t actually break a sweat herself, in fact she kept her hoodie on for the duration of her mat exercise.

I’m considering taking my pedestal fan and a trailing socket with me next time.  lol

The Thigh Gap Fad

The thigh gapI was introduced to the latest fad for the female population via all those images of skinny models on cat walks.  It’s the “thigh gap”.

It seems that there is an ever growing population of women who want to be able to stand with both knees touching but a gap up at the top of their legs which you can push your hand between.

Apparently there are several pages relating to craze on FaceBook.  I won’t name any here as I not writing this to promote the practice I’m about to talk about.

Yes I did say practice.  Because now you don’t have to starve yourself as the pages are encouraging girls to do, instead you can buy the look.

As the woman on this morning’s Daybreak program went on to explain the procedure sounds very much like liposuction of the thighs.

The surgeon injects the tissue to be removed with a saline solution to break down the fat deposits.  Then they make an incision inside the inner thigh and a couple under the buttock where they insert their equipment which sucks out the fat.

Needless to say in the images following the operation she looked like she had been kicked on the inner thigh by a bull.  The results were best described as strange.  Yes she had a streamlined thigh with no sign of body fat on the inside but her outer thigh and hips were by contrast at odds with this.

To me that gap looks like you have something wrong with you, either malnutrition or some sort of dietary deficiency like rickets that causes bow legs.  Not a look which women should want to emulate.

The woman on this morning’s program said she liked the fact that her skinny jeans looked straighter now she’s had it done.  Hmmm.

What do you think?

At Gym, It’s Getting Hot In Here

It's Getting Hot In HereI’ve been going to the same gym for about 8 years now but the last 3 months have been in the newly revamped form it is now.  The old company shed a lot of its nationwide gyms and this new owner took the existing sites on.

So now we have a new interior and flooring and all the latest equipment but no steam room or Jacuzzi because this is a no frills gym.

That I don’t mind because to be honest I just want to get in there, do my stuff and go home for a shower and a cup of tea.

Here comes the moan.

All this would work so nice and smoothly if it wasn’t for the problems I’m having getting them to turn down the air con in the matted area I workout in.  For the first couple of weeks it was lovely and cool but the temperature has been gradually creeping up.  And now I don’t think they even bother having it on in there.

I’ve tried complaining to the “Staff” and have had various answers from them, some contradictory and others just plain bullshit.

Here are the questions I have a asked and what I’ve received as a reply:

Why is it so hot in that area but not out here?

We can’t control the air con it’s controlled at head office.

I was amazed with this one, I think he thought I was born yesterday.  I was so astonished that I didn’t say anything after that, the look of amazement on my face probably said it all.  Lol

People have complained that it’s too cold.

My response to that one, then why don’t they put a sweatshirt on?

They would probably pull a muscle if they did that.

At this point I thought he was really taking the piss.

The minimum temperature should be no lower than 19 degrees.

I said I would look into that as one of my friends works in Health & Safety.

At this point I thought it would be quite amusing to raise his awareness that it is easier for the ones who don’t want to get too hot at gym to add clothing than it is for me to take it off.

I then asked if I could bring my mat and all my equipment out in to the main area where it was cooler then and he pointed out I could workout upstairs.  Just one thing, I would be right in the way of the guys who use the TX training frame.  His suggestion  was based on the fact that they have mats around the area.

As you can tell I’m getting more than a little frustrated here.

I ask you.  Who goes to gym with no intention of sweating?

I’m not giving up.  All suggestions will be duly noted because I’m running out of common sense to throw at them.  Lol

Gym Insights

Gym InsightsI’ve decided due to popular demand to give you regular updates on the daily goings on at my local gym.  It’s a bit like visiting the local zoo as the behaviour in some cases resembles that displayed by animals but enough of that later.  Lol

Nursing a hangover this morning, I decided it would be a wise idea to venture down to the gym in the afternoon post lunch.

When I got there the car park was relatively quiet compared to previous weekend visits, probably relates to the ongoing Easter holidays for local schools.

Once inside I took my seat on a bike as I do for warm up, 5 mins at 86 revs per min followed by intermittent 1 min bursts at 113 plus for a further 5 mins.

Approximately 1 minute in I noticed an oddly matched couple height wise to my left.  They appeared to be taking turns on the same equipment.  She was petite and he was gangly but trying hard to develop those “T-Shirt Muscles”.  😀

She was an attractive petite brunette, which was probably the reason why I noticed them in the first place.  😉

I’m cycling along then he starts up with a loud snort.  I carried on trying to block him out.  The again came the deep sorting and sniffing. Again, I carried on trying to ignore the pig in the corner.  But he continued to switch between sorting and sniffing.

My stomach began to churn and remember all of this is over the music playing out from the gym’s PA.

Then came his Pièce de résistance in full view of the open atrium he decided it would be a good idea to poke his nose.

You would think with him being in view of so many people he would have thought twice about this manoeuvre, but no.

In many ways I like this new incarnation of my former gym but I also miss the quality of the cliental of the old one.


The Porn Pendulum

Hannah Shaw Sucking CockWhat is about porn that makes it an ever-present feature of my life since I entered puberty?

The answer is of course incredibly simple, sex is a fundamental human function and libido, lust, desire and the sexual urge are programmed into all of us, particularly the male of the species. Porn may not be real sex but it provides an outlet for the basest forms of our sexual desires and there can be nothing more base than the desires of a male, especially a male in their adolescent years. Without wanting to sound like some politically correct over-compensating guy chasing a feminist agenda, do we guys ever really grow up in this respect?

I mean I for one still like to watch porn and I do like to look at pictures of provocative and sexy women. So does that make me juvenile or just a normal guy who doesn’t mind admitting that they are stimulated by visual imagery?

Leaving that question to one side I’ll return to the original reason for my post and a revelation that only occurred to me when I was writing an article recently. The porn pendulum has swung one way then the other over the course of human history and finally split in two. The question is do we want to repair it?

To clarify that rather cryptic assertion let me explain what I mean.

Many years ago when the first pornography appeared it was initially honest and purely about sex. In prehistoric times and into the pre-Christian, pre-Judaism depictions of male and female human forms, nude and often copulating were unashamed and literal. While often linked with rituals such as those depicting and encouraging fertility by invoking or soliciting favours from pagan gods they were essentially a depiction of what we as humans saw around us at the time – sex, conception and birth. OK and I’m sure a certain amount of sexual pleasure was derived from them too.

There is some evidence to indicate that during the course of the development of the ancient Egyptian culture the Pharaoh would rise every morning and as a tribute to or to perhaps prove himself related to the gods would masturbate just before sunrise. His climax would either initiate, or celebrate the rising of the sun and cement him as the ruler with power over the heavens and the earth. Whether as he got older and a little less virile the Pharaoh would delegate this task to one of his priests, or if the masturbatory act was symbolic rather than literal is somewhat debateable after several thousand years. However the potency of such an image of a male figure ejaculating as the source of life is undeniable and depending on how some of the mythological texts of Egypt are translated the initial act of creation can be read as one of their gods seeding the heavens with his own ejaculation.

Many religions emphasise the cycle of life and its intrinsic bond with sex and procreation. It’s only as religion becomes more about control that we see sex, nudity and even the beauty of the human body treated as sinful and things to be hidden. Funny that considering that if you believe in a divine creator you also believe some of the stuff he/she/it devised and created is too terrible to look at or even discuss. LOL

Later as religion and its associated restriction and universal hypocrisy began to proliferate depictions of human copulation and, heaven forbid (literally), sexual pleasure were seen as sinful. So artists and the connoisseurs of sexually suggestive visuals were forced to create “art” that featured the naked human form for public and semi-public display. As religious strictures  tightened various underground pornographic depictions developed from hand drawn images, through engravings and other forms of printing, then photography, movies, video and now online.

Where many religions tried to suppress eroticism and pornography human intellect, ingenuity and technology subvert the controls and lead us to where we are today.

When films and magazines were just that, physical items that required a printing press or bulky cameras, developing labs and projection equipment the ability of the man or woman in the street to produce their own media was severely limited or non-existent. That’s where technology has altered the way we look at all sorts of media, no self-publishing is easy, free and to a greater or lesser extend unregulated.

Take porn movies, as that’s where I really started with this blog post. Studios moved from film to video as soon as the technology allowed because it decreased the cost of production, duplication and distribution. It also meant they could produce content that was easily moved to other countries and easily consumed by a rapidly increasing number of consumers with video recorders. However this was also the start of the incessant and accelerating attrition of the studio’s profits.

Porn videos could be made by virtually anyone, though at a much lower quality if all you have is a consumer quality camera, bad lighting and cheap duplication equipment. Professionally made videos can be copied too.

When DVDs and digital cameras came along the problems got worse as once in digital format there is no loss of quality when a DVD is copied.

Then came the Tube Sites. Free clips, often genuinely amateur but more often simply teasers for online downloads meant that DVD sales are falling and copying is far easier because in the arms race between those seeking to protect content to ensure revenues for the producers and the army of hackers out there eager to break the copy protection it’s the hackers who it seems will always win.

So finally I come back to the split in the pendulum of porn I was talking about. Studio produced porn will not disappear, it is undoubtedly the most watchable in terms of quality. But what’s more important is that it’s controlled and regulated. The amateur (and amateur looking) movies are increasingly popular for all sorts of reason because of their raw, voyeuristic, “it could be you fucking this girl” aura.

Both types of content will coexist, both being ripped off and exploited by pirates and home copiers for the foreseeable future. The professional studios will keep trying to find ways to fund their output as sales revenues fail to cover the cost of productions and the back room productions will churn out output too. Maybe it’s not a pendulum anymore swinging from puritanism to open acceptance of porn and erotica – maybe the whole spectrum of views on human sexuality can exist simultaneously?

So why should you worry?

One word answer – regulation.

Properly produced studio porn is regulated. If you live in the UK for example even the R18 certification has limits on what can and cannot be depicted. I’m not one for censorship but there are certain lines that should not be crossed and in a highly competitive world someone other than the studios and producers has to make sure rules are followed. But more importantly is that unregulated porn puts the performers at risk of physical injury, STIs, and plain exploitation.

So when you ask, “Why should I care about uncertified movies?” or tell yourself that copying porn movies is a “victimless” crime or complain that there aren’t as many good quality titles appearing as there used to be. Just have a good look in the mirror – even if you don’t care that the thousands of people employed by the porn movie industry could be forced out of work surely you must care that the alternative to paying for your porn is the potential for producers in countries without regulation to exploit vulnerable performers?


New Media Asses and Trolls

AssI wrote this last year in December so it’s not exactly contemporaneous but it’s still valid. It didn’t get published for some reason, an accidental omission on my part, but what I say in it still stands so I’m publishing it now.


There was a time when some newspapers could be trusted to report the new more or less accurately. Admittedly that was a while ago and they have always displayed a political bias that coloured some if not all of the stories they printed but it was an honest bias that you could account for when you read them.

Now newspapers have to compete with the newer media that began with radio and have evolved through TV and into the digital age. This has changed them and all other types of media. The increase in completion does at best create diversity, but for the most part it can simply mean that editors and journalists simply look for the most sensational angle on a story.

The worst examples of this are stories involving sex and sexuality. Sex sells and accuracy of reporting seems to be secondary to gaining readers if a little hyperbole can make a bit of gossip into a juicy story. The slightest whiff that a public figure has been indiscrete or heaven forbid displayed a non-hetero sexuality can lead to huge indignant headlines that are bound to draw in the readers.

After that things snowball and old acquaintances suddenly pop out of the woodwork to spill the beans on teenage fumblings, drunken ramblings in the university bar or flirting with a colleague at a Christmas party.

This is why for the most part I’m pleasantly surprised that reporting of the arrests around the Saville case has been relatively responsible; Though much of this restraint has no doubt been driven by the fact that the Levison Report has just been published and any sort of journalistic hysteria over the case would have had the same effect as putting your genitals in a sleeping tiger’s mouth then flicking its nose.

What Levison doesn’t tackle is social media. Indeed it’s difficult to imagine what can control the amount of reporting that goes on over social media. The revolution around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other channels out there that allow us all to be reporters and photojournalists simply by carrying a mobile phone has swept the world forward at such a speed I can’t ever see the lawmakers keeping up. Even if most of them weren’t totally non-conversant with the technology, its impact and the uses to which the rest of the world puts it law takes time. It has to be crafted, considered, passed by elected houses of government and then enacted in statute. This may be occasionally bureaucratic but it is necessary, a bad law is worse than no law at all as it allows the guilty to go free and clever lawyers to get rich in the process.

We need laws that allow dimwits who threaten to blow up airports to be recognised as such and merely rapped on the knuckles for being a bell end rather than wasting millions on trials and appeals. But at the same time we need to be able to stop people making false claims and accusations based on here say or simply lying to increase their twitter following and Facebook “likes”.

I am a total believer in the principle of innocent until proven guilty – no matter what the crime someone is accused of. Without it we are no better than the selfish, greedy and sometimes simply evil people that break our laws.

So why on Facebook, Twitter etc do people feel that they can make comments, accusations and statements that they either know to be untrue or are simply made for effect? Because they are cretins at best or at worst they are cowardly bullies and trolls who hide behind the perceived anonymity of The Web.

Why the proceeding post? Well in this last week I’ve seen people connected with a news story reported in the national press derided, insulted and bullied simply because of their association with an alleged criminal. It made me sick to my stomach because it showed the worst side of human nature. When I was in the playground we all called each other names and it hurt, but as you get older you realise the damage words can do and how cruel bullying is.

The thing is most of us grow up and become adults. I pity those of us that don’t.