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Being Naughty In Germany

eroFame 2012It’s almost that time of year again as we make our final arrangements to visit the eroFame show in Hanover, Germany again.

eroFame is Europe’s largest B2B event and now in its 3rd year, every year sees the event increasing in size and reach with participants coming from all corners of the globe to show their wares.

For us it’s a time to catch up with old friends in the adult industry and to make new ones.  We also get the chance to see the latest sex toys and pick up some freebies for testing and review.  Customs must have fun scanning my suitcase on the way back.  Lol

This year we are excited to be featured on the Net 1 On 1 stand, where we will be offering our wealth of knowledge on their Loving Joy range.  This company have been working with and supporting Sex Toys Buzz since our inception and we are proud to be part of their experienced team this year.

So, if you are attending the show make sure you come over and say Hi.  It’s always a pleasure to meet new people in the industry.  We will also be reporting for Xbiz so make sure you let us know if you have anything of interest we should cover.

I’ll be sending back updates and pics from the show so stay tuned.

Casual Sex, If you Want it

Adult DatingI tried to think back and identify when I realised that people sometimes just have sex for the fun of it. It has to have been some time after I realised that sex was what “made babies”. In fact I think the order of my revelations about sex, its practical use and the real fun bit was probably – sex makes babies, people who are married have sex to make babies, sex is enjoyable, some people have sex before marriage (Oooh that was shocking and much disapproved of by my parents!) , some people have sex then don’t get married and finally some people have causal sex.

Of course since then I’ve found out about swinging and kinkiness, alternative sexualities and BDSM … which brings me to my point in writing this. Who on earth did people with, erm, unusual sexual requirements find each other, date and jump on each other’s bones before online dating?

The answer is I think you’ll agree that it was all a bit hit and miss. Yes you could use an old-school dating agency but did many of them have a tick box on their application forms for “Likes to be dominated” or “Only interested in a fuck-buddy”. As I’ve never used one I can’t be entirely sure that such an avant guarde agency didn’t exist I don’t think that rubber fetish and swinging ever featured highly at the old paper based agencies. Come to think of it if dating agencies had been that adventurous then maybe there wouldn’t have been so many unhappy marriages.

The Internet has changed all that. Gone are the furtive trips to an agency because much like purchasing a sex toy it can all be done online from the privacy of your own home, no matter how unusual your requires in a future partner might be. And just like buying a sex toy online, dating via an online dating site can be much more fulfilling too with a huge number of prospective partners too. As with all things in life despite huge numbers of people using such sites not everyone is going to register online to find their perfect partner but just like slipping behind the darkened window of a sex shop only to discover they don’t quite have what you’re looking for using online adult dating doesn’t restrict you as dating agencies used to.

The ability to message other users of a dating site, maybe chat online and get to know them before making a move has a great deal of appeal. And of course avoid making the wrong choice …

Do you know, a few years ago I would not have used a dating site but if I was single now I might join one. Mainly to see what it was like, test the waters and discover who was out there looking for love (or a lusty causal encounter). I’m not saying I’d be jumping in to bed with a different member every night, but that’s the beauty of a site like that, you choose what you do or don’t engage in. And if you do hook up where might it lead?

This post was brought to you by XXX Sex Guides

Giving Oral Sex With A Russian Twist

Blow JobOver the years I’ve been working in the adult industry I’ve only actually seen one Eastern European porn movie “Moscow MILFs” and that wasn’t I’m afraid the biggest turn on I’ve ever experienced.  Somehow I just don’t tend to associate Russia in particular with sex or even being sexy. But maybe that’s due to a bad experience with a cheaply produced adult movie.

Well, apparently now it’s time for the proud and independent Russians to change all that as its ladies are enrolling on a 3 ½ hour “Art Of Oral Sex” course.  The course itself costs 85 Euros and covers a wide range of subjects including everything from application of condoms to locating the erogenous zones on their men and also themselves.

They all look happy devouring their Doc Johnson realistic dongs what do you think?

Clitoral Reluctance

Reluctant Clitoris

I don’t know if this a psychological or physiological thing but sometimes my clit just doesn’t want to play and no matter how much I try to stimulate it with an adult toy it just isn’t having it.

You can get so close, really aroused and almost coming but edge all the way through a potential orgasm.  Experience tells me that it’s not always the product I’m testing that’s not quite delivering.

Sometimes it is down to the sex toy not hitting the mark or a lack of lubrication around your clitoris. The simple addition of water based lubricant or even spit can aid clitoral stimulation.  It took me a while to realise this but the wetter you are when indulging in clitoral play the more you tend to feel.

This became apparent, particularly during my sex toy testing throughout the Summer months.  I was obviously drying out with the heat and not realising it.  A few drops of lube sorted this out and enabled me to continue to enjoy playing with my toys.

The need to use a sexual lubricant isn’t always apparent, especially when you believe that your personal levels are usually adequate.  But sometimes, particularly during the Summer months you can be quite arid when it comes to natural lubrication and additional help is required. Plus as we get older all women can require additional help with lubrication.

However if lubrication is there and you have the right toy to hand you can still find yourself on the verge of an orgasm but never quite reaching it. Change the batteries and make sure the damn thing is charged, that’s caught me out before! Thinking my favourite rechargeable clitoral vibrator is fully charged and actually it being on the verge of fizzling out – a quick charge and woohoo! Or using batteries that have been hanging around in a drawer for years only to realise after a disappointing session with a bullet that they expired two years earlier Lol.

Finally there’s what I alluded to at the beginning, the problem can be in your head. If you’re tense, pissed off or just too tired your brain seems to be wired differently and no amount of industrial strength stimulation on that wonderful little bud between your vaginal lips will get you off.

My advice? Fresh batteries or a good long recharge on your clitoral stimulator, a nice hot bath, a glass of wine and some lube. Then you can lay back and let the magic happen.

And when you do cum, let yourself go. Fuck the neighbours, let them bang on the wall. Scream your heart out and feel those endorphins course through your body.

Power At The Plate

Exercise MachineI’ve been going to gym for some time now and one piece of equipment totally mystifies me.  The Power Plate.  What the fuck is it supposed to do?

As I’m doing my planks, situps and cardio I am totally bemused by the string of people who elect to place their hips, arms and other body parts on the rumbling plate.  What the fuck is this supposed to do?

I watch in awe as women hold themselves in position to be…vibrated!  Lol And then minutes later they step away from the machine with no sweat or obvious exertion visible.  How exactly is this machine supposed to tone the body?

From an observers point of view it looks as if wobbling body fat and loosening joints is supposed to be good for you.  The people who invented this line of machinery really do deserve an award for designing a machine which appears to take all the hard work out of fitness training. But isn’t that the point of training, expending energy to lose weight and get fit?

Can anyone explain how this rumble plate is supposed to tone and define the body because I can’t reason an answer.