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Australia Land of Opportunity And Opposites

Australian BabeAustralia has an up and down relationship with the adult business, no pun intended. Their politicians, either reflecting the views of the voting public or maybe the swing voters to be wooed before one impending election or another have made adult content on the Internet, sex toys and prostitution all matters of debate and shifting legislation.

No right-thinking person can deny that when it comes to any adult business, be that one selling vibrators to an escort agency then children should be protected and those working in the Business should be doing so of their own free will. So while Australia seems to want to be liberal and open so that sex workers for example can be regulated and protected the country seems to be pulled first one way then the other by national legislation and then Federal amendments to the legislation.

Your average guy or girl looking for a paid, one-night partner in Australia needs to know the rules and where it’s legal and illegal to enlist the services of a professional in these matters. Escorts of course all over the world can be hired for non-sexual services, company or simply an evening of pleasant companionship. So long as no money changes hands for sexual services and services are not advertised as sexual even in places like the UK, being an escort is a legitimate and legal occupation. But in Australia the availability of legal prostitutes and the profession’s regulation can lead to the unwary falling foul of the law if they don’t understand its nuances.

For example the only place (currently at time of writing) where street prostitution is legal is in New South Wales, where some groups are calling for it to be re-criminalised. In the eastern half of the Australian mainland, NSW, Queensland and Victoria you can currently keep a registered brothel with multiple sex workers. Yet in the western half of the country and Tasmania only prostitutes working from their own, registered homes are legal. Or at least that’s the way I read it. And of course that might change as state legislatures amend legislation in tune with their constituent’s perceived views.

What this boils down to is that since 1992 registered sex workers can operate legally with varying degrees of freedom in all states of Australia. And if you are not already in contact with a suitable partner for the evening seeking out a partner from an established agency or website can facilitate that. Take Australian Babe, a website that has been trading for nearly 10 years putting workers and their clients in touch via its listings and classified ads.

If you believe prostitution should be legal and regulated then this sort of website provides a way to hook-up in a country where prostitution is legal, if you’re against it then you may have other views but just as the exchange of money for sex is illegal in the UK its legality is enshrined in law in Australia and means that sites like “Australian Babe” are part of a service industry like any other. They offer the opportunity for a paid-for-partner who matches your particular tastes be that blonde, brunette, redhead, tall, short, slim or full figured. The honesty of the service is quite refreshing because there is no ambiguity about the transaction for either party.

5 Strange Sex Facts from Around the World

tender sexSex. A three letter word topping the international agenda, whether you’re purity driven politician or carnally adventurous blogger, sex is a pivotal part of society, online and off – after all, without the Sperm Survivor Series, you wouldn’t be around to read this. Reproduction aside, coitus is an undignified biological requirement, think about it for a moment, is it possible to look elegant when biting your lip and making crazy eyes at the ceiling? No. Do you consider the thump-thump-thump of next doors bed head against the paper thin walls of your apartment soothing and atmospheric? Not really. Do we often parade our Naughty but Nice purchases around the dinner party table, discussing the various applications of ticklers and stringed beads? Not lately.

Human sexuality is beautiful, diverse and downright eclectic; imagine you were an alien uninitiated into the ways of kinks, quirks and specifics, what would you make of the melting pot of appetites, devised to satiate and surprise? Would you turn ship and run away, or broadcast a multi-dimensional display of bodies back to home base? Maybe both, after you derived these ten fun though highly whacky facts about getting down and dirty.


Are you a closet lover of feeling a little breathless during a roll in the sack? 500 Americans take it a step too far every year and go the full hog, for too long. What does that mean? Erotic asphyxiation certainly gets the motor running for some people, it’s a valid choice in a treasure trove of BDSM moves. Something to remember though, it can have fatal consequences if things go wrong or the brink suddenly fades into a white, shining light.


The Swiss are an extremely hospitable and socially progressive people, brewing some of the best beers in the world and wowing travellers with its affable perspective on sex, homosexuality and escorts. Leave it to the Netherlands to lead the world in creating a safe environment for industrious sex workers – sex drive ins (enter obligatory Happy Meal quip here) are a secure alternative to walking the streets, located a little way out of central Zurich, where patrons drive into garages and visit their chosen paramour. The facility is guarded by professionals, and medical and psychological professionals are always in attendance. Safe and sane sex. Can’t hate on that.


The sexual agency of women has always been problematic for some segments of society; thankfully, we’re beginning to shrug off this double standard of assumed propriety and purity, as if only men are amorous and passionate beings. Am I right, ladies? From 1758 to 1966, Ireland dealt with feminine promiscuity harshly, even pre-teens with paranoid parents were allowed to house their children in the abusive Magdalene Asylums, slave factories dedicated to laundering the clothes of the upper middle to affluent classes, labouring over needle work and abandoning anything that classified them sexually, forced to shave their heads and bind their breasts.


What can I say? Some like it hot, hard and long, and the men of the US are no exception. Despite popular opinion that homosexual porn is for homosexuals, transsexual porn is for transsexuals, and heterosexual porn is for heterosexuals, the browser history of straight guys seems to suggest otherwise. Two neuroscientists researched one billion internet searches from one hundred million people, attempting to discern what men (and women) want in the States. The results? Transgender porn is the fourth most popular porn category on the internet, with a high concentration of heterosexual males returning for repeated viewing. While this isn’t particularly weird, it does make you wonder; have you cleared your cache lately?

Papua New Guinea

Let’s head down under now for a spot of tribal play in the luscious hills of Papua New Guinea. The Trobiander tribe certainly know how to have a good time; imagine a society where sex is so normal and accepted that even six year old girls are doing it. It’s a-okay. And slut shaming regarding what she wore? It’s difficult for the haters to find anything to say when most women going topless on a routine basis. Strangely enough, sex on a first date is totally normal, but a meal? Big N-O, chowing down together is saved for after marriage.

Free Porn And Sex In Hotel Rooms

Hanover HotelOn previous visits to the fair we have stayed in the partner hotel where most of the exhibitors tend to be staying.  This gives you the opportunity to have impromptu chats in the communal areas of the hotel.

Unfortunately we missed out this year because we booked later than normal and weren’t staying at the Best Western.  Instead we were booked in to a hotel that the event hadn’t used before.

So it was with trepidation we arrived outside the doors of the Dormero Hotel in the heart of Hanover.  The drive had been a swift one as the traffic wasn’t too bad but even so it was still late afternoon when we arrived.

After checking in we made our way to the lift and up to our floor.  The hallways were fairly understated with runway lights accommodated in the skirting boards.

I took a deep breath as Alex slipped the room key in the door and the lock slid open.  He pushed open the door and we were pleasantly surprised by the clean finished, contemporary style of the room.

There was a very nice slate tiled bathroom to the left of the door which again was styled in a contemporary way.  No bath but I never have one any way, preferring showers.

On the wall facing the bead were two large flat screens, the one on the left for surfing the internet and the other television.

On the desk area below was a card welcoming us to the Domero saying that the mini bar (don’t get excited it had one beer and 3 soft drinks.) Film channel, Internet & gym were all free!  That’s a first and a very welcome one at that.

Next came the fun part.  The lighting.

In the panels behind the bed and flat screens were mounted colour changing lights.  Not only could you select a mood colour but you could also adjust its intensity.

Well I’ll tell you this feature kept me amused for hours during our stay.  I think I tried every colour palette and combo.  A really great toy.

The only down side, if you could call it that, was that the bed was a couple of singles pushed together.  But having tested them thoroughly during the trip I can say they are both comfortable and stable you just have to keep out of the gap.  Lol

By the time we had unpacked it was too late to attend the first day of the show.  Which we suspected would happen due to our flight being in the afternoon.  Next year we will probably fly over the day before.

So we decided to settle in for the night and go downstairs to eat dinner.  The restraint was very nice as was the food.  I opted for a homemade burger with all the trimmings and some NY cheesecake.

Suitably stuffed we made our way back to the room ready for an early start and you can guess what happened then.  😉

eroFame 2013 Trip – The Journey

eroFame 2013

eroFame 2013

The day had finally come to make our way over to Hanover, Germany.  It had been 3 long months since our last industry show and we were more than a little excited to be finally on our way.

Although our cat wasn’t enthralled with the idea and buggered off somewhere out of the way with a doleful look on his face.  It’s amazing how much he resembles Puss In Boots with those big eyes.  lol

It was typically British weather wise when we left with grey skies and rain looming although the air temperature was still reasonable for the time of year.

Our journey was relatively uneventful except for a couple of drivers who nearly ran us off the road.

We arrived at our destination in good time for our flight which is always a relief. And delighted that we opted to pay that little extra for the “Drop & Go” service believing that we would simply hand over our car keys to the concierge at the gate and be able to walk off in to the airport lounge whilst they parked the car.


What this service actually turned out to be was that we parked the car and then scanned the airport car park for the service.  We finally spotted where we should be.  It was the small portacabin at the bottom end of the car park.

We drove the car down and handed over the keys, then had to walk across the full length of the car park to the terminal entrance with your luggage.  Great service indeed.  Next time we’ll save our money.  Lol

As we’d booked everything on line we were able to do our own checkin which was straight forward.  Now we just had to clear security which usually involves me having to take of my shoes and be felt up by a security guard whilst Alex gets apprehended for having a suspicious item of hand luggage.  Last time it was his camera which needed a thorough investigation for some reason.

There’s usually a hold up.  To my surprise this time I sailed through but as you may have already guessed Alex got pulled over for having his iPad in his rucksack.  Lol

By now we were starving having had no breakfast before leaving so we decide to have a full English breakfast at Wetherspoons.  And I don’t think I will be eating there any time soon.  It was cold and very unappetising. 🙁

Then the next thing we know the gate is open and we are boarding the plane.  It was small and bijoux and this time we weren’t near the wings and the constant drone of the engines.  The flight was reasonably comfortable and we were glad we ate as you don’t get anything to eat gratis with Fly Be.

Touchdown was good and we cleared the airport in reasonable time.  Albeit too late to attend the first day of the show, next year we will have to book a flight the day before to ensure we get there.

The taxi ride to our hotel was comfortable, a brand new Mercedes Benz…what else in Germany…

The Thing About Escorts Is …

Escort Agencies

Escort Agencies

If you were to mention the services provided by an escort agency you might get a very mixed response no matter what company you keep. The reason is simple, like a lot of professions the whole idea of paying someone for their company comes with a lot of baggage and preconceptions that colours people’s views of the concept let alone the organisations and people involved in facilitating escort services.

Predominantly of course it’s men who seek out female company from an organisation like ‘Select Sydney Escorts‘  but what sort of men do that?

You’d be very, very surprised.  Many people have the stereotypical view that it’s only high-flying businessmen who enlist the services of an escort for an evening. After all hiring an attractive companion who can conduct herself well and appropriately, converse intelligently and provide the company you want carries a certain price tag. Yet the range of people who use escort agencies is huge, from your stereotypical millionaire to the ordinary Joe in the street.

I know this because I know a number of escorts and I know the variety of clients who engage their services. There are guys who save up for months simply to be able to spend an evening with their favourite girl, they enjoy the time spent in the company of someone who makes no demands on them other than the simple financial transaction and gives them the opportunity to step outside of their normal lives with someone who is both an instant friend and a total stranger. There is no fall-out the day after, no pressure to call, just the memory of an evening spent relaxing, dining, perhaps seeing a show with a woman whose company they enjoy.

It’s not uncommon for a couple and a single to engage the services of an escort if they are going out for a meal, nobody wants to be the “gooseberry” and escorts can make an awkward threesome at the dinner table a nicely balanced foursome.

It’s difficult to explain to anyone who sees the role of an escort as somewhat unwholesome that it’s actually a service industry like any other service industry. Yes there may be some agencies, some models and some clients who see using an escort as something other than a way to obtain congenial companionship but that’s why you should choose the agency you use carefully. When procuring any service you make an informed choice and select a provider you feel you can trust.

One of the worst kept secrets in the industry is that many of the escorts on an agency’s books are also models. It stands to reason of course because if you are young, intelligent and good looking (male or female) it makes sense to maximise your earnings by having more than one career. Such an agency is ‘Models Escort Agency‘  whose escorts are almost without exception also models who would be just as at home in front of a camera as on the arm of a client on the way to the theatre.

Without knowing how escort agencies actually work it’s easy to see how misconceptions about them arise but speaking as someone who knows the people who actually work as escorts I have to say the intriguing world of escorts and escort agencies is not quite what you might think