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Women Who Enjoy Sex Don’t Have To Be Sluts

Hannah ShawThe use of one word really annoys me, “Slut”.

When I was growing up it meant a woman (yes just a woman because there’s no equivalent for a man apparently) who would cavort with anyone. By which I mean anything from a grope after a drunken night out to getting naked in public and even sex with pretty much anyone and everyone. But like many things in this world the meaning of the word slut and the context in which it is used has changed dramatically.

For some the label of slut is still laden with negative connotations, but some women have taken on the word and adopted it in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable.

I am all for women empowering themselves and taking ownership of how they are perceived. I also support women enjoying sex, expressing and exploring their own sexuality yet from what I can see the adoption of the word slut does tend to indicate a surrender of your own personality, a surrender of control  to another and the total abrogation of responsibility for your own enjoyment, safety and destiny to another person. Then by implication the only way you can derive enjoyment is to “become the slut” for the enjoyment of your partner or partners.

Maybe my lack of understanding of this is all because I am not submissive in this form. I can be, but only to my partner Suze. On the whole we share power and exchange it between us in the bedroom, though more often than not I am the Top. But submissive doesn’t have to mean debased or humiliated and that’s what I feel calling yourself a slut does.

OK, so for many people that may be their thing, the state of mind that turns them on and pushes all their buttons. I respect that. However while I understand and enjoy BDSM, role playing, power exchange and all sorts of sexual practices I can’t understand the urge to become a “slut” or how anyone would derive pleasure, fulfilment or peace from it. Moreover I can’t get my head round, as a dominant partner how taking that step beyond control and direction into subjugation and humiliation would give me pleasure.

And there it is, it wouldn’t give me pleasure but I’m not everyone. So long as you want to be someone’s slut, and they are not taking advantage of that need in a way that is anything other than mutually agreeable and satisfying then I will not judge. Even if the concept puzzles me.


December Sex Toy Roundup

Njoy Fun Wand

Njoy Fun Wand

Historically the run up to Christmas tends to be quiet in the sex toy world with most manufacturers opting to wait until the first shows of the season like ANME in the US to reveal their latest wares.

This year, on Wednesday this week, Lelo will be launching a brand new toy which offers stimulation in a whole new way.  But I can’t tell you any more than this until they officially launch.

And guess who’s down to be one of the first UK reviewers to receive one of their new vibrators.  Yep, little old me and I can’t wait to give it a try having seen a video of it.  😉

I’m sure they won’t be the only adult toy manufacturers to reveal their latest products at the show and I’ll be keeping my eyes open on the industry news to ensure that you dear reader get to know what’s out there and just how good it is.

So for now all I can say is watch this space for updates and Sex Toys Buzz for the latest product reviews.

Things will be quiet on the adult show front until the end of the year now because Alex and I will be taking a long awaited break when the UK adult show is running in June.  So this year we won’t be in Birmingham but in Canada.

I’ll keep you posted on that too as we drive through some of the most spectacular countryside and mountains.  Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter as @Redsuze for pictures and updates.

But for now can I remind you not to forget If you haven’t already joined the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter you should, as well as getting the latest adult product news you can get your hands on FREE sex toys each month by signing up for the Sex Toys Buzz Newsletter and being part of the monthly giveaway draw. There is nothing to pay and no competition to enter, simply sign up and keep your fingers crossed that you are one of the lucky winners. Go and sign up now.

So here’s what we’ve been pleasuring ourselves with on the run up to Christmas.  😉

Butch Cassidy From Adrien Lastic

Tie & Tease Game 

Key Pyxis From Jopen

Fleshlight Lady Lager Masturbator

Revive Rabbit From Blush Novelties

2 From Adrien Lastic 


Post Christmas Recovery

Young Harlot Dropping PantiesHaving lost a close family member before Christmas took its toll in many ways which obviously manifested in the lack of updates here.  As you can all appreciate it’s difficult to keep up a sex blog when it’s difficult to keep it up!


But having taken some time out I have now find my blogging legs again and want to share with you all as I always have.

This blog was born out of sheer horniness which I wanted to share with you all.  My sex drive was so high that the overspill had to find a refuge and that was here on AlexSuze.  😉

Life takes its toll but also enriches us as a person and much as I have grown over the years so has this blog.

My thoughts for 2014 are that we take a deep breath are restore our thoughts to those naughty notes that you all enjoy.  And to do that I need to restore the “Me” that was taken by tragedy.

I would like to say a big thank you to all of you that hung on in there and had the faith to believe we would get this show back on the road.

In other news you should check out the completely revamped and inspired Sex Toys Buzz site which Alex has worked late in to the night on many days to bring to the fore.

So I wish you all a belated “Happy new year and a very naughty 2014”.