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Canada Here We Come!

Nice Beaver

Nice Beaver

Losing my father towards the end of last year awoke something in me.  I decided that I was going to live life to the full.

He was taken from me at a relatively young age by today’s standards and didn’t even get time to enjoy his pension and retirement.  I was determined the same thing isn’t going to happen to me.  Things were going to happen before I reached my dotage.

So I decided to slip off to the travel agents and book the holiday of a lifetime (well, at least until the next one.  Lol).  I’ve booked a 15 day fly drive in the west of Canada.

It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for years and I’m so excited to be making it happen.  Last year’s trip to NYC was fantastic, it’s a place I would love to return to one day but for me Canada has always been a dream.

I fly out in June and will be taking lots of pics so make sure you follow me on Instagram here and on my FaceBook page here.

And before you say it about the image. Yes, nice beaver isn’t it!

Sunday Morning Masturbation

hard nipplesI haven’t written about our sex lives for ages but events this morning made me realise I just had to let you know about some of the things we get up to. I know some of you like to read about what we get up to, but too often we are so busy enjoying ourselves and doing our sex toy reviews that we simply don’t get chance to tell you about it.

Like I said, what just happened made me realise I had to write to you about the marvellous way I was woken up this morning.

I woke to feel Alex’s hard cock pressed into the small of my back. He was moving slowly, grinding himself into me and I soon felt the slick wetness of precum lubricating the skin of his penis against the small of my back.

“What do you want?” I asked, teasing him. It was pretty obvious what he was after.

He mumbled something indistinct then “Suze, I love yourrngh.” He was still asleep and dreaming about me. I wanted to wake him and feel him inside me but didn’t want to spoil his Sunday lie-in so decided to pleasure myself instead. I was tingling at the thought of what pervy little dream Alex would be having about me because when he tells me about his dreams he usually surprises me with the devilish and ingenious sexual scenarios that his unconscious mind creates.

My pussy lips were buzzing with blood already making them swell. I moved my legs, gently so as not to disturb him and wake him from what was obviously an absorbing encounter with me because his hips had started to grind hard against my buttocks. My hand was between my lips and sliding easily because of the copious wetness my filthy mind’s thoughts were causing.

I rubbed my clit, again gently so Alex could enjoy his dream without interruption but I so wanted to frantically frig myself to orgasm! The tension between my desires and my consideration for the owner of the throbbing member rubbing against the skin of my back was unbearable. I was teetering on the edge of a climax but not quite there for minute after minute.

Then Alex’s hand slowly reached around and grasped my breast and crushed it with a grip that made me bite my lip so as not to cry out with discomfort. “Suuuuuze.” He moaned and began to cum!

His hot sticky seed squirted between us and was spread across my back and his stomach by his constant grinding. I could feel each jet making us wetter and stickier. That was it, I came with a groan that turned into a scream of joy.

We both became still and for a minute or so the bedroom was silent.

Then Alex realised he had just had a wet dream. “Oh hell, I’m sorry. I err.”

I put my wet fingers over my shoulder and under his nose “Don’t be sorry.” I said as he sniffed them. “Don’t be sorry at all. Though, you can wipe my back if you like.”

A Typical Day At The Office

Young Harlots

Young Harlots

Do I have a typical day at the office?

Well it depends what day it is because for much of the week I’m working as a project manager and analyst for various commercial organisation. At night however and at the weekends you can guess that I’ll be working on the sites, reviewing sex toys or watching the latest porn DVD. I’ve got a DVD playing at the moment while I write this as it happens, a bit of necessary multi-tasking in a very busy life.

Luckily this one’s only got a runtime of 1 hour 45 minutes, not like some of the monster 3 hour epics that we seem to be getting through these days. Or even the new triple packs of previously released DVDs that allow the studios to re-release old content to give it a second life on the shelves of the local sex shop.

Funny, but despite it being a porn movie I now find myself looking at the acting, script, locations, camera and lighting. A real contrast from a decade ago where it was the sex that captured my attention. It’s probably because of the fact that I’ve seen all sorts of sex between all sorts of couples and groups of people. Frankly I can’t think of any other sexual activity or scenario that I haven’t seen and would like to. So it’s down to the technicalities.

That might sound dispassionate and maybe even missing the point of the titillation of porn but in fact it isn’t. What you actually realise after a while is that the porn, the sex, the titillation is all the more engaging and arousing if you are not distracted by the sound a guy getting into shot or the cameraman wobbling as he trips over a cable, or even the lack of a reflector that means a shot is so dim as to be wreathed in shadows.

You’ll be able to read the review over on Erotic Buzz shortly. Until then, I have a porn DVD review to write.