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Meeting Up With Adult Friends

Fetish Sex Toy ReviewsThat should actually read.  Meeting up with friends in the adult industry.  I’m talking eroFame here.  As I mentioned earlier, it has to be the largest B 2 B adult industry show in Europe.

Arriving as we did at the venue around lunch time it left very little time to concentrate our efforts on promoting our business and services.  So we decided to seek out people we currently work with and say “Hi”.

After all most of our clients are scattered across the world meaning we only get the opportunity to meet up at a couple of shows a year.

It was a busy first day and we managed to catch up with everyone briefly around potential customers on their stands.

Whilst strolling round I had my “Toydar” tuned in for any new products and I have to admit they were far and few between this year.  I had already been made aware of Lelo’s new Smart Beads as there was one winging its way to me from the Far East as I was at the show.

That would have to wait until I got home.

But the most intriguing toy was yet to come!  I didn’t discover that one until the last day of the show.  I’ll tell you more about it later.

When you have been involved in product testing for as long as I have, you start to have a very discerning eye.  And as a result can disregard many products at first glance.  For example, those who have blatantly copied another manufacturer, those which are damn right useless as anything other than a talking point and of course the ill-conceived idea.

One which immediately springs to mind as a complete miss in terms of price and function is an oversized, sander like vibrator which is both wieldy and noisy.  And its partner in crime a replica of an electronic screwdriver which makes your hand vibrate so fiercely I would worry about getting “vibration white finger”.

I can only assume that these products are truly “novelty items” as their usefulness as sexual pleasure objects is very questionable.

But hey!  It’s contributions to the adult toy market such as these which make for excellent PR even if for all the wrong reasons.  So hats off to them.  🙂

We didn’t stay for long as we were both tired from our early start and travel and left the hall for a rather Fast & Furious ride back to our hotel.  Seriously…does every taxi driver in Hannover drive like they are being pursued by the devil?  lol

eroFame, Five Years And Going Strong

eroFame 2014Since the first show way back in 2009 Alex and I have only missed one eroFame show.  It was the first to be held in its current venue the Messe showground in Hannover, Germany.

The show’s popularity has increased year upon year and it’s now the largest adult industry show of its kind in Europe.

This year we decided to attend all 3 days of the show, which runs from Wednesday through to Friday.  Flying back to the UK on the Saturday morning.

An early start was required to ensure that there would be enough left of the first day to take a wander around the show hall.  To be precise we had to rise at 2.30am to be at the airport for our 7am flight out to Hannover.

We attempted to go to bed at 7.30pm on Tuesday and get some rest.  We may as well have stayed awake because both of us had a problem with turning in at such an early hour.  It took me back to childhood, as that was the last time I retired to bed at that hour.  Lol

Regardless, we both dragged ourselves out of bed and made the flight on time.

A swift taxi ride (and I do mean a swift taxi ride) from the airport had us at our hotel in no time once we left the terminal.  I don’t know what it is about Hannover, or is it Germany in general?  But all the taxi drivers seem to drive like it’s the last time they’ll have to drive their Mercedes Benz.  No lie.

The Raddison Blu was clean and fresh with no frills, exactly what we like.  But FAILED when it came to in-room refreshments.  Yes, we know they need to make a profit by encouraging patrons out of their rooms to partake in their wares.  However, not supplying any tea and only two sachets of coffee on the beverage tray was a bit extreme.

If you were in to herbal tea then you were pretty much well catered for.  But we want caffeine in a morning FFS!  Lol

Anyway, enough of that…Oh and they didn’t have any English channels on the TV except news channels and forget it if you want to watch the BBC World.  Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox.

So we caught a taxi ride in to the fare once we had unpacked and freshened up.  Which meant we could take advantage of the rather splendid free buffet in the hall before strolling round.

Following a refuel of beef goulash and rice followed by a delicious mixed berry panna cotta we were ready to hit the floor running…