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Being Watched While A Stranger Gives You Head

Misty Stone

Misty Stone

Last night I got head from a porn star while Suze watched, and she loved it. OK so that’s a bit disingenuous because the porn star was actually one of the Fleshlight Girl range of male masturbators and I was initially using it so I could write up my review of it for Sex Toys Buzz. The review will appear in a few days time over there but for now I’ll recount what Suze did for me 😉

I had set myself up with the Misty Stone Fleshlight and some lube before laying back in bed with my erect cock buried in a porn star’s face carrying out the most enjoyable part of my job. The Fleshlight is modelled on Misty Stone’s Mouth and the interior design, called “Swallow” is obviously intended to mimic a blow job, a very deep powerful blow job.

Laid on the mattress with my eyes closed I was taken a little by surprise when Suze’e hand took over the pumping of my cock and used the masturbator to pleasure me. I wasn’t about to complain because what guy doesn’t love his partner jerking him off? She’s very skilled at it too because she know my body very well.

Three times she brought me to the edge of a joyous oblivion with the Fleshlight, cupping my balls and deliberately letting her hot breath play on my abdomen as she studied my tight balls tucked up against my cock. Each time my back would arch and my face begin to contort in that pre-orgasmic paroxysm that let’s every voyeur know what’s about to come, or more accurately cum. And each time she’d back off and let me settle back onto the bed.

Finally she took pity on me and kept up a steady pace, not letting up until I was about to ejaculate into the soft and stimulating porn star face that was hammering against my groin. As a final flourish she twisted shut the base of the Fleshlight. If you’ve ever used one you will know that this has the effect of creating a partial vacuum in the masturbator and means that when it is pulled away from you it sucks like crazy. I came violently with the “mouth” around my shaft sucking the cum from me.

And then she left me to clean up with the Fleshlight still clinging onto my softening member because of the partial vacuum inside.

Sex Toys And Cum

Pussy With Pierced Clit

Being professional sex toy testers the one thing that is certain in our house is that a vibrator, cock ring or other device of personal pleasure is never far away. Yes we have to be careful and keep it all out of sight for when visitors pop by, especially so at the moment when selling the house. Packing will be fun too, imagine if any of the boxes burst on the removal van!

Anyway, back to testing. Suze had herself a silicone vibrator to play with last night so I let her get on with it while I worked in our office next door to the master bedroom. I’m used to hearing the sounds of pleasure as she works so I had pretty much zoned out the groans of pleasure. Until that is I heard her calling my name.

Got up and joined her in the bedroom where I found she was entirely absorbed in the job in hand. Laying on her back she was naked and sliding the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Her moans were of pleasure but a little frustration too, the vibe was bringing her to the edge of an orgasm but not quite reaching her climax. Her hand reached out to me and with an imploring look she beckoned me across to the bed. As soon as my crotch was in range she grabbed it and tugged at my jeans, it didn’t take me long to know what she wanted and I unzipped myself. A moment later I was naked from the waist down and enjoying the feeling of my hardening cock being stroked by Suze’s hand.

She had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying herself more now because a smile had spread across her lips. I watched, anticipating her orgasm but no, still the tantalising release she yearned for eluded her.  Then I felt myself being pulled towards her, towards her mouth where her lips hungrily closed around my glans so that her tongue could flick my frenulum. Now she was ready to cum, the taste of my cock in her mouth and the feel of my pulsing shaft in her fist had her shuddering so that along with the vibrator buzzing in her snatch she was consumed by a powerful orgasm. Her back arched from the bed and with a gasp which blew my cock from her lips she shuddered and squealed.

I could feel myself about to explode over her face but she had different ideas, redirecting my cock so it pointed at her heaving chest. I wasn’t complaining because she was frantically wanking my shaft in a way that made it obvious she wanted her tits covered in sticky, white jism.

My balls tightened into a knot and with knees turning to jelly I shot three or four streamers of cum across her hard nipples. As a finishing touch she rolled onto her side letting the semen sag across her skin so she could lick the remaining drops of salty issue from my cock.

Where You Gonna Go For Your Porn?

The Porn DudeIf you type the word “porn” into Google you get 161 million results, which if you think about it isn’t a lot considering the amount of online filth out there. What always amazes me is the number of adult sites that throw up warnings on my anti-virus plugin that monitors the sites I’m about to visit. I have quite a nice product running because it red flags dodgy links in the Google listings before I click on them. If I go to a site that has any dangerous links or ads on it they get blocked too. We use it to gauge which sites we should trust and if we get a red flag we don’t go there again.

And guess what, the first search result that came up when I typed “porn” into Google was red flagged to hell. So were a lot of the other sites on the first page. Not good eh!

So when I was asked to check out “The Porn Dude” I was to say the least sceptical. Not just because of the security threats that seem to present themselves on so many sites but also the shear lack of quality adult material out there. Some of it is just low quality, other sites have material that even I as someone who works within the adult industry, including the porn sector find in poor taste. Furthermore what really ticks me off on any site, be it porn, viral marketing, news or even the Radio Times is a webpage that is designed to be tricky to navigate so that you roll over irritating pop-up ads or click on what you want only to be presented with an ad or taken to a different site entirely.

None of those things happens with The Porn Dude. What you get is a clean, nicely laid out site with lists of links to porn sites and adult resources. Some of them you will doubtless know but other were certainly new to me. What you click is what you get, no tricky little ad pop-ups here. What’s even more astonishing is that with my anti-virus turned up to the max I didn’t have one warning from any of the sites that I visited from the links on The Porn Dude. Now, I didn’t click on every link on The Porn Dude and I would always advise you to browse with care (and a good anti-virus product installed) but as of the date of publication The Porn Dude’s site itself is as clean as a whistle as far as I can see, as are the sample of sites I visited from the link lists on The Porn Dude.

There are porn sites of every description, web cam girls, NSFW Reddit users, galleries, chatrooms and anything else you could possible want to look at. If you want your daily dose of free smut then this might be the site you have been looking for.