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Getting Down To (Dirty) Business

Sam Shay SophiaWe arrived after another harrowing taxi journey to the eroFame show for the start of day two just after the gates opened.

Alex and I had spent the previous evening putting together our plan of attack.  As a general rule we don’t waste valuable time checking out stands we see no benefit business wise from visiting.  An exception to this rule are the main players in the field of adult pleasure such as Lelo, Jejoue and a few other leading brands.

Unlike previous years, Fun Factory didn’t have very much to bring to the floor in terms of “New” products.  Last year saw the release of their reciprocating vibrator, no such show gems this year.  L

In fact new products were far and few between.

There were quite a few “facsimilies” of established products on the floor which even infiltrated the key players in the field of sexual entertainment.  A new development which in some ways makes hypocrites of those who have filed suits against lesser companies for copyrite infringement.

All part of life’s rich tapestry in the adult world.  Lol

G-vibe had a new and improved version of the G-vibe which I’m still to test and some really cool looking lubricants, which again I’m yet to test.

But the product which stole the show and I will admit now I was going to bypass when I saw the stand…was the Womanizer.

I quickly viewed the stand and decided that it looked over hyped with its bejewelled and garish patterned toys.  And was about to walk away from it when a chap approached me and engaged me in conversation about the product.

He claimed that they guaranteed and orgasm or you had a money back guarantee.

At that point I was hooked!

As he went on to explain that the Womanizer worked on a contact less “air pressure” system.  I found myself becoming intrigued and wanting to whisk one of the overly blinged up products away for a quick memorable moment.  😉

How pleased was I when he offered to provide one for me to play with.

And in retrospect I’m so glad I stopped by the stand.  For years the Jimmy Jane Form 2 has held the prestigious accolade of being my “go to” orgasm device.  Now the Womanizer has knocked the JJF2 off that spot.

But more later…