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Pornographic Evolution

Sam Bentley

I was on Facebook the other day and saw a post about the differences in the cover artwork on 1970s pornographic magazines and those of today. In fact what had been posted was a magazine cover from the 70s and it didn’t need a contemporary cover to highlight the fact that things have changed dramatically since then. The covers in the 70s hid more than they showed and emphasises a femininity that I think can be lacking from magazine covers today, at least in the lads mags.

Tastes have changed, what we feel is acceptable has changed and just as importantly the technology that we use to consume our media, pornographic or otherwise has changed too. It’s rare now to find any newsagent that sells anything stronger than a “Lads Mag” in 2015, indeed some newsagents, especially those owned or supplied by large chains/distributors will not even carry the magazines aimed at guys, like GQ, Nuts and Zoo (forgive me if any of the aforementioned have disappeared, I don’t buy them).

The new media has stepped into the breach to replace these particular channels of sexual titillation. You can find every type and strength of pornography on line, with sites catering for every taste and fetish. It’s difficult to imagine how with a mobile Internet device in every back pocket that there is really a place for the printed magazines anymore – but they still continue to be produced, even if the circulation numbers are a fraction of that in the 1970s.

Another feature of modern porn magazines from the 1980s onwards was the appearance of chat lines in the rear of the publications allowing readers to interact in a very adult way with exotically and explicitly named strangers for the price of a premium rate phone call. Those lines still exist but the World Wide Web has stepped up to the plate in this respect too to provide Webcam sites like that allow the visitor to interact with their chosen girl and watch her too.

It’s difficult to imagine a world without the Internet in the same way that a world without magazines would have been odd in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The Web didn’t create pornography and sex chat between two people separated by maybe half the planet but what it did do was allow the webcam girls and the clients to hook up in a way that’s convenient to them both and allow a form of commerce that wasn’t possible before the Web was widely accessible

The range of webcam girls available means that if you’re into Webcam chat you can choose exactly the sort of female who turns you on be that blonde, brunette or simply big tits cam girls.

So as one form of media wanes another takes its place and the attitude of society to sexuality morph and adapt to the opportunities that are presented to it. Cam girls offer a more intimate and yet explicit service than phone chat girls because of the  visual element in the same way that lap dancers bring this quite literally up in your face  in comparison to say pole dancers or the traditional pub stripper.

There are always limitations to how accessible pornography and sex chat can be. Rightly so, responsible sites restrict access to their content to adult by a variety of means. Then of course there are certain times and places that even with a mobile device you shouldn’t be accessing a cam site; Work for example being one of them, and I can’t think of many social situations where chatting about sex to a half-naked girl on your phone wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.



Pinwheel Of Pleasure

On TopThose of you who have been reading this blog since its conception way back in 2005 will be acquainted with the fact that Alex and I like a bit of BDSM.  Not the hardcore, welts on the cheeks of the ass type play but a little sensory interaction.

One toy we haven’t tested over the years is the Pinwheel.  And that is quite simply because it doesn’t really appeal to either of us as a toy we would enjoy using on each other.  The very idea of someone sticking needles in to the tenderest white flesh on our bodies just doesn’t get our juices flowing.

But, never say never because there is one thing which remains constant in a sexual relationship.  The fact that nothing stays the same, as our love develops over the years so do our needs.  ;0

Furthermore, I was assured that Pinwheel play wasn’t for me in quite an unusual way.  Let me tell you how…

…Most of you will know this already but we lost our cat last June shortly after returning from the holiday of a lifetime in Canada.

Just a couple of days after having to make that terrible decision to put him out of his misery we decided to take a trip to the RSPCA cat shelter and check out the kittens.  Previously we have adopted cats from there, the black & white mature ones people don’t seem to want to adopt.

Having lost my father the previous Autumn and then the cat we just felt that it was time to have a little “new life” in the family and decided to adopt a kitten.

So we did…and little Jasper came home with us when he reached the grand old age of 12 weeks.  It was hard selecting him from a large litter and with his mum in the room next door.

After a few days of feeling at odds with the world he settled in to his new home which had been made escape proof as he couldn’t venture out of the house until he was 6 months old.  Hence Alex and I had a very, very hot indoors Summer with just one window which Alex had created an insertable grid for available for fresh air.

It was a very long Summer indeed.

A few weeks in to the new kitten’s stay with us he started to slip under the duvet with us for a cuddle.  I guessed he was missing the comfort of his fellow kittens or even his mum.  The late was confirmed when one morning I became aware of him nuzzling his head under the duvet between us.  Once settled with his head under my armpit and my hand resting on his chest he started to do the strangest thing.

Well, it was to me never having experienced a kitten in the house before.  He started to push his feet in to my armpit and simultaneously push his claws in to my skin.  OUCH!  This did not feel good but and I was on the verge of ousting him from under the duvet but I heard the most delightful sound…his deep throated purring.

This kitteh was content.  How could I stop him from feeling that way?

The simple answer is I couldn’t.

And now I have this behaviour most mornings around 5am.  It’s like someone running a Pinwheel up and down my armpit, it’s really not enjoyable in any way but I endure it just because I love the very bones of that kitteh.  J

What do you endure purely because you love your pet?

Button Flies

Kristina CrystalisWe had some good news last week so a lot of the tension that has been with us for several months has started to dissipate. That doesn’t mean we’re at a loose end, far from it. What it means is that we can get on with the things that we should have been doing but couldn’t because of the issues that were causing the stress. It’s not simply that they were taking up our time but they stop you expressing yourself spontaneously too.

Today Alex was fixing some of the plumbing in the new house and spent much of the day in the loft and standing on a ladder in the airing cupboard. One of the two loft hatches is in there and that one is right next to the water tanks so whenever I passed the open door I found myself talking to his crotch. After a couple of occasions I noticed the button flies on his old “work jeans” were popping open as one of the buttons has fallen off. Having such a dirty mind I quietly reached up and tugged open an extra button so I could slide my hand inside.

Alex asked “I hope that’s you Suze.” Who else would it be? I thought and grasped firmly hold of his cock. Alex didn’t object though I don’t know how much work was being done while I massaged his member until it was bulging against his jeans. I withdrew my hand. “Do you want a cuppa?” I asked. “Please.” He replied.

I heard Alex follow me into the kitchen a few minutes later. I was looking out of the window at the countryside behind our house when I felt him pressing me against the counter top. Alex slid his hands underneath my T shirt and in a well-practiced move roughly pushed my bra up until my nipples and areola were exposed to be firmly pinched between his thumbs and forefingers. I smiled to myself because the unexpected groping was made more sensuous by the uncharacteristic roughness of his hands caused by days of manual work. I bent forward over the work surface and felt his hands leave my hardened nipples on their way to unfasten my jeans.

Coarse skin abraded my soft belly and snagged on my panties when he unfastened the denim and yanked it down to my knees. My panties came next leaving my pulsing pussy lips open to the cool air. I knew what was coming next but because his flies were of the button variety there was no warning zipping sound before I felt Alex’s hard, hot erection pressing against my right buttock. His hand slid down past my exposed asshole leaving me wishing he had lingered and toyed with it for a moment. Fuck where did that thought come from? I was so horny because of the release of all that tension.

Ass play aside he began to rub his index and middle finger up and down my slit to liberate the well of slippery juices that was being generated. His coarse skin was unfamiliar and more exciting to feel than his usual office worker hands and of course he knew his way around me, and inside me. That was good but I knew what he wanted and what was coming next. He spread his legs wide to lower himself to the level of my waiting pussy and I lifted myself up and as far forward onto the deep counter top as I could until my face was almost pressing on the glass of the window.

Alex slid into me with practised ease until I felt the soft material of his old, worn jeans and the buttons of the flies pressing up against my buttocks. I groaned and moan instantly, again because of the lack of stress that accompanied this coupling. Shit it felt good to just be fucked in the kitchen in the middle of the day. I could feel Alex’s thick cock massaging my G-spot while my clit pressed against the hard, cold counter top and was filled with an amazing sense of ecstasy at the freedom of it all.

I came and kept on cumming until I heard myself squelching with every movement Alex made. I could imagine him grinning behind me and then I thought of the wet patch on his faded old jeans around the base of his cock. Fuck! That image alone made me cum again and slump on the counter top. I felt him pulsing inside me, I think Alex grunted too but mainly I was aware of his shaft throbbing with waves of cum flowing through it.

Just writing that made me smile.