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500 Words “Squirt”

Samantha Bentley MasturbatingIt was late, we’d both had a lot to drink and the taxi had just delivered us safely back home. We both rushed to the bathroom and like a gentleman I let her use the loo first. Her skirt was hitched up to reveal her stockings and her lacy panties fell to her ankles ending up just above her black high heels.

I waited patiently for her to pee, the trickle that turned into a stream and watched the look of relief on her face as she emptied her bladder. She relaxed, leaning back, eyes closed. I knelt in front of her so I could take in her neatly trimmed bush and my filthy mind took over. I reached between her legs, grazing her inner thighs and sliding a finger from her clit, backwards. Her eyes opened in surprise and amusement.

“I haven’t finished.” She exclaimed.

“I know.” I said feeling the last trickle of hot piss cover my hand.

“You are naughty.” She scolded. “What does it feel like?”

“Hot and wet.” I replied. “How about this?” I asked and simultaneously slid my middle finger into her pussy.

“Hmmmm.” Was her answer. That and lifting her left leg to kick off her shoe so she could step out of her panties. No longer tethered her legs opened to allow me full access to her still dripping slit. I added my ring finger to the middle finger to make the perfect pairing for a G Spot massage.

Her moans became groans almost immediately, relishing my firm and practiced massaging of her spongy pad of nerve packed tissue. At first her vaginal juices, rich, fragrant and slick increased and eased my finger’s work. The squelching sounds echoed off the toilet bowl and around the echoing bathroom in a decidedly raw and debased cacophony of sexual sounds.

I soon found her lubrication changing from the rich nectar to a less viscous fluid, her body started to tense too and with it her vaginal walls took hold of my fingers. Knowing I had to be quick to finish the task I had started before she spasmed to a whimpering orgasm rather than the screaming outpouring of lust-filled release I was hoping for I pressed rapidly and firmly on her G Spot. My reward was a gush of fluid, milky white filling my palm and an exultant “Yes! Ooooh fuck yes!” bursting from her red painted lips.

I was trapped within her. That few seconds between her squirting half a cup of fluid over my hand and being released a connection that is different from any other sexual experience. Then her pussy released me and I slid out my hand from between her drenched thighs, along the wet, sheer weave of her stockings.

“I’m wet!” She smiled. “And it’s your fault.”

“You didn’t complain about it.”

“I suppose not.”

“I’m hard.” I pointed out, standing and presenting my crotch to her face.

“Come with me.” She giggled, “We have to do something about that.”

500 Words “Skirt”

Five Hundred Words "Skirt"

Five Hundred Words “Skirt”

It’s dim, unnaturally so but slowly the light from an unseen flickering oil lamp baths her in a warm yellow glow. She has her back to me, white cotton blouse tailored, fitted to her curves. The red skirt she wears ends just above her knee leaving a provocative length of stocking clad calf between the hem and her patent high heels.

“Oh it’s you.” She says glancing over her shoulder and flashing a mischievous smile that tells me she had been waiting for me to arrive, posed, poised. My mouth is dry, I don’t understand why but at the same time I know what will happen next. I run events through in my mind and as I think them they happen; She bends over, legs straight, fingers with red painted nails sliding across the green and gold tooled leather of a desk I never owned until her back is horizontal, her ass is stretching the fabric of the skirt and the slit up the back almost reveals her pussy.

She makes a show of writing a note on the ring bound pad on the far side of the desk and glances in the mirror on the wall to ensure she has my full attention. I step forward until I’m right behind her then wait for her to stand up. She does almost immediately but with a slow languid flow that leaves her ass and back pressed against my bulging trousers and heaving chest. She brings the Biro she’s still clutching to her lips and lets it rest there in a cliché that’s calculated to arouse me. As if that were needed.

My hands are quickly around her waist to pull her harder against me but quickly move up to cup her breasts while my hips press her to the desk. As I explore the buttons on the front of her cotton blouse to allow my hands unrestricted freedom to roam over her bra-less breasts she begins to wiggle, partly to grind into my but mostly to work her skirt up until I know her naked ass is against my groin.

We part a little and she tries to turn round but I push her forward firmly but gently over the desk until I have pressed her cheek onto the green leather. She gets the message and waits there with her glistening slippery labia throbbing in anticipation. I unfasten my belt inadvertently whipping the free end of the leather strap gently across her buttock. I smile when she jumps with surprise. Another time maybe I think to myself, right now we both need this.

Rigid and pulsing my cock springs up. I lay it between the cleft of her ass cheeks then drag it down across her puckered asshole and into line with her succulent opening. Slowly, firmly and with relish I impale her on my cock feeling us both breathe deeply with relief that the wait is over and growing passion at our impending ecstasy.

Well that was my dream last night, in 500 words. What did you dream about?