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Half An Indecent Proposal And Foot Massage

Sam Bentley and Valentina LesbianI’ve recently found an interest in walking that has come as a bit of a surprise to me. I have always appreciated the countryside but never felt drawn to walk for mile after mile through it, especially at this time of year, winter has always been a time for me to wrap up warm with a hot drink and wait until the sun gets its act together and warm things up properly. I did have a set of walking boots but they’ve been uncomfortable on longer walks so I went out the other day to buy a new pair.

We live in the Peak District so the nearest town has plenty of stores selling outdoor gear. I’m not telling you where that is for a good reason, someone in this blog post would probably not welcome the attention they might get if you worked out who she was.

I took my boots with me but wore a pair of light trainers as I thought walking in in a pair of dirty, smelly hiking boots, trailing mud all over the place might not be very welcome. Even in a hiking store!

The first sales assistant to notice me was a young boy, barely out of school, I explained I needed a proper fitting to see if the boots I was wearing were the right ones for me. He immediately said I needed to speak to his manager. The manager in question turned out to be a woman around the same age as me with a black bob (obviously coloured but it suited her) and dark brown eyes. Yes, I noticed her looks immediately, so shoot me. It’s a while since I’ve written about this sort of thing on this blog and the little fact that I did find her immediately attractive is what inspired me to write this.

So, trying not to study her too intently I explained the issue with my current boots and she agreed I needed a fitting to see if I just needed new insoles or a different pair. I sat down and she removed the insoles from my boots and those from a pair of boots on the shelf that were one size larger. While she offered them up to the soles of my feet to compare size and shape I studied her. She was wearing one of the shop’s own brand outdoor tops, the ones you wear as one of your layers when walking to provide effective insulation. It clung to her shapely figure like a second skin. Especially as she wore nothing under it except a T shirt bra. I found myself wondering what her full breasts would look like underneath the top without a bra, especially with the cool air outside making her nipples hard. Which is when I started to get the unmistakeable tingle between my legs that tells me I’m getting full-on horny.

Thank goodness women don’t get erections like men do. I could feel the blood flooding to my groin and my pussy lips getting puffy and sensitive. If I had been a man I would have had a huge bulge in my jeans, what a giveaway.

Anyway I scolded myself for being so horny and lecherous, though only a little bit, and let her get on with it. It turns out the boots I have were too small and I needed the next size up. But while she was explaining this to me she was absently, obviously subconsciously stroking and caressing my foot along the sides and under the arch. Then she moved around the heel, across my ankle and up to my calf. All the time explaining about support and the best style of boot for me. I only heard half of what she said because I was so turned on by a cute stranger caressing my feet in such a public place.

I suddenly realised she had made a comment that required a response. “Sorry?” I asked. “You have very nice calves.” She repeated. “Do you do a lot of walking?” she asked. “Thanks.” I replied, “We’ve only just taken it up seriously. My husband always said I have nice legs.”

Then she raised her head and with a smile on her lips we locked eyes and just for a moment there seemed to be a moment of understanding between us that I can’t explain. It was there for just a couple of seconds, enough time for her to say “He’s a lucky man.”

“Thank you.” I blurted out, wanting to find out if she meant what I think she meant. But the moment was gone, she lowered her head, I think she blushed slightly and continued with the sale, taking the boots to the cash desk where her young assistant took payment. I bought the boots and left the shop in a bit of a daze.

Had she been coming on to me? Was she really that into feet too? I honestly don’t know if it was my mind joining the dots and getting it hopelessly wrong or not. Whatever actually happened I couldn’t shake the thought for ten minutes and had to sit in the car until I was back to normal again.

I drove home and awoke the next morning to a dream about her. As soon as Alex had left me in bed for my morning meditation I whipped out my clit vibe and masturbated myself to oblivion while imagining her and I in the shop changing room peeling off each other’s clothes before I rubbed her to a frantic clitoral climax with my foot and she then returned the favour with her hand on my pussy.

More Than The Kama Sutra

Hand On Champagne BottleIndia is known to everyone for the famous Kama Sutra, but like all art and the book is a beautiful piece of art there is more to the Kama Sutra than just what it depicts. Any sex manual can show you a myriad number of sexual positions but where the Kama Sutra is concerned the paintings depict an open attitude towards sex that Western eyes can miss in their glee at the depictions of coitus. The book sheds light on a sensual side to Indian culture that dates back centuries.

Take the Buddhist art at Ajanta. Cave after cave of sensual and erotic depictions of women place there by the monks as decoration with no concern that the explicit images would somehow stir-up impure and confused thoughts in the temple’s initiates. More of a celebration of creation than the often distorted and sullied perception of nudity and sexuality we have in the west.

Small wonder it would seem that residents of India can call on Gurgaon escorts who in some ways carry on this sensuous tradition. Of course the parallels might be a little tenuous but a culture shapes its people and concubine is a perhaps a more effete and archaic version of an escort?

Art depicting fertility and sensuality can be found across the Middle East, into India and beyond. Across India from coast to coast different religions and groups have celebrated the sensual and not hidden it away. Meaning that attitudes for those that understand and appreciate the rich sensual heritage can apply it to their modern day sex lives, be that with a long term partner or Call girls in Jaipur.

While schoolboy sniggers might prevent some from taking up their services Jaipur escorts are part of the fabric of that city and many others across India. Sometimes as company for business where they can be appreciated as companions. Sometimes for more than that.

While the European-centric culture of Australia can’t call upon the sensual art of India to shape its attitudes towards sensuality there is an openness in the country towards sex and sexual services. Oddly, while deriving much of its culture from Europe, predominantly British culture in its formative years escort services are widely available. Maybe this is due to the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of the society, a change driven by a fast moving economy and the necessity of immigration to fill skills gaps. Whatever the reason companionship is easily available through agencies such as Sydney escorts and others to those who want it.

The only way to experience a country’s culture is to immerse yourself in it, be that the public mundane or the private, discrete and sensual.