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Liquid Lunch

I used to work in an office where there was a strict no fraternisation policy. Not official of course as that would have been discriminatory but it was understood by everyone that you didn’t get into relationships with co-workers. Anyone who did lasted a few weeks and was then asked to leave and fired if they didn’t leave of their own accord. It was the owner’s idea of keeping everyone’s mind on the job.
What it actually did was to create a huge amount of sexual tension. On one occasion I did ask one of girls from the accounts department out for a drink but she refused, knowing that if we were caught she’d lose her job on some trumped-up misconduct charge and as it was her first job out of university she didn’t think it was worth the risk. I realised she was right and tried to avoid thinking about how much I wanted to get her into bed.
About three months after I had asked her out I was walking down a corridor at the disused end of the huge offices the company inhabited. Before computers it had been filled with staff but since the advent of automation in accounting and design (the company’s main business) it was used mainly for storing records. And old furniture.
It was lunchtime and I would occasionally slip off into one of the rooms for which I had a key (usually when I had a hangover from the night before) and take a nap on one of the old leather sofas that one of the now retired directors used to have in his huge office. The current management were more into grey desks and high fashion suits than comfortable old furniture so the room had been filled, locked and forgotten. I’d just started to drift off to sleep when I heard a key in the door and woke up with my heart beating loud in my chest. I wasn’t doing anything wrong but this was my secret and being discovered was a shock.
It was Stephanie the girl from accounts that I’d been lusting after. “Found you!” she said.
“Is someone after me?” I asked, expecting my lunch was going to be cut short by a crisis at a client that would require my attention.
“No, I was just curious to see where you hid yourself at lunch.” I sat up and she sat on the end of the sofa where my feet had been.
She was wearing a lose fitting blouse that billowed and opened a little when she moved around. The buttons were unfastened quite low so I could see her inviting boobs and a flash of her bra. I gulped a little to shift the lump in my throat.
“Now you know my secret.” I laughed nervously trying to cover my unease, caused in part by having my bolt hole found but mostly by the feeling that the filthy thoughts running through my mind were easy to read on my face.
“I’ve been thinking about what you said, you know about us going out …”
“Yeah, it was a stupid idea …” I began.
“Well, I agree, but I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to have a little fun. I mean who’d look for us getting up to no good right under their noses?” She stood and went to the door. Then locked it.
My mind raced ahead, I knew what I wanted to happen and my cock was already waking up in readiness. Stephanie sat on the sofa again unbuttoning her blouse and fully exposing a white lacy bra underneath. She tugged my tie undone and got to work on the buttons of my shirt.
“You’re in a hurry!” I said, surprised and excited by her haste.
“We’ve got about half an hour before we have to be back.”
OK, I thought practical as well as sexy. Her hair was still tied in a ponytail, I wondered if she would take it out and hoped she wouldn’t.
I could smell her now, the same distinctive perfume that I enjoyed smelling when she wafted past my desk, the smell that had attracted me to her in the first place. I looked down at her firm B-cup chest and the inviting valley between them. Probably not quite enough flesh for a good tit wank but it would be fun to rub my cock between them. She pushed her face into mine and I could taste her lipstick when her tongue began to wrestle with me.
Her hand was on my thigh, rubbing the hardness of my cock through my suit. I grabbed her boobs, one in each hand and massaged them firmly. I felt her hands grapple with my belt and flies then unsuccessfully try to pull out my cock. She stood up and said, “Get your trousers off.” I loved the direct approach. She unfastened her black trousers and pulled the waistband of her lacy panties down too so her neatly trimmed pussy was only a metre from my face. I could smell she was already wet. She sat bare-buttocked on the sofa and kicked off her shoes so she could remove her trousers and panties.
I stroked my cock while she was doing this, my fingers replaced by her slender digits as soon as she was naked from the waist down. Stephanie slid the skin of my cock up and down a few times, the foreskin sliding smoothly over the swollen head which was coated in precum. She lifted her leg across me and in so doing pinned my erect prick between her pussy and my stomach.
She kissed me again and wriggled against me, rubbing her wetness on me and pressing her boobs onto my chest. I took control and lifted her up under her arms. She didn’t need more encouragement, lifting herself up and positioning the opening of her pussy to accept my cock. She lowered herself down, stopping just after the head of my cock entered her to adjust the angle of her hips. Her cunt slid down my shaft, it was a satisfyingly tight fit. She was no virgin but her pussy fitted me like a hot, tight, wet glove.
Stephanie raised herself up and down and each time she lowered herself onto my cock I felt my balls tighten a little more until they were almost painfully tense. I pushed up the cups of her bra to reveal her tiny dark nipples and licked the hard buttons each in turn. After several minutes and even with me helping with her efforts by placing my hands under her buttock to lift her Stephanie was exhausted. The warmth of the room and awkwardness of the position thwarting her efforts to make herself cum.
I pushed her off of my cock and told her to lean over the arm of the couch. She did so presenting a pair of buttocks waiting to be parted. I was staring at two holes, a swollen red slit that I had just been engulfed in and a puckered light brown hole the was wet with her cunt juices but looked so tight and virginal. It begged to be filled. I resisted and guided myself between her puffy labia where I started to fuck her with long, slow stroked. I placed a thumb against her wet, tight asshole and rubbed gently. She flinched, clenching until my soothing circular rubbing and motion of my cock within her helped her relax.
She had been quiet so far, conscious of the danger we would be heard if anyone wandered down the normally deserted corridor. She started to moan and push back against me. She gasped and looking down I realised the tip of my thumb had disappeared into her anus. She squoze it tight and I could feel her shudder.
I knew I wouldn’t last long so was glad that she started to tell me how she wanted to cum, how she wanted me to do it harder and harder. So I obliged.
She stifled her screams, lips tightly pursed, only emitting tiny yelps until finally I heard a long moan and felt her pussy tense around me. I buried myself deep inside her and ground against her buttocks. My hands gripped her shoulders pulling her back towards me and I came with each pumping jet of cum accompanied by its own guttural growl.
We slid onto the couch, Stephanie slumped across me and enjoyed the feeling of my cum mixed with hers oozing from her pussy onto my leg. She checked her watch, “Shit we need to get back!” and sprung up to get dressed. “My panties are going to be soaked in your cum by the time I get home.” And she smiled at me.
“Do you have something to clean this up?” I asked, hoping for a tissue to mop up the glistening pool of cum from my leg.
“Ooh, lunch!” grinned Stephanie. She knelt down and slowly lapped up the sticky liquid.

Aromatique, A Scented Seduction

“Would Sir care to sample our new fragrance, Aromatique?”

The alluring voice captured his attention as he walked past the end of the perfume counter. It had a timbre that made him stop and take interest, despite his inclination to tell her that he was “too busy, but thanks all the same …”.

“It’s quite new!”, she exclaimed, quietly, yet with a bridled enthusiasm bubbling beneath. She was dressed in a knee-length skirt-suit, lilac in colour. It was classically styled and nipped at the waist, black heels, black stockings. Her dark brown hair was scrapped back into a neat ponytail. Her makeup was heavy but subtle in comparison to some of her colleagues on the adjacent makeup concessions.

He blinked, realising that he’d appraised her in the blink of an eye. He didn’t do that sort of thing and hadn’t even been conscious of looking. She reeled off the virtues of the perfume to his glazing eyes, his wife would have appreciated the spiel no doubt but to him it was just words. Anyway, he was appreciating her intensely sexy shape, her voice her demeanour … it was only when he realised his cock was beginning to throb against his leg that he snapped, guiltily back to what she was actually saying.

She concluded her pitch with ” … care to take a tester strip?”

Now this was one thing he did know about, having once bought his wife a bottle of expensive fragrance for Christmas and finding that on her skin it smelt like tomcat piss. “I’ll have to bring my wife in to test it out, those strips can be very misleading ..,”.

Before he’d finished she’d sprayed it on her own wrist and begun waving the card strip to aid the evaporation of the alcohol base. “Perhaps you’d like to sample it from my skin?”

“every woman’s skin is different, I don’ think …”, then the perfume hit him. Not just the scent she had sprayed on her skin, but the delicate smell of her. His nostrils flared, pupils dilated and a tingle shot down his back to amplify the unexpected stirring already taking place in his groin.

Their eyes were locked together. “Special isn’t it?”, she asked, though it was more of a statement than a question. “Surprising, different, I’ll certainly consider it …”, his mind raced forward, the images it conjured up scared him, made him feel guilty for imagining them. “… but I must go now.”, blurted out because those scary, inappropriate images were undoubtedly turning him on too.

Breaking her gaze felt like a physical wrench. Turning his back on her seemed to dissipate the feeling, but left him feeling as if he had turned to face a gale for a moment. It passed and he continued to the underwear department to pick up some new boxers.

He returned ten minutes later head down determined to get back to his desk before one o’clock so he could check his personal emails. But he looked up, just as she did. She had just finished talking to an old couple, who wandered away, sniffing at the thin strip of white card she had given them.

He walked towards her, “I think I would like to buy a bottle.”

“Of course Sir, come with me”


She waved her hand in the direction of the display, “These are empty display boxes, we have a problem with shoplifters I’m afraid. If you’d like to come with me to the stockroom …”. She led him behind the displays and a few meters down a brightly lit corridor. She stopped at a door and unlocked it with a key hanging from a chain on her belt.

As he crossed the threshold into the stockroom the door slammed shut. He turned to face her. “What are you doing?” But the question was irrelevant, she simply stood and waited for him.

He looked into her blue-green eyes and felt himself bewitched again. Slender tendrils of her scent wrapped themselves around him and drew him to her. Light as gossamer, strong as steel they pulled at him until his lips were millimetres from hers.

“What are you waiting for?” she said, a smile playing across her lips, chest heaving with anticipation.

Hers were the first lips his had touched since he married his wife twenty years before. Well the first that his had touched with the passion and intent that he did now. His tongue probed her mouth almost immediately, wanting to taste her, as well as smell her rich scent.

His arms slid behind her back, hers were limp at her side, waiting to be taken. Not that she didn’t want to grab him and tear off his clothes, far from it, the images of her shredding his shirt with her nails, popping his buttons, kept playing through her mind as he ravished her.

His hands grasped the cheeks of her ass. Oh, he had strong fingers, she was sure he’d leave marks where the fingertips had been, such was the force he used. She imagined the ten discoloured patches developing on her skin. She would check later in her cheval mirror.

His animal was unleashed, touching her, smelling her with short, hungry sniffs at the skin of her neck.

She began to moan, spurring him on to even greater forcefulness. He slammed her into the door and began to pull at her blouse, destroying it in his impatience to touch her waiting breasts. When his powerful hands took possession of the orbs it sent shards of icy-electric excitement slicing through her body.

He sucked her nipples for a moment, then a slight movement of air brought a new element to the assault on his olfactory organ. He looked at her, his lip curled into a snarling smile and he dropped to his knees.

He began to lift the hem of her skirt. It hugged her hips, so she allowed herself to help him. Even her self control was deserting her now. They both knew what she wanted and to delay would send her insane.

He nuzzled into her crotch, nose pressing the wet black panties into her hot swollen mound. He tugged at the inconsequential triangle of silk, discarding its tattered remains on the floor.

In one long slow, probing movement he licked her sex from between her hips to clitoris. “Aaaaaah”, was the only possible reaction she could have had.

He dragged her to the floor and buried his head between her soft thighs, stocking tops rubbing his ears while he devoured her. He opened her inner lips with his tongue, exploring their delicate geography with a tenderness that seemed at odds with his animal passion. It was just a prelude to his lingual symphony.

She grasped her own breasts, squeezing them as she felt the muscular animal lick, tickle and probe her. She began to pinch her nipples hard, increasing the flow of juices between her legs. His face was wet with her, the heady scent filling his nostrils and driving him to even more frantic efforts. Her moans of pleasure merged into one ululatant exaltation.

With his face dripping with her moisture he slid to one side and lay his head on her inner thigh.


She returned home triumphant. Just a few more adjustments and it would be ready …

… increase the speed of entrapment with a few more drops of this … reduce the intensity of their passion, just a little, by reducing this …

By four in the morning it was complete. The small vial of the final version of Aromatique stood in the test tube rack amongst hundreds of prototypes. She slumped in a leather armchair and drifted off to sleep, lulled by the sounds of her stills, refining a steady supply of exotic essences.

And she dreamed of testing the ultimate Aromatique, today’s blend had been amazing, tomorrow’s would be legendary.

Creating An Engaging Sex Dating Profile

Samantha Bentley with her legs in the air

We often talk about how easy it is to find people looking for sex on the internet, and that’s because it is true. Adult dating sites are so easy to join and messaging members who are there to have sex isn’t the most complicated thing in the world neither. The one thing people do get stuck on often is their actual dating profile, and that makes sense. Most of us aren’t so good at promoting ourselves, so how do you go about advertising you need for sex on an adult dating site?

1 – Your profile picture. This picture must show you under a good light but you should use something which is representative so that people are not disappointed once they come face-to-face with you. Here’s a tip: maybe use a uniform of sorts, the ladies always love it when a man dresses up. It already shows you can be good fun before even reading your profile.

2 – Make it readable. You need to make sure everyone can read you profile easily. You don’t need complicated sentences but you still want to make sure it looks like you’ve put some effort into it. Avoid spelling mistakes and make sure you sentences are correct; this will open up your profile to a wider audience.

3 – Nothing too long. Sex dating doesn’t require much other than you saying you’re up for it, and maybe talking about the things you want to do. No need for a whole chapter about your life and your career ambitions. Keep it short and to the point, it’s only sex and people just want to know you’re a good time waiting to happen.

4 – Manage expectations. If you announce yourself as a sex god then most likely nobody will believe you. However those people who will are only going to be set up for disappointment if you’re lying. Your best bet is to announce the colour as it really is. Just say you can offer people a good time, and you hope to share those good times with someone else.

5 – Avoid swear words. Unlike porn, people in the real world do not enjoy when you disrespect them. Stay polite, use words people can understand but there is no need to swear. Just keep it to a friendly level and try rising the temperature by saying that you want to give and have enjoyable sex, it is really that simple.

6 – Don’t lie. Whatever you have in your dating profile will be used as a reference. People will soon find out if your actions don’t match with how you described yourself, and they will drop you instantly the minute the find out you’re full of it.

7 – A considerate profile. Once you’ve written about what you want, drop a line at the end along the lines of: “I am looking forwards to hearing any of your suggestions and the things you want to do”. This will show consideration on your behalf and it is also engaging people to get back to you.

8 – Practice makes perfect. Naturally you might not get it right the first time, and you will need to practice before you’re fluent at creating a good, attractive and engaging dating profile. In the meanwhile feel free to browse the internet and take a look at other people’s dating profiles, you might find some inspiration. Some sex dating sites are friendlier than others, so try this site (for sex tonight), and try other sites too. The more you practice your skills the better you will get at it.

There are most likely other things you will want to consider when creating your dating profile, but following those simple steps will make people want to read it and engage with you. Just take a bit of time over it, it’s all worth it in the end!