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By | September 8, 2006

Pony and Cart

As a small child I would canter around outside in the garden, stopping every now and then to let my horse graze.  Hands up in the air those of you who did exactly the same.  Well it seems that horseplay has come on in leaps and bounds since those halcyon days of innocence.

Now we have human animal role play, which includes ponyplay a form of erotic/sexual role play.  This human/animal role play is used in BDSM, with one person being the slave or animal, know as the ponygirl or ponyboy and the other the mistress or master (trainer).

It is claimed that ponyplay goes way back in history with Aristotle allegedly enjoying being ridden by women.  Also lots of rumour as to the origins of this practice.  I could not substantiate any of them using the web for research, so who knows.

The practice focuses on the animalistic behaviour of a horse and it’s training regime.  But by no means relates to bestiality.  Ponies can be divided in to three categories:

  • Cart Ponies – are trained to pull small carts and usually work as a pair.
  • Show Ponies – which take part in dressage, wearing plumes and decorative harnesses.
  • Riding Ponies – these are usually males.  This involves the pony being ridden on all fours, generally this position is for show so that backs are not injured, more common is for the rider to sit on the pony’s shoulders.

To be a ponygirl or ponyboy you don’t necessarily need to invest in full pony tack although to complete the look it is desirable.  Tack can be quite expensive to purchase, as with all fetish wear.  You can break down pony tack in to three stages and obviously three pockets when it comes to cost.  They are as follows:


Bit – a basic one can be purchased from some Sex Stores or you could invest in one with or without a bridle attached.

Reigns, Lead, Rope – reigns can be acquired from equestrian suppliers and the lead or rope can be purchased from any pet store to keep costs down.  Leashes with a six foot length in both nylon and leather for showing dogs can be found at most pet shops.

Tail – this can be purchased as a tailed butt plug from most adult stores or if you want a non invasive tail you could purchase or make one which fits on to a harness.


Arm restraints – these range in size from full length sleeves to cuffs worn around the wrists.

Bridle – these range in styles from the full bit type to a basic model for those who do not want to wear the bit in their mouth.

Plumes – are available in many colours and styles that can be attached to the bridle.

Harness –  this will comprise of a wide belt or corset for wear around the middle body, also genital and shoulder straps.  It is recommended that D-rings are incorporated in to the shoulders to facilitate the attachment of reins for cart ponies.

Saddle – these will provide support for the rider of the two or four legged pony’s rider or even as a purely decorative feature.  They come in either a back saddle or a shoulder saddle for the two legged pony.

Stirrups – these can be used with or without a saddle, one is not mutually exclusive of the other.


Martingales – these are the straps which run between the bridle and harness to control head movement and control the spirited pony.

Blinders/Blinkers – can be fitted to the bridle and will control the vision of the pony if required.

Spurs – these should only be used with care as they can hurt your pony.

Hooves – can complete the look of the pony but can be dangerous to walk in.  Many ponies have suffered sprained or even broken ankles wearing them.

I found this pair of hooves at a tack supplier and they look incredibly like the real thing, don’t you think?

Pony BootsThe pony boot

Pony Boots



and the pony hoof mit

Or if your pocket can’t quite stretch to the financial outlay for these you can always make your own with instruction from this site

Just as in BDSM the use of a “safe word” or in this case a “safe action” is required to indicate in a non verbal fashion (because the pony has a bit in their mouth) that the rider needs to dismount or that something is not right.

The intricacies relating to dressage, pony gait, training and behaviour are too numerous to cover in this article but there is a wealth of information for the potential ponygirl or ponyboy out there.

Personally it’s not a fetish which appeals to me but I did find the research an interesting experience.  Most of the sites, unfortunately in common with many fetishes are pay/membership sites.

Whilst trawling the internet for my information I did come across a site featuring girls and the occasional male in jodpurs, now this is a fetish I could find myself totally wrapped up in.

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