In Essence

By | December 12, 2006

Alex and I decided to have an early night last night and went upstairs around 8pm.  It didn’t take long for us to nod off.  Ha! Got you then.  No, we didn’t go to sleep.  We watched a little TV and fumbled under the covers in a very lazy laid back way.

He was playing with my clit and I had my hand around his cock, gently stroking him between the odd ball squeezes and tugs that he likes.  😉  This play resulted in me being fucked up against the headboard doggy style whilst Alex went at me like some kind of wild animal.  He even growled and snarled as he came inside me.

That was only the start of the evening.  We fucked another couple of times during the course of the night around a couple of our favourite programs.  Yes, we don’t take sex too seriously.  It should be comfortable and honest and if we watch a little TV between shags then that’s fine.

We had our last shag, cleaned up and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.  I can all hear you saying “ahhh”!

In the morning Alex jumped out of bed to get ready as he does on a work morning and I lay in bed enjoying the warmth and luxury of not having to get up for work at the moment. 

When he has left and the car noise disappears down the road, it hit me.  Monday!  I hate Monday’s after being in Alex’s company all weekend I am suddenly alone again.  This morning was different, I rolled over and lay my head on his pillow.  The heat from his body had dissipated but I could smell his aftershave, captured by the cotton fibres.

I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes.  For one moment he was with me again in the bed.  A nice thought but reality soon crept back in again.  I jumped out of bed grabbed my silk wrap and made for the bathroom.  First pee of the morning is always a pleasure.  It always leaves me with a sense of relief as the last drops leave my body.  I’m not sure why it feels good, perhaps because it has been in there all night and I feel cleansed afterwards I’m not sure.

After wiping, flushing and washing my hands I returned to the bedroom.  As soon as I walked in the door it hit me like an invisible wall.  The smell of sex.  Our bedroom was heady with the scent of passion and body fluids.  Lol

It raised a question, can others smell this sexual aroma?  Or are we finely tuned to pick up each others scent just like pheromones?  Can anyone else smell what we smell?  Alex and I once went away for a long weekend with a couple we knew very well.  We stayed in a wonderful old house in Scotland.

The house was steeped in history and had bedrooms with four-poster beds.  It still annoys me to this day that I didn’t take any restraints with me that weekend.  I have never stayed in a four-poster bed since.  🙁  It would have been perfect for a bit of naughty play.  Anyway, I digress.

We had a really good fuck on that bed once we discovered that it didn’t creek and alert our friends to our activities in the next room.  Shame we didn’t quite know them well enough to join us.  I think we tried every permutation that included wooden uprights before falling asleep.

The next morning we were woken by a tap, tap, tap…”are you awake?”.  That was Debbie’s voice at the door.  “Just a minute”, I answered jumping out of bed and putting on my wrap.  I opened the door to a fully dressed Debbie.  We had slept in after our night of debauchery.  She made her way in to the bedroom and settled at the bottom corner of the bed.  Alex was now sat upright against the large wooden headboard.

I remember the thought going through my mind as Debbie sat down.  “Can she smell that we have been having sex all night in this room?”.  To be honest I felt a little embarrassed and didn’t say very much as not to encourage her to stay too long.  Not that made any difference, if she could smell sex then the length of her stay had no bearing on it at all.  Weird, the things which go through your head when you are conscious of something being a little strange.

That was the only time that I have been in that position.  Was it all in my head or can you smell sex in the air?  I have had quickies before work with no time to wash.  Can you smell my moist gusset when I walk past you in the office?  Can you smell the cum on my breath when I talk to you?

I know when Alex had been down on me, I love the smell of my pussy juices on his face and the taste of me on his tongue when we kiss.  But do Alex’s colleagues know from his aroma that he was eating my pussy just this morning?  Or again, is it just being sensitive, senses heightened?

Have you ever detected the essence of sex on one of your work colleagues?  If so did you tell them?