Designer Minge

By | April 3, 2008

Horny had her last day at work yesterday. She is taking a few days off whilst her male, yes I did say MALE friend comes down to visit from the highlands. From the conversations she has had about him at work I thinks she would, no I’m sure she would. 😉

She acts all cool about it but they have known each other for years but Horny and I have never managed to ascertain if they have united Scotland and England. Ok…If they have fucked. With me now? Lol

In conversation she is quite vague and I don’t want to push her too much but she is quite smitten and apparently he is quite a dashing Scot. From what has been said he keeps his intentions close to his chest, she seems to be unclear about just what he thinks of her and if indeed there is any romantic interest.

This seems a strange situation given that they have known each other for a long time. Furthermore it was confused even more by the fact that she went and had her pussy waxed over lunchtime. To me that seems a sure sign that she is either going to get it or hopes to get it. 😉

When she returned from the pussy barbers I jokingly asked “Now have you had a nice tartan or a sporran?”. She giggled and said nothing. I’m guessing a very small sporran…or perhaps she has nothing, no hairs to get entwined in his teeth.

I would love to be a fly on the wall. Will he conquer and divide or will she flee?

I’m hoping that she comes back next week with a smile and something to tell us, we will have to wait and see.