Trained to Squirt

By | November 3, 2010

FountainI like to think of myself as being trendy and up to date with the latest things. When it comes to sexual terms and acronyms I’m right there on the button.

But I came across an acronym I hadn’t seen before and felt slightly embarrassed to ask the people who were using it on a regular basis on the social networking site that I frequent. Somehow you feel a little silly asking, almost as if you are admitting to being stupid or something. Lol

Well, to let you in on the secret the acronym “pmsl” had me stumped I just couldn’t think what it stood for. So, what do you do when you don’t know something get out the Encyclopedia. No. you don’t, you Google it and low and behold there it was.

For those of you who feel as silly as I do for not knowing, it stands for “pissing myself laughing”. In my book, I believe it should be pml because myself is one word.

Even funnier, there is a genuine training company on the Internet called PMSL, here they are.

You live and learn. Lol