Fucking Coming And A Stopwatch

By | April 4, 2008

I read an article today claiming that sex therapists said the optimal time for screwing should be about 13 minutes. Alex and I have never made a conscious decision to time our sexual activities, with the exception of me.

I timed myself not so long ago using a clitoral stimulator to see just how quickly I could bring myself off. But I don’t make a habit of it. Lol

The group of American sex therapists did not include foreplay in their conclusion and said sexual intercourse which lasts only one to two minutes is too short. I think that I agree with them on that one. But screwing for that length of time requires a constant source of wetness or lube to avoid chafing, strange the report didn’t mention that.

It’s a good thing for your relationship with your partner if you don’t just “fuck and blow”. Sex is something to savour and whilst I believe that expecting your partner to last for thirteen minutes is a little bit too much, I’m sure there is a middle ground. I mean, I just couldn’t hold out for thirteen minutes without experiencing an orgasm. I would be a liar to claim I could.

During the required time frame I’m sure I would probably orgasm at least twice.

This principal is certainly not one that could be applied to young or older men, it would make them feel inferior and lead to complications if they were expected to perform for that length of time. And after all you can’t have good sex unless you are both relaxed.

Alex and I have sexual encounters of varying lengths, it’s all dependant on our moods and how tired we are. Setting out criteria is just giving someone somewhere a complex about their performance and prowess and should be regarded but not taken seriously.

However, I may try timing our next sexual encounter just out of interest. 😉