BDSM Fantasies And Max Mosley

By | April 4, 2008

Thanks to Anastasia of Chaos Noir for pointing this story out to me.

As you know we’re accepting of all of sexualities and practices at, so long as they are safe, sane and consentual. So why do I mention a story about someone using the services of five prostitutes for a little BDSM play.

Well, firstly it’s the way in which the story came to light. The whole thing appears to be a sting operation. There is video footage of Mr Mosley entering the cellar dungeon, then of him being treated like a concentration camp inmate by the “guards”. He apparently shouts at his captors in German too.

Either he is completely unhinged (knowing how they would be viewed) and had these videos made, then let them fall into the wrong hands or the “sex workers”/Newspapers have something to do with engineering the sting.

Did the prostitutes make the video then take it to the News Of The World, or did the newspaper put them up to it?

Either way Mosley’s privacy has been invaded. I can hardly see any of the prostitutes working again if they are identifiable from the video. Let’s hope the payoff from the press was worth it.

When you use a sexual service, buy a sex toy or go to an adults only club (be that a pole dancing club, swinger’s club or whatever) you expect a level of discretion. Unless you’re doing something illegal you don’t expect the service provider to go selling pictures of your contact with them to the papers.

There is a darker side to this affair and one that having thought about it I’m surprised hasn’t blown up in Mosley’s face before. Mosley is the son of Oswald Mosley, head of the British Union of Facists. That makes him a target as soon as there’s the slightest whiff of a black shirt or a leather jackboot associated with him. I don’t believe the sins of the father should be visited on the son and just because your father was a fascist doesn’t mean you are, or should be pursued because of your father’s extreme views.

So making the assumption that Max Mosley initiated the theme of this BDSM play, could he have picked a more sensitive theme. Is this “his thing”? Does it reflect his own political views?

Only he can answer that, but it is ironic that in a totalitarian regime his right to privacy would have been nonexistent.

See the video here and make your own mind up.

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