Boob Licking, Pussy Munching Then Hard Fucking?

By | November 4, 2010

Red SatinDoes foreplay always have to lead to sex? Of course not.

We were in bed one morning a couple of days ago and I felt the urge to seek out Suze’s boobs and explore them with my tongue. She quickly realised what I was up to as I pulled up the hem of her light cotton nightie to gain access to her gorgeous breasts. She slipped it over her head and in her semi-waking state enjoyed her unexpected alarm call of flicking tongue, sucking mouth and nibbling teeth on her nipples and the soft flesh of her boobs.

But we didn’t have sex. We were together for a couple of days after Venus and there was no rush so the ten minutes of breast play were an end in themselves not the precursor to a session of wild sex.

That really is the way it should be. Sex is a huge range of experiences and not all of them have to culminate in orgasm. It’s great when it does, wonderful, amazing even, but so is being happy to experience other sensory pleasures like little vignettes of decadence and know that later you will indulge in the pleasure of each others bodies until you reach the ultimate climax.

The fact that you only experience a little morsel of pleasure makes it no less of a pleasure and can make the anticipation of what’s to come even greater.

When I leave for work in a morning Suze will sometimes linger a little longer than normal when kissing me. Occasionally she’ll slip her hand onto my crotch and run my cock through my suit.

As I limp down to the car with a heavy member against my inner thigh I can smile and know that later, the rod of flesh that is currently making my leg feel a bit sticky will be thrusting inside her and filling her with a lot more than the glistening clear precum it’s currently exuding.

That doesn’t remove the temptation to throw a sicky and spend the day in bed with Suze but if I did that every time she turned me on I’d never leave the house.