Live Sex Shows

By | November 5, 2010

Venus 2010Venus may not have offered much in terms of business but it certainly offers a lot of smut.  There were girls of all shapes and sizes doing all sorts of things.  You can tell when a new show starts because all the guys rush to huddle round the stands and you have to try to sneak a peek through any gaps which appear in the heaving, sweaty gathering.

These guys seem to revert back to their primeval instincts so much so that most of them didn’t realise that there was a girl amongst them trying to check out the podium girls.  Lol

Nothing gets in the way of the guys getting their mobile phone footage.  One of the side halls was filled with one online purveyor of cam girls and videos.  It was a pleasant change from the stereotypical pro stands because all the girls looked just like the girl next door.  They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes as you can see from the image.

There was also a large stage area where shows were held at regular intervals through the day.  We went to take a look and couldn’t get anywhere near to the stage, viewing for me was limited to standing to the side of the stage and trying to peer round a large piece of stage.  So we gave up on the burlesque stripper.  Alex did comment that she looked totally bored and as if she was just going through the paces.  So I don’t think I missed much.

This year there was a distinct lack of pornstar attendance, last year we were treated to Sofia Valentine bouncing about on a sexercise ball and a couple of impromptu flashing sessions outside the main halls in the interlinking corridors.

One of the shows was very explicit and as you can imagine attract such a huge crowd that the only way we could see what was going on was by Alex holding his camera aloft and pointing it at the stage.  It turned out to be two girls stark bollock naked cavorting on the deck on all fours most of the time for some great pussy viewing.

I’m hoping Alex managed to find a pic to put up on this post.  😉

So much happened while we were over in Berlin that I’m having to relive it to remember exactly what we got up to.  Memories…