Nerve Jangling Sexual Trip

By | November 5, 2010

AircraftIt’s never really bothered me before…travelling on airplanes.  As a child from a middle class background I was regularly taking trips abroad from the age of about 11.

I used to revel in the flight and its possible air turbulence and climatic changes with some kind of age defying stupor or was it just simply down to youth and the feeling that life goes on for ever.

These days my views have changed, it could be down to age but I now feel mortal rather than defiantly immortal and when I’m sat on an airplane I feel more vulnerable.

Is it just me or do you all of a sudden become aware of your own vulnerability and mortality?  I sat gripped the arms on my seat as we flew out to Dusseldorf, the first leg of our journey to Venus, Berlin.

When, back in the day I would have been excited and buzzing at the thought of flying out there.

Is this due to age and common sense prevailing or is it a sign of the times…I wonder…