More Sex Please

By | April 5, 2008

Am I the only person in the country whose partner not only approves of their constant search for news and stories about sexuality but encourages it too. Not only that, she does the same herself and looks forward to reading my next post, story or article as I do hers.

All that and we’re British, traditionally reserved and often puritanical. Who am I kidding?

The myth of British reserve has been propagated for so long that it almost became true. While the law and social conditioning prohibited certain practices, be that homosexuality, the use of porn, extramarital sex, sex toys or any number of perceived deviances it didn’t stop them going on.

The problem in pre-WWW days was knowing where to find them. Sexuality in the UK is changing, not always for the better I hasten to add, but it is changing and becoming more open. I say not always for the better because some people seem to mistake openness for promiscuity and experimentation for dangerous sexual practices. For example unprotected sex with short-term partners or strangers.

On the whole openness about all things sexual between adults above the age of consent can only be a good thing as it removes the weird and often plain incorrect ideas that people pick up while they are growing up.

Unfortunately some of us still carry a lot of insecurity about sex in our real life encounters and this leads to misunderstanding and unhappiness.

Which brings me to what originally initiated this post.

The British appetite for sex is undiminished and has more avenues (on and off the Web) for expression than ever before. However, are we in the UK (or the rest of the world for that matter) able and willing to explore those avenues?

Suze and I Blog about sex. Others explore their D/s relationships online and in real life. Some people have unusual and specific fetishes that can be expressed in ways never before possible.

Are you fully expressing your sexual self?

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