Sex In The Post

By | April 5, 2008

There are some things you just don’t mind being disturbed for on a cold and wet Saturday morning. Today I certainly didn’t. We were woken from our slumber by a firm knock on the door and despite knowing the postman would be arriving with a whole bunch of sex toys for review Saturday morning, we were slightly shaken by his arrival.

It could have been due to the over indulgence in the Merlot last night. Lol

Alex beat me to the door. In a way I should be thankful to him, I looked a little bit like I had been pulled through a bush backwards. My hair was all over the place from last night’s naughtiness. 😉

I managed to head him off at the pass and catch up with him to grab the large package. He went to get the scissors so that we could break in through the robust and anonymous packaging.

Alex handed me the parcel so that I could remove the last vestiges of packing and my eyes widened and I became all excited and unnecessary.

I love surprises…

…Do you? 😉