Getting Me Some Cock ;)

By | November 7, 2010

Penis BandzI was just reading through an adult industry magazine and happened upon an article relating to these.  They are silicone bands formed in to cock shapes which you can wear on your wrist just like all the trendy people are these days.

And I assume when they are worn they don’t retain their phallic shape and are therefore not going to get you in trouble.  Lol

Reading the info on the site I noticed that they are recommending them to be worn by teenagers and adults.  They also say they can be worn as cock rings but they don’t endorse that.

However reading on I came upon this question and answer:

Q: What if I can’t get Penis Bandz off my penis?

A: Call a doctor or go to the nearest hospital (if this is the case, e-mail us your photos at as this could lead to coma or death. However, to avoid embarrassment at your local ER, we suggest you remove Penis Bandz under adult supervision.

I’m guessing these guys don’t take themselves too seriously.  🙂