Bind Him, Suck Him, Fuck Him

By | November 7, 2010

Male BondageI have a thing for light restraint and bondage. It’s the giving up of control and the trust you give your partner which really turns me on. I’m not in to pain but sensations and sensory stimulation which some forms of BDSM offer.

Being a switch I like to turn the tables too. I love to immobilise Alex and let him entrust me with total control over him. The kick that I get from being dominant and powerful is exciting and can be equated to the thrill you got from your first cigarette or encounter with alcohol and it is slightly addictive.

Browsing around the Internet it became apparent that there isn’t much in the way of visual bondage erotica for the girls. After all we get turned on looking at bound males too. 😉 It seems to fall in to too main groups; The cruelly uncomfortable, perhaps painful, and that aimed at gay men.

Trying to find an a visually stimulating image of a restrained mail isn’t easy but I managed to find a good image there at the top left corner which illustrates exactly what appeals to my taste.

How about you?