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By | April 6, 2008

Peyronie's DiseasePeyronie’s Disease

I was watching a bit of porn the other night. Ok, I know that is nothing new for me. Lol It was a DVD featuring Claudia Rossi and Toni Ribas. He was giving her a good hard seeing to when my attention turned to his cock.

It had a distinctive upward curl like a banana. It is quite commonplace for men to have a slight curve so don’t panic but his is quite obvious.I’d heard that pornstars quite often break their cocks whilst fucking. This can happen when the cock is erect and he slips, misses his co-stars pussy and it comes in to contact with something hard.

I assume this is what probably happened to Mr Ribas so I tried to look it up on the Internet. My findings took me by surprise. Not only is there a possibility that he broke his cock but he could also be suffering from something I had never come across before, Peyronie’s Disease.

This condition must not be confused with having a slight curve to your penis when erect as I mentioned earlier. However you may have the condition if you find it interferes with sexual activity or is painful.

Peyronies’s Disease causes scar tissue to develop along the shaft of the penis which may be felt as a lump. Men finding such a lump may worry that it may be cancer but cancer of the penis shaft is rare, Peyronie’s Disease is by far the most common cause of these lumps.

Experts aren’t quite sure how some men get the disease and others don’t but some factors to be considered are:

Genetics, Peyronie’s can run in families.
Penis fracture or severe bending due to injury.
Circulatory disorders such as high blood pressure or hardening of the arteries
Diabetes, this is quite common in men with the disease and therefore could be a factor in its development.

Bear in mind that some men live with Peyronie’s Disease and do not require or seek treatment and get on with a full and active sex life but if the condition is debilitating or painful there are several routes you can take.

There are many good sources of information on this subject, these are two sites I found giving good information and links.

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