Cock Sucking And Snowballing

By | November 9, 2010

Cum GapingI love giving Alex a blow job. Over the years we have been together I have perfected my technique on him with his help. Now I know exactly how to shape my mouth, use my tongue against his frenulum and how to apply just the right amount of suction.

When you couple all of the above with a couple of nice hand slides down his shaft he softens and becomes like butter in your hands/mouth, delete as appropriate. Lol

But all the creative mouth action does occasionally require adjustment every now and then or you are in danger of getting facial cramp. Now they don’t mention that in the articles I’ve read about giving blow jobs.

I find if I keep repeating the same action over and over my face tends to lock, so I have to adjust my suction and lips caress on his turgid flesh. You can try exchanging the suction and deep throating for cheek fucking but beware of the teeth.

I’m quite well endowed in the dental department and find I have to open my jaw to the max for Alex to be able to fuck my cheek. Sometimes to add additional sensation I lift my mouth off his cock and gently blow cold air over the tip of his glans, this makes him squirm.

You can interchange the cold air with hot breaths, which Alex assures me feels good. By now Alex is usually at the skull fucking stage and wants to give me a bit of an oral battering. I press my tongue against the underside of his erection and let it rasp against his frenulum as he moves in and out of me.

This combined with the suction and an occasional flick of the tongue along the underside of his cock has the hairs standing up on the back of his neck.

I don’t usually take him to the ejaculation because I love to feel him come inside me. That unmistakable feeling of him swelling even more and then the tell tale twitching which accompanies his ejaculation.

But last night was different, I felt dirty and very horny and decided to take him to the edge of the precipice where we could fly together. He was fucking me really hard and on a couple of occasions my eyes watered and tears rolled down my cheeks as he made me gag and wretch.

I assured him that I was ok and we continued but being guarded not to let him go too deep in to my throat. One day I will overcome that reaction. He was grinding my face with his cock and his balls were bouncing on my chin.

It was empowering to know that I could do this to him, make him feel so alive and I was enjoying every moment. Which is why it escaped my notice that he was so close to coming. I think he told me through his breathless excitement but I must have instructed him to continue.

The first jet of come hit the roof of my mouth, quickly followed by another and another. My swallowing reflex kicked in and a little was sent down my throat. He continued to pump his seed in to my mouth and with presence of mind I started to collect in the well I made in my tongue.

One last thrust and he was spent. Kneeling before him like a whore, he let go of my head which was clasped between his hands and fell back on to his knees briefly before leaning forward taking my head in his hands and saying “thank you”.

His tongue parted my lips and went on to probe my mouth. It located the cum he had ejaculated in to my mouth only moments before and I let every last drop slide from my tongue in to his mouth.

I was so turned on that the presence of moisture on the top of my thighs became noticeable as it cooled in the air.

He leaned in to kiss me once more…