Cock Teaser

By | April 6, 2008

The Vibra Exciter from Vibra Fun was supplied to us. The vibrating cock ring is designed to be activated by the ringing of a mobile phone when it receives a text message or voice call. So it’s a toy that promises a great deal for naughty fun in public places, and yet there are so many potential pitfalls …

When a toy arrives for review it’s often the case that what comes out of the packet is not entirely what we expected. That is certainly true of the Vibra Exciter.

My experience of cock rings and some other male sex toys in the past has been that they rank OK to fair. With a vibrator/bullet attached they can be fun, but while many do the job and make for an interesting experience cock rings are not at the top of my Christmas list.

One of the reasons for that is that most of them are designed to be worn at the base of the penis, often primarily acting as an aid to maintaining an erection. If they vibrate they stimulate the least sensitive part of the penis and the scrotum. That is all well and good, but the most sensitive part of the penis, the glans at the tip of the penis gets left out.

When I knew that Vibra Exciter was on it’s way I envisaged it like all other cock rings, humming away on my scrotum. Thank goodness I was soooo wrong. Nestling with its soft jelly brushes just behind my glans and with twin bullets working those sensitive nerve endings I got a real treat.

We first tested the Vibra Exciter in the bedroom. Why? I hear you ask when this is a toy designed for use in less than private places would we do a thing like that? Simple, volume. Many bullets in sex toys are less than quiet. If you’re in the privacy of your own home that’s great, but outside that can lead to all sorts or trouble. Although the Vibra Exciter’s control unit does have a big “Cancel” button, just in case and would pass as a pager if spotted on your waistband.

There was another reason too, the Exciter is made of a jelly-like plastic that I thought might pull on my sensitive glans and make them sore.

Neither of my fear we justified. The soft plastic hugs your cock, stopping the cock ring falling off and holding the brushes on the twin bullets firmly in place. And as for the bullets, they are as powerful as one I have twice their size and although not silent they are very quiet.

Quiet enough so that tucked inside your trousers they are almost inaudible. Off to the supermarket then.

Having proved that the Vibra Exciter worked when my mobile phone rang we set off to the supermarket. The instructions for the toy mention that not only can it be triggered by phones, but by other electrical equipment so I was waiting for some surprises. Hehehe.

About half way to the supermarket the cock ring went off. I’d set it on the lowest setting just in case it could be heard by other shoppers, but even on that setting it put an immediate smile on my face. Suze noticed asked “It’s working then?”. “Ooooh yes!” I replied. Someone in a passing car must have taken a call.

BTW I’ll go on to describe the settings later.

At the supermarket I stood next to the ATM, refrigerators, cash tills and even a floor polisher, but the Exciter didn’t activate. Then just as I was about to give up hope of a surprise stimulation, it went off. I turned round and saw a woman, brunette, about 45, taking a call. I tried not to smile, I think I managed it.

Suze wasn’t so controlled and again picked up on my clandestine cock ring action and started giggling. We hastened to finish the shopping and then off to the checkouts.

We then went on to the DIY store to pick up a new shower head. No stimulation there either. Amazing isn’t it, people are normally on their mobile phones all the time … apart from when you want them to be. LOL

Now all that was great fun despite the lack of non-mobile activations. Perhaps you should just make sure you spend a lot of time in mobile phone shops. Credit where it’s due the toy is totally reliable when your phone receives a call, so you and your lover can enjoy yourself even miles apart.

The Vibra Exciter has ten settings, all of which are very enjoyable due to the power of the bullets. This is made possible by the use of two AAA batteries in the control unit/receiver that clips to your waistband of belt when in outdoor use. Some bullets try to be self-contained, utilising button cells and sacrifice the raw power available to those using larger batteries. The slight inconvenience of a connecting wire is a small price to pay.

There are three steady settings of increasing power that you can step though with one of the two controls on the toy, six pulsing/sawtooth modes and then my favourite, random, which makes its merry way through an assortment of the other modes.

All those modes, particularly random, and the power of the thing means that it’s great to use solo. You obviously can’t masturbate with it on, but if you slip it over your cock you’ll be hard in minutes and ready for a little hand assisted action.

The Vibra Exciter exceeded pretty much all of my expectations. I simply didn’t expect it to be as comfortable to wear, as effective in use or as quiet in operation. It’s a revelation.