Porn & Sex Toy Sweep

By | November 10, 2010

MasturbatorI have an old friend dropping by for lunch tomorrow on here day off.  We get to meet about every 12 weeks for an afternoon of catching up and fun for a few hours.

Although I really enjoy her company and look forward to her coming over there is an element of dread in me.  I know that sounds strange as she is a friend.

The reason being that she is a very inquisitive person and usually asks me lots of questions relating to my new job working from home.Because of the sensitive nature of my work, writing for our adult sites and testing and reviewing adult toys I cannot impart what I really do.  So Suze has to tell little white lies.By nature I’m  not a white lie type of person and doing that doesn’t sit well with me but I simply couldn’t let her in to my real world.  So tomorrow I will be rather uncomfortably awaiting her curiosity and the questions which arise.Additionally I have to makes sure that there are no toys, porn DVD’s or anything else around the house which she may find.You’ll have to excuse me now as I start my big porn clear up.  😉