After The Fuck

By | April 7, 2008

There are millions of words written about sex, sexual positions, technique, and foreplay. However it occurred to me that there are very few words written about afterplay.

What do I mean?

Well, what happens after sex? When you’ve cum, when you and your partner are enjoying the blissful afterglow what do you do?

Sometimes we just spoon and enjoy the serene peace together. The heat and humidity of each other’s bodies a reminder of our recent sexual exertions. The feeling of your lovers arms wrapped around you post-coitus is something special.

That is not where it has to end. Tonight, as we came, I grew wild and thrashed about, blue-grey waves breaking across my back. My urge was not to collapse onto the bed and drift off into a doze, but to envelope Suze in my arms and protect her from the world outside.

I felt as if I wanted to ensure that nothing could harm her, that nobody could sully her blissful state. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close, whispering my love in her ear and stroking her skin. The sexual element was still there, I cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples, she moaned as I did so. My touch generated both sexual and deeply empathic reactions in us both.

I sometimes reach between her legs when she has come and play with her clitoris. It’s highly aroused and sensitive state causing her to squirm and giggle. At other times, like tonight, I stroked her skin gently, her breasts, stomach, thighs. I kissed her neck, blew gently in her ear and gave voice to the deep feelings I have for her.

It made me think about the view of sex that some people seem to develop. The constant search for the kinkiest of kink, the quest for the more intense orgasm, hunt for the ultimate sexual high.

All of that is