DD Teen Making It Big

By | April 9, 2008

Chloe MarshallThe average size of a woman in the UK is a 16. Not that you’d know that from looking at the magazines and other media purveyed in this country. According to the media and the fashion industry women should be a size 6 or 8 and look as if they are still experiencing puberty. The pressure this puts on women and more importantly girls is a matter of constant annoyance to me. It adds to the pressure already on a group who still don’t have equal rights despite years of suffrage and now have to aspire to totally unattainable goals promoted by media and fashion industries whose links to reality have always been tenuous to nonexistent.

So it’s always a joy to see a plus-size (whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean) woman getting somewhere. I had great hopes for Sophie Dahl, but alas she slimmed down sooner than you could say celery stick, and even Nigella Lawson is apparently seeking to lose pounds at the moment.

One girl who I hope does well and doesn’t then feel the need to starve herself is Chloe Marshall.

Chloe is a contender for the Miss England title, and while that’s not a show you’ll normally find me taking the slightest interest in I hope she bloody well wins. She’s only 17 likes her food and seems to have a straight-forward down-to-earth attitude that I like.

I’ll have to do a little more research about her … I don’t even know when the Miss England competition is held yet …

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