Getting Your Fantasy Sexual partner

By | November 15, 2010

AssAt one time or another everyone has a sexual fantasy. Some people have them rarely, preferring to stay within the confines of the real world and taking pleasure from that. However for many people sexual fantasies are a source of pleasure in themselves, and when you’re between partners they com in awfully useful. LOL

It can be difficult for anyone to accept that their partner has sexual fantasies about other people, especially if you relationship is new, or perhaps uncertain and even more so if the people they are fantasising about are close and accessible as opposed to movie stars or pop singers who are pretty much guaranteed to remain just a fantasy.

When you are in a stable relationship and know your partner their sexual fantasies and fantasy partners don’t present you with a problem. In fact my attitude with Suze is so mellow that I actually take pleasure in knowing that she is sexually receptive to the charms of others. It’s good to feel that your partner is a sexual animal.

I suppose that’s an odd thing to say when you have as much sex as we do. Surely I should realise that Suze’s sexually receptive, sometimes ravenous nature? Of course I do but actually having your partner express their sexuality in terms of the people they find attractive reaffirms this and also helps you understand them, and what they find attractive, more than you do already.

It’s not that either of you feel the need to actually see the fantasies acted out it’s merely the act of expressing the desire and giving voice to the urge that makes all the difference. In many respects acting on these sexual fantasies would spoil them, in addition to the obvious problems it could bring to the relationship. Never meet you idol – you may be disappointed – and never sleep with them!