Obscene Behaviour

By | April 9, 2008

David ThrefallI had a conversation with someone at work today that highlighted the disparity between different people in what is and is not considered to be naughty, dirty, filthy or unacceptable.

The programme “Shameless” came up in conversation and I remarked that we don’t follow it.

The customer I was talking to said he and his wife didn’t either, because “it’s obscene. Isn’t it?” I had to admit I couldn’t say one way or the other, however the show does have reputation for being pretty free with the expletives and sexual content.

The reason we’ve never watched the show isn’t that of course. We would hardly be shocked by a bit of foul language and sex. We just don’t fancy watching it. His reaction on the other hand was disgust at his perception of the content. Funny isn’t it how people’s views on what could generally be termed adult programming vary so much. I suppose as the guy is older than me his attitudes were forged at a time when morals and attitudes were different, though I’ve know people older than him who weren’t so prudish.

It takes all sorts I suppose.

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