More Cock Than I Can Handle

By | November 16, 2010

Lost of CockI was watching a video of a gang bang the other day and it made me think. What is the maximum number of cocks that you can keep going at one time. The girl eagerly made her way around a circle of guys employing her skills of suck and wank for each trio but there were still others stood around waiting.

After all you can only satisfy 3 at a time and that takes some concentration. Lol

And so gang bangs involve a lot of sideline wanking as they eagerly await release. For me it just doesn’t work, call it personal preference but it feels more like a cattle market than an exciting erotic act. Slightly pedestrian.

Gang bangs may be your thing but for me I just get the message, thanks guys but no thanks.

This could be a perception thing because Alex doesn’t like the DP concept from the point of view that rubbing your cock up against someone else’s doesn’t do it for him, that is unless you are gay.

I can see where he is coming from, no pun intended but for a girl it is probably their ultimate sexual fantasy to be taken in every hole. I don’t know. For me the conventional spitroast is a turn on.

Guys what do you think…can too much cock be a turn off?