Latin Baywatch Babes

By | April 10, 2008

This made me laugh. Apparently The Simpsons are such a dysfunctional family and contains “messages that go against the whole education of boys, girls and adolescents” that they have been replaced on Venezuelan television with something that they deem to be more appropriate.


Yes that’s right they’re showing Baywatch Hawaii instead. I can see their point about the Simpsons, they aren’t exactly the Brady Bunch, but really Baywatch! How can slow-mo shots of women in swimsuits be appropriate either, well I suppose it could have been worse they could have shown Pamela and Tommy Lee’s video LOL.

But then again as Venezuelan TVs most popular show is a talk show hoisted by EL Presidenté Hugo Chavez, who last year gave an eight hour speech on his prime time slot, I suppose nothing should surprise me.

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