Yes I’m A Sex Blogger

By | April 10, 2008

Up until now I haven’t really been too concerned about my fellow work colleagues discovering our website. For a start neither of them are connected to the Internet at home and they don’t posses an Internet enabled mobile.

However today I was alerted to the possibility that one of them may be getting a connection to the world wide web.

Horny asked me what benefit I got from being online. What did I use it for? Bugger, I didn’t even get chance to think through my reply to her. I told her it was good for looking up things. I know it was a bit lame but I couldn’t tell her exactly what I do online. 😉

“You could use it to write online”, I told her. Almost coming out and saying you could start blogging. Then I stopped myself. Lol

It’s difficult when your whole world online evolves around sex blogging, reading other sex bloggers and articles about sex to come up with something censored for general release to your work colleagues.

To be honest it’s quite rare that I use the Internet for anything other than sex related topics.

I’m envisaging that by the end of the year she may have her own blog, although I’m not sure that it will be for adults. This blogging thing set off as a hobby and it has now taken over most of my spare time. It’s amazing how addictive it has become.

I can’t imagine not sharing my life with you all now in all its dirty detail. I suppose I could compare it with telling my girlfriend all my naughty secrets.

And I just know you keep them to yourself. 😉

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