Anal Easy?

By | April 10, 2008

Alex and I watched a late night in club programme on television where a guy was talking to girls individually about anal sex. I remember clear to this day one girl on the late night TV saying that her partner had just slipped in and she didn’t even know he was in her ass.

Well, all I can say to that is “what a load of bollocks”. In my humble and honest opinion, being an anal novice it takes prep and more prep coupled with trust and relaxation for a guys erect cock to work it’s way through two sets of sphincter muscles and up in to your colon.

So forgive me if I don’t believe you but you are either a liar or so pissed you never even noticed. Alternatively you do your weekly shop and bring it home inside your arse. I’m so common. Lol

An incident earlier this evening finally brought this home to me…

…Alex and I were watching a bit of Saturday night porn whilst playing with each other. Alex was so naughty, rimming me and kissing me so that I could be part of his naughty behaviour. Which really turns me on. 😉

The girl on screen was just working up to a fantasy fucking when Alex turned of the television. Took total control and pushed me on to my stomach, parted my legs and roughly entered me from behind.

I was now laying on my stomach with him fucking away and my legs up in the air behind me. He was big and hard and I was aroused and receptive to him. It wasn’t long before I was coming and telling him so as he bashed against my buttocks.

It was wonderful we were well aligned and I was about to come again. His hard cock was abrading my g-spot and I was totally under his control. I could feel his hot breath against my neck as he pushed deeper inside me. My hair was flicking against my bare flesh as I rose up on to my arms and rode his cock.

The bed was creaking under the strain of our actions and I grabbed the headboard for additional leverage as I bucked up against his thrusts. I love the intimacy of him being on top of me and the feel of his breath on me as we come together but a deeper more satisfying fuck can be achieved when I am on all fours and he is behind me ramming in to me like a thing possessed.

My breasts bounce and land against the mattress as I fuck him. My nipples run along the mattress sheet and become hard, erect and sensitive. My head leans forward sinking in to the soft pillow as I scream out my delight and ultimately my submission.

He was taking me and making me his. I was giving myself completely to him as I came once more, quivering in his hands. He then withdrew for the final time and plunged deep inside me.

OUCH! He missed and pushed deep inside my sphincter, up deep in to my colon. No lube, no preparation, no warning. I screamed out in displeasure. I am convinced, 100%, that there is no way that you can do anal without good preparation. It hurts if you don’t. Unless of course you use Analease, in which case I think you could probably carry the shopping home up there and be totally unaware. Lol

This was a regrettable accident. Alex couldn’t apologise enough. So, please don’t make out that it just slips in without even knowing.

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