Online Sex Fantasies

By | November 17, 2010

Thai BrideI’ve mentioned here before exactly how much of a sexual adventure it can be on community sites. Recently I’ve had offers ranging from being taken out for dinner to meeting up for a quick afternoon shag. Oh and lots and lots of offers of cock pics, which I declined based on the fact that I’m quite happy with the one I’ve got. I just read that line back and meant to say I have Alex and he is quite adequate for my needs. Lol

There have been guys masquerading as professionals who can’t even spell or compose and email properly. 🙂 I suppose when you go on these sites you have to suspend belief for a while and be aware that not everyone is as they seem. Well, most.

I suppose for every con artist there is a gullible person waiting for them to take advantage, it’s a fact of life unfortunately. But I think the story I once read about a Taiwanese man takes the biscuit.

The middle aged man was believed to have conned 20 women in to sleeping with him. Hsu Shain-ming joined a community site and added pics of a good looking young man and got plenty of female attention.

He posed as the son of a man who had a medical condition requiring him to have constant sex to remain alive. Now you would have to be thick to believe that, surely. But no his lies worked until a woman became suspicious that she couldn’t see the son.